Car trouble

... in busy Tehran highway


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Numbers don't lie

by Anonymous Civil Engineer (not verified) on

According to the numbers released by Islamic Republic of Iran:

"The rate of road accidents in Iran is 20 times more than the world's average.

...road traffic crashes in Iran annually kill nearly 28,000 people and injure or disable 300,000 more.

Every 19 minutes one person dies on Iran's roads, and every two minutes people will hear that one of their family members has survived a crash but with serious injury and perhaps lifelong disability.

Traffic fatalities cost Iran's economy $6 billion every year, which amounts to more than 5% of the country's Gross National Product."

Under such undeniable statistics to blame the situation solely of the behavior on the motorists, in one way or the other, is unreasonable. The final solution to this madness will come from improved roadways, replacing dilapidated vehicles with new ones, enforcement of traffic laws, and public awareness campaigns.

Numerous Samaritans die each year by trying heroically to help disabled motorists in the way that is seen in this video clip. According to extensive studies conducted in the USA the safest place for a driver of a disabled vehicle is to stay in that vehicle till professional help arrives. By leaving the vehicle where it is, it most likely will create a traffic jam, thousands of people might make it to work late, and thousands of gallons of gasoline might be wasted by idling vehicles, however the number of death and injuries are less in this manner. That’s in the USA; please continue arguing about what’s best for this kind of situations in Iran where they have one of the highest rates of automobile accident related death in the world.


thanks ...

by AnonymousInAustria (not verified) on



Wrong video

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on


Yes... your right

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

It makes me an IRI supporter when I call out your insecure self hating personality, and your flawed logic.

Here, look at this:

By your definition and logic, my video shows that Americans should not be driving cars.. They are animals, barbarians!! Bla bla

Boro baba to ham.. "IRI defender" haha.. bache ¤¤¤¤, harf nadari, in faghat miyad be dahane to va tamame on bioghdeh dostat who get their education and world view from the back of a milk box.

But I understand you, insecure people, high on viagra, tend to talk a lot of ¤¤¤¤.


Traffic in Teharn...

by Khar on

Is a cluster F**k which will never be untangled, just like the Iranian politcs.


IRI's Defender;Toofantheoncesogreat

by Anonymous2323 (not verified) on

"This simple engine stop and a couple of guys moving it out of the motorway" is a token of barbaric nature of Iranians behind the wheel.

IRI has sent you out for a different reason; go back to your mission.Budget is tight;time is short too.


You people

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

are putting far to much emotions, politics, comments and meanings into a simple engine stop and a couple of guys moving it out of the motorway. This could happen anywhere in the world.

Insecurity is a heavy weight to carry all the time, drop it.



by Ajam (not verified) on

If this had happened in the U.S., there would a lane closure for hours till the cops cleared the road, but these people (who by the way are us, I mean Iranin in every sense of the word) do it their own way and get on with their lives. Of course it's not the proper way to do it, but considering what these pople have gone through in the past decades (war, sanctions and more sanctions...) they are doing the best they can with what they have.
Welcome to the developing world where, unlike America, natural and human resources of the third world is not pillaged and funneled to! Even with all that, the U.S. (where there's a new bridge collapsed here and there every once in a while) stands 30th or so in road-safety among the nations in the world!

Ours is a kind of functioning chaos if you will, and that's exactly how our people can get around the sanctions from the outside and restrictions from the inside. And yet with all that, they always rank among the top ten in every international scientific olympiad in the world, and almost always above the U.S.! So, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about their handling of uranium enrichment. If driving situation was the standard to go with, I don' think India and Pakistan were much more qualified to enrich uranium, let alone develop the bomb!



by maziar058 (not verified) on

all right that's a funny clip; But did any Iranian compatriot STOPPED ? to see if they can be of any HELP ?


I am so proud of my fellow

by Az maast ke bar maast (not verified) on

I am so proud of my fellow Hamshahry/Hamvataans who help the poor driver to get to the safe side of the road while risking their own safety.
Here in Toronto/Canada like ALL the other big "civilized" cities in North America, people would get off the car, coursing the driver and leave the car in the middle of the road. Then the police and news would get there after hours and try to get the situation resolved. We experience this kind of situations almost every day, how ONE car in the middle of highway causes the traffic jam of the day while hundred or thousand drivers are late to work!
These fellows solved the problem (the best they could) within 2 minutes!
Tehran has its share of chaos but nothing more or less than any big city with the population of 15 million or more!
I am also ashamed/sad/angry of our self-pity and negativity towards Iran and Iranians that our western masters injected into us living in West (they did that to Latinos and Black Americans way before we landed! But they are recovering).
Hope we also realize the trap and start recovering from the cultural damage…


to:civil engineering

by Anonymous eye raini (not verified) on

What you are saying works well in USA,but not in Iran where people do not believe in law.If there was an emergency lane people used it as a regular lane.

Conclusion:People in Iran need to be riding horse an carriages.


تبصره برایAnonymousInAustria

hamfekr (not verified)

You said it all very well.

How about including "minorities" in the item No.1?;so it'd read:"Dealing with/treatment of women and minorities"



Hear it from a Civil Engineer

by Anonymous Civil Engineer (not verified) on

There is no outside shoulder on the right hand side where the white and green curb is located, that’s why even after the car is moved to the right hand side most of it is still in the “live lane”, lane number 3 (counting from left to right). There is no inside shoulder on the left. Lane number 1 is not delineated with pavement marking to provide for an inside shoulder. Standard lanes in the USA per American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is 12 feet, outside shoulder is usually 10 feet, and inside shoulder is 8 feet, 3.6, 3.0, and 2.4 meters respectively. It’s hard to tell, but the way these lanes are delineated they look like they are wider than 12 feet (3.6 meter), or maybe the cars are not as wide as they are in the USA. It appears that with correct pavement marking either an inside or outside shoulder could've been provided.

Regardless, motorists are not to be blamed here. The lanes are not properly delineated, shoulders for emergency situations are not provided, vehicles are dilapidated, highway patrol cars are not equipped to push disabled vehicles to a safe location, and tow trucks are not readily available. So, the motorists improvised the best way they could.

Conclusion: we should not enrich uranium yet.


duck trick

by eye ran (not verified) on

I am not sure if I am translating the name correctly,but in Farsi it is called kalak morghabi in which if a driver do not want to be ticketed by police when he drives against the traffic flow in a way way street he put his car in revere and drives. Is this smart of what?



by nemigam (not verified) on

i was so nervous watching this video, almost like a 007 action/thriller moment!!! lol


عرض کنم

امیر کبیر در بالای درخت در حال تماشا (not verified)

نتیجه آنکه در ایران جان ارزش ندارد.


rmin2000 I think this shows that

by bikar (not verified) on

my dear what part of the us you live and have seen sucha action in highways?
let us see at as it is idotic.


I love this about us

by suomynona (not verified) on

I love this about us Iranians....

By and large, we tend to solve problems in the most overall efficient way....yes, in the process we get upset and curse, etc....but the end result is just in this about 2 minutes, the problem is solved and hassel minimized!!

I love it.


A cost saving idea!

by Bunyip on

The road authorities can save a lot of money, time and traffic disruptions by not painting the lane lines. Honestly, what are the purposes of those lines? Are they there to make the road pretty? If everyone ignores them; put them between
their wheels; ignore indicating, then why paint them?

Now that's a great idea Bunyip.


Please don’t be so judgmental and label them as barbaric

by Anonymous I. (not verified) on

Actually they are doing it right. They are taking the car to the safest side of the road. The driver and the passengers should be out of the car and on the safe side of the road which is on the right. The Left lane is supposed to be for the high speed. This is not a high speed traffic; cars are slowing down and cooperating.


rmin2000 - You're the only one who got it right!

by mrlayl on

Everybody elses keeps talking about "breaking the rules", and how Iranians are this and Iranians are that, without saying which rules, for whome, and what locality the rules they are talking about, are made for?


But as you pointed out, under the commensense rule of the locale, namely Tehran traffic, they did exactly what they had to do - remove a disabled vehicle to relieve traffic congesstion..


Where it may take a tow truck a long time to arrive at the scene, they did the best they could -alebite dangerous- to remove the disabled vehicle.


Another thing the others on this board failed to notice, was the consideration and skill the other drivers showed, both cars and motorcycles, in navigating around the obstcale.

So, the rest of you, please open your eyes to reality and stop your dogmatic political positions about our homeland and our compatriates.



Developed Society

by AnonymousInAustria (not verified) on

There are four parameters which show how improved a society is:

1) dealing with women
2) prisons
3) animal rights
4) driving skills

Feel free to decide how improved the Iranian society is.


ادب از که آموختی؟...

Doost (not verified)

Does anyone want to share a road with "shimimis"?
Maybe he, himself,is in the video!

His/her mentality of blind defense of his/her fellow citizens is the root cause of our historical backwardness in today's world.


Dahati boodan eftekharist ke liaghatesho nadary ghorbaty!

by shimimis (not verified) on

Every country has its weak spots...our's is our disregard for rules which is a direct result of the lack of democracy today...I wonder if you were an Italian ( they have awful drivers too ) would you have had the same animosity for your own culture as well? No. The fact is you are lost, have no roots, and are clueless, so you bash on anything you find that might represent Iran. Sad but true...

I just have one thing to say to people like you:

Hamoon behtar bemoonin to har jahanami ke hastin, hamoon dahaty ha boodan ke to jang mordan ta amsale to va khanevadat zendeh bemoonin va betoonin dar nahayte oghde hegharat to kharej javgir beshin!!
Moron and m/f are nice labels for those lost & illeterate individuals like you who don't know the difference between culture/religion/politics and their relationships...hence get played like monkies by the foreign media and propaganda culture systems in the world and its hatred-circus for Iran and anything Iranian.

I am happy people like you leave, and leave Iran to those "dahaty's " whom clearly Iran & Iranians need more in hard times than "bache sosool's" like you! :)


I think this shows that

by rmin2000 (not verified) on

I think this shows that people are still have that sence of helping each other that by moving the car actually prevent the worsening of the traffic. In contrast to U.S. that they leave their car inthe middle of the street and cause hours and hours of traffic.


> reality check, what can we expect from US ?

by Anonther Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

Here is the best example of what iran and iranians are all about. Better than any political debate, any ''pictory'', any iranians of the day (actually I think they should be promoted to Iranians of the year !).

Here is what we are : a bunch of selfish idiots who think they're all that but who don't know nothing about anything.


Now please , gimme a break with all your Zoastrian this or Achemenian that. This is 2008 and this what we are : ignorant, rude and unconcious.



by hamfekr (not verified) on

...and then the noble nation of Aryan race decided to take a shortcut from lawlessness of the Dark Ages to the glorious era of nuclear supremacy with no stop in between...


stupid people, no law,

by Anonymous111111 (not verified) on

they are bunch of -Dehati- who don't know anything, trafic law is a law + culture, we do not respect law, plus we have fucking culture, I could not take that anymore, I just ran away from these stupid, moron, motherf+ people, they know nothing,,,,,,



by mahmoudg on

Born to break any known law



by IRANdokht on

What a nightmare!