Farideh Ramezani

Playing with other actors in a fan music video for Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl"

Produced by MOJOCreative Group.



it is just another job for

by meaw meaw pishi joon (not verified) on

it is just another job for these beauties to a video n make a bit of cash-in the economy of so many guys not having jobs i say--go girls and whoever is jealous go play with yourself--lol


This is what happens when...........

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

even on a 'lesbian' level it trivilises homsexuality.
My comment:
I think the lesbian "love" and the homosexuality is not so bad as being interfering with the (sexual)life of others by porn writing, painting and Pics- and Films making, theatre and danceshows and so on. I mean porn of any kind causes a great damage to human rights of poeple. Unfortunately the westerns have begann with porn. They have not only comercialized the feelings of masses but they have also succeded to make the commen poeple think freedom of porn is part of human rights. I mean the homosexuality as such is not the real danger. The real danger is the "freedom" to carry it in to the public. This so called freedom breakes the factual freedom of masses to plan and live up to their own sexual dreams und wishes. Porn deviates man from the way she/He may had chosen up to Her/His considerations of Her/His life. In sofar I mean porn of any kind has to be eliminated from the public. However I can not expect that "IRANIAN" banishes porn. since the site is highly sponsored by poeple who just earn - not only mony - from this "freedom". The most helpless victims of porn is the youth. specially those in the ir puberty. Once hynotized by porn the young poeple have no interesst for politics e, no interesst to ask about human rights, real democracy and likewise important matters of daily life. This is exactly, as far as I see the situation, all what the youth in the so called western democracy should do. being apolitical, lost consument and porn admirer. Greetin

Party Girl


by Party Girl on

Greetings!  Here we go:


Darius Kadivar

Bi Sexuality and Marriage are Incompatible ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Otherwise you would have to accept Polygamy ...

Think Twice, But Marry ONCE AND FOR ALL . 





This is what happens when

by Sohail! (not verified) on

This is what happens when you have no culture. what is this crap? The original katie perry verison is bad enough. even on a 'lesbian' level it trivilises homsexuality.

'i kissed a girl and i liked it' - 'i hope my boyfirend wont mind it'

Make your mind up woman.


link please!!!!

by amirkabear4u on

Thank you...........


Benaazam Zaboon ro, Khoda

by Milan (not verified) on

Benaazam Zaboon ro, Khoda ziad koneh!


and that is why

by Gui de Mopassant (not verified) on

I voted NO on proposition 8 in CA, that prohibits same sex marriage! LOL


like the song

by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

and the original video ...This one is quite tacky & cheesy...



by Saman on

Didn’t get it… was this a lesbian video with some Eye-Rainian girl or something? Right on!

Was this another thing that started 2500 years ago with Cyrus the thing? Like it :O)


None! NO shallaagh whatsoever...

by ThePope on

They have no problem with gay girls!
Actually, they like lesbians,,, and the way they view it, they're always a good prey for seegheh and new experiences like threesomes.
Don't forget, from their point of view, a woman is: naaghes'ol aghl. So no punishment but rather "teaching/correcting" in this particular case of homosexuality! And, if there's any shallaagh it's the "shallagheh mohabat" with ice(!), if you know what I mean.



Zero Shallaghs

by Ayatollah411 (not verified) on

As long as the ayatollah in Qom performs a sigheh and is allowed to watch or participate (he actually may want to have the shallagh used on him if he is into S & M. Taghabalilah!

American Wife


by American Wife on

The song is MUCH better than this video.

Darius Kadivar

How Many Shallagh is that Worth ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Evah Beeh Hayah ...