Bakhtiari wedding

Amazing traditional ceremony in Felard, near Shahr-e-Kord:


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I am proud of being a

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

I am proud of being a Bakhtiari. We are passionate and fun loving people. We love to party. The last time I attended a Bakhtiary wedding was 30 some years ago at Riverside banquet hall in Ahvaz. People were dressed differently but same Toshmal and men and women and children were dancing hand in hand. PAYANDEH bud IRAN

Party Girl aziz, thanks for sharing you made my day


Not a Bakhtyari, just curious

by A.P. (not verified) on

But I found this for you;



by Majid on

I'm a "Char langi" from my mother's side, (She is the Grand daughter of Sardaar as'ad bakhtiaari)..... You?


hi every body, and thank you

by maz2 (not verified) on

hi every body, and thank you party girl.

In Larestan the same music (Karnay v naqarah, or Saz v naqara), and the same dress and "Dar Bazi", and "dasmal bazi".
The big question is : why always is chaotic and out of order.I doubt always has been like this. When we look at Persepolise, ancient buildings, Masjeds, Carpets traitional music, etc.... all very organized, but todays life from wedding to funeral, Baazar to streets, school or homes...all very chaotic,unorganized and with no dicepline. Why??????


choop baazi

by Iran ram (not verified) on

ravane man shad shood durooda sepasa.{kurd bakhtiyari}


what, no slapping in this

by dont bite my finger! (not verified) on

what, no slapping in this wedding?



by Moraad (not verified) on

I grow up and that was the best part of the wedding, "choo baozi". then followed by the dance of women and men in a circular form. I wish I could find a good clip on more disciplined one. Khatir, Toshmaal, karna refer to the people who played these instruments. Hamzali, was the master of this traditional music in our region, the south.


This is a game of bravery!

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

Bakhtiaris or lurs consider themselves braves and to show their bravery they play this games in ceremonies.I have seen them play the game with sticks a belts too ,in case someone misses they end up with a bruised leg instead of broken leg.



by Iva (not verified) on


I loved the tradition, the colors, the festive mood ..


Char langi ya haft langi?

by A.P. (not verified) on



Good job

by samsam1111 on

The fact that , under such gender segregation & dress codes , these poor folks in small villages keep a minimum of their tradition alive is in itself a blessing . Choob zani is a tradition, going back to ancient Persia , when boys from the ages of 7-15 were given swords as part of their military training . In post-Sassanids , because of Arms restrictions placed by Khaliffs , The tribes used Mock wooden swords to practice, which, continues to present day . Thanks Party Girl !


‫داستان اینا چیه؟

داماد (not verified)

بنظر میاد که ‫بجایه چک زدن، خواستگارها به ماتهت هم تَرکه میزنند! برنده (آقایه داماد) اونکه تَرکه رو سفتتر زد؟


Choob Bazi...

by Khar on

It brings back whole lot of memories of a beautiful tradition from beautiful people!!! Thanks.


Awesome video - God bless their souls

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

They are my people, I love them all.

That was the best video of happiness and cheers inside Iran by a population that is constantly harassed by IRI regime.

God Bless them that they keep their tradition and culture alive.

Good clip


Actually Choob Kari or Choob Bazi is a very common ritual

by farrad02 on

This is a very common ritual carried out in weddings and other gatherings in central plains of Iran (from Isfahan to the Persian Gulf coast) and mostly in tribal areas. They call it Choob Kari or Choob Bazi and has its own rules! The ultimate objective is to hit the opponent's feet/legs!



Very chaotic and out of tune

by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

Very chaotic and out of tune music