Muslim woman's journey to Christianity


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by Kosrow (not verified) on

Beside her making her decision public, in the beginning of her propaganda advertisement, she is extremely judgmental about Islam and muslims and talks patronizingly towards them.

Just compare her tone in the beginning to towards the end.

She's just a fool, another brick in the wall.

I am sure if she was looking for answers, if she would have gone to a sheikh or cleric he would have answered all of her religious questions.

As far as I know there are no questions that Christianity answers and Islam doesn't. As a matter of fact, Islam answers alot of questions Judaism and Christianity don't.


response to anonymous99

by Anonymousnezhad (not verified) on

we do know we can refrain from following her. of course. but she is making a public statement and politicizing her act. So others (us judgementals) get to respond. i agree with several other commenters about the lonely depressed middle-aged iranian women - those are the converts i know. i even dated one for a brief period and while i am not the perfect creation on earth, she had serious issues from the past. so we just remained friends and i observed her conversion (from afar) and do the holy water thing - i imagine something similar to the guy in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - LOL!!! but i think this is done to satisfy emotional needs and has nothing to do with logic. it gives them peace and a sense of "i have a place and somebody to go to" in times of trouble. It is a personal thing. But this lady has made it public. So the public responds.


Point 1:  Many

by American Wife (not verified) on

Point 1:  Many people HAVE converted to Christianity in order to move to the US.  Personally I don't like the idea of religion being "used"... on the other hand... perhaps it's a subliminal message.

Point 2:  I agree... why NOT post a pro-Islam article.  If we're not to assume ALL Muslims are bad, tell us why. 

Point 3:  Skatermom.... LOVED the comment

Point 4:  Be afraid of born-again Christians... be veeery veeery afraid.



As Hadi Khorsandi puts it:

by God of all Gods (not verified) on

As Hadi Khorsandi puts it: She is replacing Mostrah (Iranian Toilet) to Toilet Farangi. Best of luck to her.


Why are you people so judgmental???

by Anonymous99 (not verified) on

Why are you so appalled about this woman's journey to find peace, tranquality, and God? It is her way to connect to the universe (or God, if you wish to call it) and it is her personal journey. You DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW HER, PERIOD! This has nothing to do with sins, or with immoral life-style. If anything, it is the most curious ones who dare to search for truth in their lives. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW HER! Stay in your own little world, be judgmental (most likely miserable) and let the ones who are bugged by the truth, go after it! You stay put; and take note that in the course of history, you, are most likely not going to be a force of change. You live, and then you die. And, it is only a matter of two generation before you are forgotten! That is ofcourse, if you get to have children. Those who seek the truth, on the other hand, will live a turbulant, yet a fruitful life; and will be a part of a force that changes the history.



Jesus Loving Christ!!! put it Perfectly

by Jesus Loving Christ!!! put it Perfectly (not verified) on

Jesus Loving Christ!!! Put it Perfectly, he was dead on!

Bunch of middle aged woman who have sinned left and right and feel guilty and want to be forgiven and have a new start, continue doing what they are doing without guilt. Remember, all your sins are forgiven past and future LOL.

Een zaneh Irani hamash meekhahan ada darbeeyaran, from their blond hair to their religion.

We have a good saying in Iran, "Hassani hoseh'lash sar raft, soozan kard too tokhmesh".



by Mustafa (not verified) on

Pat Robertson is the devil!


Jesus Loving Christ!!

by unknown (not verified) on

I'v noticed this little trend of Iranian women becoming Christian. Typical Iranian inferiority complex where they think the more they are westernized, the more they are "civilized". Being Christian is equivalent to being "modern".

Anyways, I'v noticed it here in the Iranian community; it seems that the majority of these converts are mid-aged depressed lonely Iranian women who come across a community they can find friends in, be "modern" and get to pork out on bacon, go at it with wiskey and not have to pray or fast without guilt while keeping their religious convictions (ideal religion for lazy iranians). I haven't heard a SINGLE one of them give a logical and convincing explanation to their conversion, it's all a bunch of supersticious b.s comments like "dream" this and "vision" that, it's all emotional, nothing remotely intellectual (lol, when they are confronted with this, i get the typical b.s answer that our "aql naaqes ast" lol. Btw, this isn't restricted to lay people, but it's coming from their own christian farhang-foroosh evangelical mullahs.


oh please

by annoyed by this woman (not verified) on

save this propaganda for your madar. no one gives a shit on how thrilling your conversion to another faith is.


ey baba

by Anonymousnezhad (not verified) on

religion is not my thing but i would certainly not pick christianity to drown in... no one has killed more people in history than christians... no one comes close to their numbers.. and now with the ultra-politicization of this religion to support the economic interests of the west (or a portion of them anyways)i wonder why anyone would do this.. personally knowing several converts to christianity from islam (2 iranians) they have had much strife in their lives and were looking for a source of peace and as they say, they found jesus.. (these are 2 people that i personally know not a scientific sample and not a generalization) they tried to show me the light too just like this lady.. hahahahahaha... come to jesus!!


what gives?

by Anonymous46 (not verified) on

why are there arabic subtitles? who is funding this propaganda effort that is clearly aimed at brainwashing people in Iran and the Arab part of the region?

Anyway, I think converts are strange, no matter what religion they are converting into, and I agree with anon1 above, either keep all religion off this site, or be even handed in what you choose to post here. A while back you had a video of a proselytizing bahai woman from somewhere in africa, and now you have this jesus freak. what gives, man?


God Bless you.

by koorosh owji (not verified) on

Sister, I have heard your testimony today and I am so happy that you have found the truth and the light, it means Jesus Christ, as you Lord and your Savior. I was a Muslim and I saw Jesus 4 yrs ago and he changed my life forever. Praise the Lord. Do good work for the Lord because he is coming so soon. And don't let anything negative stop you from working for the kingdom of God. See you soon in the presence of the Lord. With Love, your brother from Iran ; Koorosh Owji.


Whatever...so now she has a

by skatermom (not verified) on

Whatever...so now she has a new set of imaginary friends.


Soooo SAD

by Mani 321 (not verified) on

The key points that she says drove her to christianity:
I) She read the new testament and saw that, despite what the Koran says, the new testament has not been changed since the time of Jesus. May I ask on what scientific basis she reached this conslusion? Was she alive when Jesus was hanging out in the streets of Jeruselum? Was she there to hear what he said first hand?
II) She saw, in her dream, three men in Roman sandles come to her. It's clear that she is talking about the three wise men. It's also clear that she does'nt know that the wise men were Persian merchants and would not be wearing Roman sandles.
C) She was stunned to see that in Christianity you don't need a Mullah in order to talk to and be connected to God. Some one should have told her, back when she was a Muslim, that a Muslin also does not need a Mullah to connect with God. He/She could have talked directly to God thru her prayers.

It's sad to see an ignorant fanatical muslim (as displayed by her Maghna'e picture) become an ignorant fanatical Christian.

Maybe if she sees a movie on scientology next, she'll discover L. Ron Hubbard as her next real and true prophet.

Good luck lady.


Jahanshah, What the heck

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

What the heck have you turned this site into? I dare you to post a pro-Islam video. And no I don't mean some nutcase who shouts "Allah Allah" Omid Jalili style. One that portrays a positive image.
Honestly I would rather this site not have any mention of religion, but it seems your site likes to constantly advertise Christianity.
I don't have anything against this lady or her religion, but if changing religions is what makes one eligible for Iranian of the day status, then the standards are very low.



by Negin (not verified) on

Has this lady asked for asylum in the US by any chance?


after this....

by eyeranian on

I'm going to church on Sunday. Not!




by ??? (not verified) on

This lady speaks very patronizing when she talks about Islam. Now that she is a christian, all her sins are forgiven and she can drink and ko.on bedeh for free. I certainly don't like her tone in the beginning.

Who says just because she had a dream, she was talking to God? She's an idiot.

Seems like a Propaganda video. And she doesn't do a good job.

She also needs to practice her "th's" she sounds like Sylvester the Cat. She's a Chrithan!