Bare dance

Good, so so or bad?

I'm unsure about this dance, if it's good, so so, or bad? I think it passes as entertainment, but just barely :o) It would have been a lot sexier if she had toned it down a bit, or gone "all the way". Looks like a rehearsal for a nude poll dance.


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It's been real............

by KamaSutra (not verified) on


Let's have a little fun....Prrrrrrrrrrrr

by PussyCat (not verified) on


Sadie is a class act but time for something else

by Shakira (not verified) on


Angoori baaghet abaad, but

by Milan (not verified) on

while the bod was flawless, the dance was tasteless and lifeless.


Fati Does

by Disgusted (not verified) on

What is this? Looks like the booths behind adult toy shops! Fati does Grow up you guys. Don't masturbate in public.


Stop it, I have blood in my ears

by 135 (not verified) on

Guys stop it.

I cannot avoid watching them.
My brain's veins cannot take it anymore.
While watching these I heard a few bursts in my head.

These really should be labled, Advisory.
Not suitable for +35 Males

Check this out. she is a pro.



try this .. artistic

by samsam0000 (not verified) on


try this ..better tease:)

by samsam1111 on


Hehe... She is cute but the dance was too tacky!!

by Nader on

I would certainly give a her a pole and see what she does with it:-)

Let's go all the way girl:-)


Porn Star..

by Live From Tehran (not verified) on

she is a porn star from Czech can see her @



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

It was more a teaser than dance :)..Didn't see any resemblance to Iranian dance


Bring back Sheikh Kafi!

by Silver Moon (not verified) on

Awful! Horrible! Dancer/hooker in training? What was Iranian about this? The music? Replace it with Greek, Italian, Arabic, or Russian music and see if there is anything Iranian left in it. Yuck! Would rather listen to Sheikh Kafi!


Vaat de Fu@#?!

by Saman on

Slopy! Unattractively slopy. It's like watching a Scandinavian belly dance for the first time. Looked like a 5th grader in front of a mirror acting grown up, imitating Pamela Anderson from Bay Watch. Another amature atempt by LA Iroonies and ruining it for all strippers around the world. STOP PLEASE THIS WAS NOT SEXY AT ALL.