Barrack Bandari

According to unconfirmed reports in the Iranian media, Barack Obama's ancestors on his father's side were from....? BUSHEHR.
100 Afarin Majid!

Send us your answer! FIRST answer wins!

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I think...

by 007 (not verified) on

Another thing, I am not sure how automated the emails are at IRANIAN.COM.
The winner’s name might be picked automatically by the program that runs the quiz to just eco the name of the sender from the first email received that contains the correct answer. I sort of doubt it if IRANIAN.COM's backend is this sophisticated.



by 007 (not verified) on

Naghi, what different does it make who wins this little quiz. There is no "taj e efftekhar" given to you or Majid for being the first. I happend to send in corrent answers for a lot of quizes here but have never been chosen as the first, don't give a _..:)


Bi edaalati ta kay

by Naghi Rahmani (not verified) on

I said that the same day you published the quiz. You pick Majid because he is your buddy and a member of your inner circle? Nothing against Majid but stop complaining about injustice in Iran and fix it hear at home first.