Gheresh midamo gheresh midam

Sexy dance scene from the movie "Gheysar"



She is dressed perfectly and

by Masoud F K. (not verified) on

She is dressed perfectly and dances very beautifully. I think those ballerina's with their skimpy cloth are dressed as whores :) I would not give one tiny finger nail of this cool lady and her talents for all those western performers you call hip.


Dear Jack, Consider Her My Mother

by 135 (not verified) on

I don't see you, Gheyratees, write such comments on Hilton, Spears or Aguilera's acts.

I admire her. Even if she was my mother. You know what? Consider her MY MOTHER.
Not necessarily, all Iranian woman tend to be Farokhroo Parsa, Sima Bina or Shirin Ebadi.
It is the same with us, isn't it? Me, thin, You, thickest, etc.

We men, having no problem showing off our thick muscles or other organs, particularly our "Brains" in public - which is btw the most disgusting one.
Why don't you, exceptional guys, move in with saudi's?

All Iranian women, whether astronaut or whore, are my sisters, mothers and daughters.
I know; it's hard to digest, but one day, your grand-grand-grand-son might.


Mr. Jack

by Milan (not verified) on

I don't agree with this woman's dress code and lustful behavior either(that is in a real life situation, not behind the camera); regardless, I sure wouldn't use such a hateful and hurtful label to characterize her. And, no, I would not want my mother to be like her, just as much as I would not want my father to be like you.



by Jack (not verified) on

Basically she was a whore.

She dressed like a whore, she danced like a whore and she sold her dignity in front of millions for money .

If any of you guys disagree with me, would you want your mothers doing what she did?


Let us not forget Soosan

by Critic (not verified) on

Her remarkable voice was inseparable from the so called "kola makhmali" films of that period. May God Bless Her Soul.


Yade' "Shekoofe'-No" Bekheir

by Mammad Agha Jahel (not verified) on

Vay Vay Vay :)

Baba, Aragha Biyar Ba Mast-o-Khiar - Bah Bah!!


mid 1960

by Anonymous532 (not verified) on

I was a kid back then and remember the movie. it was about 40 years ago. Before the current Arabic Regime took power.


You know whats interesting

by allo allo (not verified) on

You know whats interesting all the comments here.
I would myself prefer the days of pre IRI, but it is things like this that were before its time that caused such rifts amongst our people. I loved this movie loved the time, but I think about my family in Iran and I think about the movie playing people in Iran going to see it, what precentage thought it was acceptable?...I think many were uncomfortable I think little examples speak to a small percentage of what lead to this hideous revolution



by ThePope on

or 1969 was the release date.


PS: Soooo many stars in this movie. And an outstanding performance by Bahaman Mofid.


:oD dancing the night away...

by Haleh on

This is one of my favourite part of the movie. She is awsome, and her body is amazing. I wish my leggs were like that.... sighhhhhhhhhh


What year was this movie made?

by saal (not verified) on

Does anyone know what year this clip is from? Thanks.


in kamareh ya fanareh

by nanaz (not verified) on

nice viedo,she look so sexy for her time, she is probably what, like seventy years old now. good old days, iranian people at least had fun .