Great Wall of Gorgan

May be longest brick, or stone, wall ever built in ancient world

CURRENT WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY (Images and full text PDF): It is longer than Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall taken together. It is over a thousand years older than the Great Wall of China as we know it today. It is of more solid construction than its ancient Chinese counterparts. It is the greatest monument of its kind between central Europe and China and it may be the longest brick, or stone, wall ever built in the ancient world - and yet few have ever heard of it. This wall is known as "The Great Wall of Gorgan" or "the Red Snake". An international team of archaeologists has been at work on the snakelike monument and here they report on their findings.

The "Red Snake" in northern Iran, which owes its name to the red colour of its bricks, is at least 195km long. A canal, 5m deep or more, conducted water along most of the Wall. Its continuous gradient, designed to ensure regular water flow, bears witness to the skills of the land-surveyors responsible for marking out the Wall's route. Over 30 forts are lined up along this massive structure. Their combined size is about three times that of those on Hadrian's Wall. Yet these forts are small in comparison with contemporary fortifications in the hinterland, some of which are around ten times larger than the largest Wall forts. The "Red Snake" is unmatched in so many respects and an enigma in yet more >>> Images and full text PDF

>>> Also see Science Daily report


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Yajuj and Majuj.

by Shabash (not verified) on

Yajuj and Majuj.


2nd Great Wall discovered in Iran

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

2nd Great Wall discovered in Iran. The message is not the youngest one. Allready on Tue, 28 Aug 2007 knew the user of other sorces that British and Iranian archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a 200- kilometer long wall in Golestan Province, northern Iran.

Experts believe the Gorgan Great Wall is the second longest wall in Asia after the Great Wall of China.

Archaeologists said the Gorgan Great Wall was built at about the same time as the 'Great Wall of China' to defend against the invasions of the Ephthalites, a nomadic tribe that once lived in Central Asia.

The team, which includes experts from the universities of Durham and Edinburgh, also discovered a sixteenth century fortress near the Gorgan Great Wall.

Archaeologists also discovered a 50-kilometre long canal near the wall that was used to transfer water from the Gorganrud River.
however it is a very interresting story. besides: late better than never. Greeting