Camp Ashraf

EU delegation visit Mojahedin base in Iraq

Despite the hoopla and the bravado displayed in the clip, this is one of the saddest things I have seen of late. I had never had a glimpse into Camp Ashraf. How sad it is to look at a group of people fresh-frozen in a time long past, with nowhere to call home but a camp under the protection of others. Sad.


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News Goffer

Dear Rozhan

by News Goffer on

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needing help

by Rozhan (not verified) on


I have been looking for friends, Ali Kalbi, Mazaher Kalbi, Malek Kalbi. They lived about 20 years ago in Ashraf camp and now must be in germany??!!I have a very important news to them. Please help me to find them. Thank you, Rozhan,



by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on


they actually have 6 camps in Iraq


Covert Operations in Iran Termed Counterproductive

by Another Well Informed Iranian in Paris (not verified) on


> By Retired U.S Colonel, Oct. 24, 2008


Nice Furniture

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Nice furniture in the clip. They have absolutely no political chance of ever gaining power in Iran. The "Lion and Sun" flag is kind of confusing. Wasn't the MKO the organization that planned and executed the 1979 hostage crisis for 444 days? Wasn't the MKO the organization that fought for decades to rid Iran of the Pahlavi dynasty? And why do they have a photo of Mossadegh on the wall? Wasn't Mossadegh a constitutional monarchist? And why does their organization symbol have a "communist" sickle on it? Their women are veiled according to fundamentalist Islamic law. Are they "Godless" communists or believers in a God that can not be seen? These people are totally confused.
As for me, I never understood why the former Iranian flag had a lion in it. Lions are in Africa. In Iran, we have mules. It is more appropriate to have a mule in the middle of the flag. Lord knows Iran has it's share of "olaaghs" (Jack Asses).


The 3 M's ... slash losers

by Saman on

You know … it’s not fair to completely bash on the Mujahids. It’s really a toss up between Mullahs, Monarchists and the Mujahids. The Monarchists are dead … the Mujahids are still trying to figure some shit out (with the help of foreign influence...not going to work) and the Mullahs are the ones in charge. Go figure!



by SALTY on

How dare you making fun of Imam Massoud and Virgin Maryam? It's against the Geneva convention and falls under the cruelty to animals law of 1921. After all the good things that PMOI has done for the Iranian people, and Iraqi Kurds! Dont you know by killing their Sons and Fathers they kept the population under control, and helped the women lib movement. Plus, PMOI is a minority just like the skinheads and their right should be protected. Democracy is a good thing as long as it brings PMOI into power and after that there is no need for it. As an act of defiance the brave Anonymous500 is gonna torch himself in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken headquarter in Rome so that Maryam Mah e Tabaan lives for ever just like Dracula! May a democratic PMOI comes to power in Iran and democratically cleanse all you MOFOs! Down with Smarties long live M&M (Massoud joon & Maryam Jooner) 



All the leaders of the

by Ali78 (not verified) on

All the leaders of the devilish cult of MKO must be trialed and punished for treason and crime against humanity. Not only they killed their own countrymen during the war, but they also served as Saddam's henchmen in mass murdering the people of Iraq, especially the Kurds. Not mentioning the psychological and physical torture they imposed on their own members.

Iranian activists must protest against those European politicians who met with this terrorist cult.


Look what happenned really ...

by KomakamKon (not verified) on

No one has any information of what these deputies become as they didn't give any sign of life after their visit.

Look at what really happened at the end of the trip, when they went to the gymnasium called the "Olympic site of the Asfhraf city"


What are "these people" are doing?

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mr. Abrmard writes: "That there are heavy plans to increase terrorists activities and sabotage inside the Iranian soil by these people. The British MP (delegates) have possibly offered a nice chunk of money for the present and possibly future services that this group wishes to provide."

There is no doubt that you Abarmard are entitled to your absurdly deceptive and dishonest world views including this strange argument that PMOI is being paid to carry out terroristic acts against Iran.

What on earth are you talking about? The court system in UK has deproscribe PMOI as a terror group, but the British Gov says that it won't abide by the court's ruling. You want us to believe that after seven years of court battles with EU governments insisting that it is a legitimate resitance movement, a bunch of British PMs have given PMOI money to carry out terrorism against Iran?

Are you for real? Is this how you guys and galls analyze political issues in that NIAC? If you put this scenario in front of any sane person that an organization that is using democratic societies court system to be deproscribed as a terrorist org, would accept money from the MPs of the same government that has put it on the terrorism list, would call for some kind of psychatirc intervention on your behalf.

What you say is almost absurdly comical: although the PMOI says it is not a terrorist organization, but if a bunch of British PM would give it some monmey, it would carry out terroristic activities against its own people!!!? would it not then give crednece to the Khomeini regime's argument that the PMOI is indeed a terrorist org? Is this what you want to tell the rest of us? Are you not repeating IRI claims verbatim?

What is your evidence for this "pay-up for terrorism" slander? Oh, I got it! It is that discredited to his bones Scott Ritter or this newly surfaced CIA's "golden boy" right? It is these shady characters mushrooming these days left and right who are giving us lectures about how this NEBAT regime in Iran has tansformed itslef as the regional superpower in the ME thus we should talk to it! But when it come to the PMOI, we should shun it because a bunch of MPs have given it money to act as terrorists!! Give me a break!

I have news for you! At the same time that the PMOI is under constant threat of the IRI, it is quite active in Iran fighting against this regime; read this news items and see why the PMOI is the most important part of organized resistance against this regime.

فراخوان مقاومت ایران، براى نجات جان بازاریان دستگیر شده
3:40:35 AM 1387/8/10
تعطيلي بازار

به دنبال دستگیری بازاریان معترض توسط وزارت اطلاعات و انتقال آنها به بند 209زندان اوین، مقاومت ایران مجامع بینالمللى را به اقدام برای نجات جان آنها فراخواند. دبیرخانه شورای ملی مقاومت در اطلاعیهیی در این باره اعلام كرد: به گزارشهای رسیده از داخل ایران، تعداد زیادی از بازاریانی كه در اعتصابها و اعتراضات سراسری ضد حكومتی اخیر بازاریان در تهران و شهرهای بزرگ شركت داشتهاند، توسط وزارت اطلاعات دستگیر و به سلولهای انفرادی بند 209 زندان مخوف اوین منتقل شده و تحت شكنجههای جسمی و روحی همراه با بازجوییهای طولانی قرار دارند.

در ادامه اطلاعیه دبیرخانه شورای ملی مقاومت آمده است: در ماه اكتبر بازاریان ایران در شهرهای مهم ازجمله درتهران، اصفهان، مشهد، شیراز، تبریز و قزوین علیه قوانین ظالمانه و اعمال فشارهای رژیم آخوندی برای چندین روز دست به اعتراض و تظاهرات زدند كه نهایتا رژیم در مقابل خواستههای آنان وادار به عقب نشینی گردید. مقاومت ایران كمیسر عالی حقوقبشر ملل متحد و سازمانهای مدافع حقوقبشر را به اقدام عاجل برای نجات جان بازاریان دستگیر شده فرا میخواند.


Politics 101

by Imperial Lion (not verified) on

All groups are supported by one or more foreign governments whether they are pro or against the Islamic government of Iran. This will allow them to pull the string of any of these organizations as needed.

The same is done in the U.S. domestic politics, a good example would be the contribution of corporations and wealthy people to both Democratic and Republican parties. By doing so, they can always ask for favors in return of their support.

Having said this, now we should ask why is Mojahedin at one time considered a terrorist organization and at some other time not considered one?

Also, I reject the argument that some believe that Mojahedin is the only organization standing up against the Islamic government of Iran. Actually, they are not even the only ARMED organization against the I R I, there are several other smaller ones, like the PKK.

One big mistake that Mojahedin made was to ally themselves with Saddam. This is the main reason that so many of us Iranian very much dislike this organization.

At last, nothing good can come out of an organization whos idealogy is mixing religion with Marxism.


Wake-Up Call

by Rokgoo (not verified) on

دست اندر کاران این سایت باید از ترفند جدید "روابط عمومی‌" که تلاش میکنند تحت پوشش نظرات شخصی‌، اعلامیه‌های سازمانی را انتشار دهند آگاه باشند.


> moustache

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

what's up with the moustache ? well, I knew it was an iranian thing, but they seem to ALL have it. maybe they wanna look like their idol Massoud...


How sad!

by farrad02 on

Such wasted resources and talent!


It is one big Shell Game!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

"Rok-goo," check this news item to see how the PMOI is "beguiling" so many others than a bunch of "naive" supporters!!

لین لاریویر: مجاهدین به هر دادگاهى مىروند، پیروز بیرون مىآیند
12:45:28 PM 1387/8/9
اعلام حكم دادگاه لوگزامبورگ توسط قاضي اين دادگاه

اتحادیه هنرمندان دموكرات مسیحی هلند طی بیانیهیی در مورد حكم دادگاه عدالت اروپا تاكید كرد كه حكم جدید دادگاه، یك بار دیگر بر حق ایستادگی مجاهدین در مقابل رژیم دیكتاتوری آخوندی مهر تایید میزند. لین لاریویر، مدیر اتحادیه هنرمندان دموكرات مسیحی هلند، در این بیانیه ضمن اشاره به پیروزی مقاومت در این دادگاه، در مقابل تصمیم غیرعادلانه شورای وزیران اتحادیه اروپا، نوشته است: به نظر میرسد مجاهدین به هر دادگاهی میروند پیروز بیرون میآیند. كل این پروسه روشن میكند كه شورای وزیران اتحادیه اروپا، خود را فراتر از قوانین دادگاه عالی اتحادیه اروپا قرارداده است. این رفتار به جد بهپایههای قوانین جوامع اروپایی لطمه میزند و آن را به بازیچهیی در دست رژیم ایران تبدیل میكند.

As to your wishes for burrying the PMOI, don't worry, Shah tried and failed, Khomeini tried and failed, Khamenehi is trying his best but so far he has has failed; it seems to me that whether you like it, or not, when PMOI goes to court it wins because the world has order, or as we say in Persian:

Jahan raa choon hesab ast-o-ketabi!
Natarsn anke raa harfesh hesabi!



by Anonymously (not verified) on

When you think about a decoratic Iran where all iranians no matter who or what they believe in can have freedom of expression and legitimate political apearance in, you realize that we are so far AWAY from it. I would think we'd need at least another generation or two to have a society who is less attached to the unresolved issues between the jebheh mellis, socialists, communists, monarchists, jomhouri esalmi hardliners and eslahtalabs, mojahdeine khalgh, kurds, etc. This is an unbelieveable diverse taste of nation....or you can call it a nation that is lost and can't get its shit together. But one thing is for sure, the first step towards that ideal democracy is secularism. We have to go through a period of secularism before we can have a society that's open to different opinions.
So the main question is do we want to wait another 50 or 500 years for it to happen or should we somehow accelerate that?

Seeing the intolerance that exists among us iranians (WE JUST DON'T THINK ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN US!!!!)


This suggests

by Abarmard on

That there are heavy plans to increase terrorists activities and sabotage inside the Iranian soil by these people. The British MP (delegates) have possibly offered a nice chunk of money for the present and possibly future services that this group wishes to provide.

Fortunately Iran is very different today and Iranians from all walks are aware of the position of this group in regard to Iran and Iranians.

I don't believe the name Tehran will ever be change to Ashraf City!


To Anonymous500

by rokgoo (not verified) on

ژست جدید "قانون مداری" در سازمان متبوعتان، که کوشش کرده اید در نوشتارتان منعکس کنید، بنا بر ماهیت فریبکارانه آن، و به خاطر استواری آن بر پیش فرض حماقت، ساده لوحی و فراموشکاری مردم، توده یا خلق (حق انتخاب با شما) بی‌ ثمر خواهد بود.

استناد شما به قوانین بی‌المللی پس از آنچه سازمان شما از ابتدای تشکیل تا به امروز انجام داده، تنها بر اساس تحمیق مخاطبانتان قرار داشته که خود حاکی از انجماد فکری، و خود بزرگ بینی‌ فرقه‌ای است.

هر حرکتی برای نجات ایران از چنگال یک مشت آخوند لچک به سر و عوامل جنایتکار آنان، باید توانائی "فرا فرقه ای" داشته باشد. شما و دیگر "اشرفی"ها از چنین خصیصه‌ای محروم هستید.

کار سازمان شما از شعار‌های "مرگ بر این" و "زنده باد آن" گذشته است. روز دستبوسی "صدام" روز مرگتان بود، از تاخیری که در دفنتان رخ داده متاسفیم.


How IRI is getting rid of this "Ferghe-e Khatarnaak"!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mr. "Pedar Teleghani" (what an abuse of Pedar Teleghani's name), I guess the IRI is trying its best to get rid of this "Fergh-e Khatarnak"!! Please check the following new item and tell us if the IRI is doing a good job or not?

دژخیمان رژیم آخوندی، مجاهد خلق عبدالرضا رجبی را در زیر شكنجه بهشهادت رساندند
7:45:11 AM 1387/8/10
زندان گوهردشت

سازمان مجاهدین خلق ایران با صدور اطلاعیهیی از شهادت مجاهد خلق عبدالرضا رجبی در زیر شكنجه دژخیمان رژیم آخوندی در زندان گوهردشت خبر داد و از دبیركل وكمیسر عالی حقوقبشر ملل متحد خواستار اعزام هیأت تحقیق در باره این جنایت ضد بشری گردید. متن این اطلاعیه از این قرار است:

شهادت مجاهد خلق عبدالرضا رجبی
در زیر شكنجه دژخیمان رژیم آخوندی در زندان گوهردشت
ولا تحسبنّ الّذین قتلوا فی سبیل اللّه أمواتا بل أحیاء عند ربّهم یرزقون
و كسانی را كه در راه خدا به قتل می رسند مرده مپندار
بلكه آنها زندگانی هستند كه نزد پروردگارشان روزی میبرند

بنام خدا
بنام خلق قهرمان ایران

دژخیمان پلید رژیم آخوندی در زندان گوهردشت، روز سهشنبه 7 آبان مجاهد خلق عبدالرضا رجبی را زیر شكنجه بهشهادت رساندند. پیكر پاك این مجاهد پایدار و پاكباز ابتدا به بهداری زندان و سپس به سردخانه منتقل گردید. جلادان كه نقشه بهشهادت رساندن او را داشتند در روز یكشنبه5آبان بدون هیچ دلیلی وی را به قرنطینه زندان اوین و سپس به زندان گوهردشت منتقل كردند و تلاش كردند خبر این انتقال به بیرون از زندان درز نكند، ولی او در تماسی با خانواده هوشیارانه جابهجایی ناگهانی خود به زندان گوهردشت را اطلاع داد و دژخیمان به محض این كه متوجه این امر شدند، تماس را قطع كردند.
مجاهد شهید عبدالرضا رجبی متولد سال 1341 و از فرزاندان مردم محروم ماهیدشت كرمانشاه بود. وی كه در سال 1380 توسط مأموران رژیم دستگیر و بهشدت مجروح شده بود، متعاقبا در بیدادگاههای رژیم به اعدام محكوم شد. این حكم درسال 1385 با یك درجه تخفیف به حبس ابدكاهش یافت و عبدالرضا دوران اسارت خود را درسخت ترین شرایط و درحالی كه بیمار و تحت شكنجههای جسمی وروحی بود در زندان مخوف دیزل آباد كرمانشاه و در بند 350 زندان اوین تهران سپری نمود. طی این سالها دژخیمان برای درهمشكستن و به ندامت كشاندن او به انواع فشارها ونیرنگها متوسلشدند و بارها برایش صحنههای اعدام مصنوعی ترتیب دادند، اما این مجاهد راه خدا وخلق تا آخرین لحظه حیاتش قهرمانانه مقاومت كرد و جان برسر آرمان آزادی نهاد.
سلام بر مجاهد صبور و صدیق و پایدار عبدالرضا رجبی، روزی كه زاده شد، روزی كه برای آزادی خلق و میهن به مجاهدت برخاست و روزی كه درشكنجهگاه دشمن به عهد مقاومت و ایستادگی تا به آخر وفا كرد. خون پاكش در عزم پایداری و در رزم بی امان مجاهدین همواره میجوشد و راهش تا سرنگونی دیكتاتوری خونخوار آخوندی و تحقق آزادی و استقرار حاكمیت مردم ادامه دارد. وسیعلم الّذین ظلموا أیّ منقلب ینقلبون و زود باشد كه ستمگران بدانند درچه كیفرگاهی واژگون خواهندشد… .
سازمان مجاهدین خلق ایران تمامی وجدانهای بیدار انسانی و مدافعان حقوقبشر را به محكوم كردن این جنایت فجیح دیكتاتوری آخوندی، كه باردیگر یك مجاهد اسیر را در زیر شكنجههای وحشیانه و به رزیلاتهترین شیوه به شهادت رسانده، فرامیخواند و از دبیركل وكمیسر عالی حقوقبشر ملل متحد و همچنین سایر ارگانهای ذیربط بینالمللى خواستار اعزام هیأت تحقیق در باره این جنایت ضد بشری و بازدید از زندانهای فاشیسم مذهبی حاكم برایران و وضعیت بهشدت وخیم زندانیان سیاسی است.

سازمان مجاهدین خلق ایران


فرقه ای گمراه و خطرناک

پدر طالقانی (not verified)

رجوی - دیکتاتور
دیکتاتور - رجوی


Dispicable leadership - Naive Followers

by mani234 (not verified) on

Not sure whether to feel bad for the followers of Shah Masood and Oliahazrat Maryam or anger. These traitors and dictator wannabes are now irrelevent anyway.


some one

by MRX1 (not verified) on

some one should tell the person that does the PR for MEK that the time has passed for women wearing roosari, hejab and not shaking men's hand and so on. The alternative to IRI has to be modern and pluralistic.

MEK does get a high mark though. They truly underestand nature of IRI. they respond to fire with fire. They don't waste thier time with bull shit dialogue, mialogue, reformist verses conservative and the usuall crap that our
antelectuals occupy themself with.


To Those who Give the Slogan of Death to Mojahedin in public

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Dear Moderator I would appreciate it very much if you'd kindly allow this well-meaning message be posted in response to those who are actively calling for death to Mojahedin in Ashraf City:

There are those who give the slogan of "Death to Mojahedin And their Leaders" because they are "Traitors"!! Is there any court of law in Iran or elesewhere that has tried the Mojahedin and their leaders and has found them "traitors" desrving "death"? No.

Is the IRI ready, able and willing to try the Mojahedin in a duly convened court of law observed by internatioanl observers and lawyers? No.

Is the PMOI and its leadership ready, willing and able to stand trial for their alleged treasons against Iranian people. Yes. The PMOI is on record that it has no objection to stand for trial against any charges that the IRI, or any other entity, has against its past operations.

In fact, the PMOI has appealed to internatioanl tribunals and so far has been cleread by high courts in EU. There are thousands of documents that these courts have studied and have recahed this conclusion that the PMOI is a legitimate resistance movment against a regime that these courts have recognized as one that has constently violated the most basic human rights in Iran.

However, we have on this public bulletin board real persons with their real names who are calling for actual "death" for all Mojahedin whose number we don't know, but it could be as many as tnes of thousands in Iran or the very 3500 that we have now in Asharaf City.

Since this clip is about Ashraf City, this call to actual death of 3500 Mojaheds who are declared as "protected persons" under internationally recognized Geneva Conventions (that all civilized countries around the world have recognized as enforcable) is enticement to violence which is a prosecutable offense in the USA.

Publically, calling for death to persons under Geneva Protocoles (applicable to protected persons in a war theatre) is also call to genocide which is a Crime Against Huamnity, a crime category that has been recognized by intenrational criminal law.

In fact, the regime in Iran has tried in the past, and is trying now, to carry out this criminal and genocidal wishes of those ignorant Iranians who out of sheer lack of knowledge as how civilized societies operate, act as the potential accomplices of IRI-based, financed, and organized band of terrorist who have murdered both innocent Iraqies and Mojahedin in Ashraf City.

Those who are writing under their true names, publically calling for actual death of several thousands of protected persons--who are entitled to a wide range of defense rights that any accused of treason is entitled to in any duly convened court of law, could indeed be putting themselves under a possible criminal indictment if any harm were to come to these memebrs of Mojahedin in Ashraf City.

I am just reminding all that it is one thing if some one, under the alias of xyz, were to writes these genocidal and criminal wishes of IRI, but it is quite a different matter if one were to do it under their true names. Give as much dime-a-dozen anti-Mojahed slogans as you'd want, but don't get yoursleves entangled in the human tragedy that the IRI is trying to create against the Ashraf City.

There are hundreds of thousands of Iranians in diaspora who have their loved ones among Ashraf residents and therefore are highly concerned about the fate of these Mojaheds in Iraq. Don't call for genocide if you have an ounce of intelligence, let alone humanity, left in you.


Sad video and childish comments

by Amir-ofs-ki on

Sad video and childish comments, full of hate.


Sounds like Disney Land over there...

by Saman on

I love how they glorified the camp with Corny MilitaryUniformed Butt Munchers Society’s (MUBMS) welcoming group … and their tour of museums,universities and “Terrorist Exhibitions”. If the camp is so well-organized andwell equipped … why the heck get out?

Maryam Hojjat

Traitors! Death to Mojahedin And their Leaders

by Maryam Hojjat on

Khar, Mehbod & anonumous 2008 said what I was going to write here.  These Traitors deserve death nothing more since they killed a lot of innocent brave Iranian heroes in Iran-Iraq war.  SHAME on all of them! SHAME on all their supporters! SHAME on All these brainwashed people who did not have brain!

 Payandeh IRAN


The Hopeless...

by rokgoo (not verified) on

...و این لچک به سر‌های متحجر سودای بازگشت به وطن و کسب قدرت دارند؟

مشتی درماندگان " نا سیاسی"، آلت دست رهبری گمراه


> MKO finances

by Another Well Informed Iranian in France (not verified) on

Like every cult, MKO members throughout the world ''donate'' a large part of their income to Rajavimaniacs. Needless to say that this type of financial operations is more than mandatory when you're a Mojahedin.

I know this for a fact : when I was a student in Paris, a lot of clothing stores were owned and managed by Mojahedin. around St Denis st. and Beaubourg center specially.

As for for those naive estonian and norwegian idiots, just look at them and will quickly understand. They were sent there by lobbists PAID by Rajavimaniacs.And obviously they chose the dumbest ones.

Where the hell is Massoud Rajavi ???



These are the same trators

by anonymous2008 (not verified) on

These are the same trators that were fighting against their own country side by side the invadors, killing men and boys, sons, father and brothers of their country.

An other example of the western hypocrats supporting terorism to use them vetually, when they are needed to support their interests in the region.

Who is supporting these trators financially to this extend?


Cult of Traitors

by Iranian Guy (not verified) on

These people have always been, are and will be regarded by Iranian people as cult of traitors.
I never forget how these monsters were killing day to day normal people in the streets of Tehran simply b/c they had beard. I rather live under mullahs than these people.