Bahman Ghobadi (3)

Kurdish Iranian film director

[PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3]: Interview with director Bahman Ghobadi about his work. What a charmer and what a great interview! With English subtitles. Ghobadi is a Kurdish Iranian film director. He was born on February 1, 1969 in Baneh, Iran. Ghobadi belongs to the so called "new wave" of Iranian cinema.


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to the Internet identity who introduced herself as Persian

by another persian woman (not verified) on

Ms. "persian woman"
I am wondering why you have chosen a name (Persian Woman) reminding of one of the major ethnicity of Iran and then tried to criticised one of the iconic figures and the best Iranian directors of our country from other major Iranian ethnicity? I am also wondering why you do not introduce yourself as Iranian woman?! Aren't you anti Iranians unless you have not target Mr Ghobadi who is proud of being a an "Iranian" Kord and try to be advocate of iranians' unity. I know it is Internet and there are a lot of fake identities even and we should not take you serious. Particularly when somebody insist on her/his ethnithity and criticize other ethnicity. But I would like to tell you respectfully that you are even not the representative of Persian women, since I, my sister, my mother who are all Iranian and Persian are proud of Mr Ghobadi accomplishments as an Iranian kord.
Payande bad Irannians, kords/lors/azari/balooch/persians and......


Who is peace loving and who is violent

by Sherwan Kurdnejhad (not verified) on

Ms Persian Woman, aka Fars woman,Bahman does not deserve being Iranian man of the year as he is a Kurd who comes from Kurdistan and all his words reflect the peaceful values of his nation. Iran once meant the land of the Arians but now is a Fars empire, a Farsistan. The Fars in building their empire have subjugated Kurdistan and its people by violent means. It is ironic for somebody claiming to be member of a people, the Fars, who sent 1 million of their young to their death for the sake of a mad religious believe during Iraq-Iran war rather than call it draws and make peace, to accuse a peace loving nation of 40 million of being violent in nature. Kurds have not invaded anybodies land. They have not destroyed other nations' life, home or property yet even as we write the Fars revolutionary guard and army are bombarding Kurdistan and innocent non combatants.


O dear Persian woman

by A peaceful Kurdish man (not verified) on

O dear Persian woman, it is ironic that you as a Persian, I assume by Persian you mean Fars, should try to hold the moral high ground and talk about peace and accuse the Kurdish nation, the whole nation of 40 million subjugated people of being culturally violent. The Fars by violent means have historically occupied the land of the Kurds and imposed on them their persian violent culture. The Fars destroyed the 1946 Kurdistan republic and strung up its president in Chuar Chira square. The Fars in 19th century ethnically cleansed Hamadan from Kurds. The Fars revolutionary guards massacred Kurds in the aftermath of their regressive revolution. The Fars are still killing Kurds under their control. The Fars are bombarding Kurdistan-Iraq villages even as I write. The Fars sent a million of their youth to die on Iraq-Iran war rather than making peace. Perhaps our Persian woman could ask the peace loving persians to leave Kurdistan or at least remove the border restrictions that splits families; My village and cousins were seperated from us by The Fars drawing a line through it and calling one side iran and the other Iraq.


Kurdish are not violent people

by Kurdish Woman (not verified) on

عزیزم، زن ایرانی
من یک زن کرد هستم و در کردستان ایران به دنیا آمدم. از خانواده ای می ایم که پر از عشق و صلح است.از پیشداروی شما غافلگیر شدم که عقیده دارید کردها آدم های خشنی هستند و جنگ و کشتار حتی در خانوادهاشان هم هست
کردها آدم های شریفی هستند، آن ها مثل همه ی آدم ها هستند. مثل فارسها، مثل ترک ها، مثل اسپانیای ها، مثل اسکیمو ها، مثل انگلیسی ها و فرانسوی ها وچینی ها ،
طبیعت همه ما یک جور طراحی شده
شرایط و تجربه های ماست که متفاوت است
در تمام سا لهایی که در کردستان زندگی کردم
تبعیض و نابرابری دولت مرکزی را با همه وجودم حس کردم.
بعد از انقلاب هم، پاسداران دولت اسلامی به بسیاری از هم نسلان من که دختران جوان زیر هجده سال بودند تجاوز کردند و آنها را بدون محاکمه کشتند
مردان و زنان ما را زندان و اعدام کردند
تنها به جرم کرد بودن، داانشجویان کرد را از دانشگاه اخراج کردند، صدام هم که سال ها ی سال کردها را کشت و بمبارن کرد و شهرها و روستاهایشان را سوزاند. شاید بدانید که کرد ها در ترکیه اجازه ندارند کردی حرف بزنند و حتی نوزوز را جشن بگیرند
من آدم سیاسی نیستم و اطلاعات مستندی نمی توانم به شما بدهم اما اگر دوست داشتید بدانید جرا ایران و عراق و ترکیه، این بلاها را به سر کرده آورده اند، مطمئن هستم
منابعی هستند که به شما کمک کنند.


First of all as a Kurd I

by A KURD (not verified) on

First of all as a Kurd I just want to thank you for not recognising him as an Iranian as you imply, and secondly I want to say that I’m enormously proud to be his fellow Kurd.
You are right that we have fought over generations but to simply conquer our freedom and our basic rights as humans; and to demonstrate to narrow minded people like you that we are a nation of a rich history, distinct language and a culture that is inherent to us only as Kurds and that we have the right to practice and exercise these qualities which identify us as we are. We have fought because troubled people like you fail to understand that our land and our homes have been taken from us. We have fought to preserve our cultural heritage and safeguard our rights as Kurds not as Iranians, Turks or Arabs. Now if you think this REASONING (not fighting) is without a cause and with out a reason? Then I would urge you to rethink and ask your self the most important question which I think you have never asked and that is WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO BE AN IRANIAN? Maybe then you would understand our reasoning.

We are no people of violence and we don’t honour fighting, we honour our culture, language and our loyalty to Kurdishness.


why does he deserve to be iranian of the day??

by persian woman (not verified) on

i would like to know who nominated Bahman Ghobadi as iranian of the day and why??
i invite you to explain to me what this movie has to offer or has taught to kurdish people in the releam of "peace". kurdish people have faught for generations and consequently they are obsessive fighters; and sadly enough most of them are simply violent people, even inside their own families. to fight with out the means for whatever reason is foolish. to think that fighting is honorable is even more foolish !!
unfortunately, this movie idealizes these characteristics instead of braking the cycle of fighting and violence and introducing peaceful means.
this remarks are not meant to insult kurdish poeple but to send a message that making peace is more honorable than fighting.