Groom slaps bride!

Wedding in Dehdasht, Lurestan Province


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How can you say that? Its

by Woman (not verified) on

How can you say that? Its not a question of American, European, Iranian or any other ethnic origin for that matter. Its just inhuman. Just because women are biologically weaker than men, that does not give these wretched men a right to beat them up. and slapping the wife on their wedding day is so disgraceful. How can a woman start a happy marriage with an asshole who slaps her on the first day of their life together. And you are saying that she must have done something to provoke it. Well then you are just as uneducated and backward as that man. makes me think that you are for sure a man and God knows how violent you are with your wife. We should start a revolution and expose and beat up all such men who are violent with women. Can you even begin to understand what a woman must feel when she is being beaten up by someone who is physically stronger than her and then next day pretend like nothing happened and look after that man, his family and still let him touch her and use her when he feels like it, as though she is nothing more than an object. Shame on all such men and i hope that they all burn in hell for eternity. Thou shalt not be a victim,Thou shalt not be a perpetrator and above all Thou shalt not be a bystander.


yeah right

by SunC (not verified) on

Many people are saying that this only happens in villages in Iran etc. and that this also happens in non islamic countries. My question is:


I'm really asking someone to show me evidence that makes me believe what everyone is saying.


i cant believe what ive just

by ahmad shounesaz (not verified) on

i cant believe what ive just seen. this is horrible! but i can reassure u this man isnt representing iranian men who live in iran. this got nothing to do with IRI or islam in general. the reason for such an act is find in the way these villagers live and think. u can find such people all over the world even in non islamic states because uneducated uncivilisized are in alot of countrys and its the poverty and lack of education which let them stick with these kind of sick traditions. as i said u wont, i promise u u wont find any guy slappin his bride on wedding day in any of the major cities in iran, just in old villages. BUT not only in iran in many other countries aswell


i couldnt believe it, even

by ahmad1985 (not verified) on

i couldnt believe it, even after i watched it 10 times i still cant believe it. but honestly this has nothing to do with IRI or islam in general, this is just the result of uneducated daahaatie villagers. u wouldnt see that in any major city in iran, trust me!! but u can see that in other villages all over the world even in non islamic states because such people, u havnt had any progress in the last 100 years and still live in their own traditional old fashioned uneducated world, u can find everywhere, where poverty and ( i repeat myself) uneducatedness force people not to accept any change in the way of thinking.
i can reassure u this man isnt representing iranian men living in iran.


Those 2 deserve eachother

by Asabani (not verified) on

Dumb and Dumber.
The man thinks he has a right to beat his wife at any time he wants even his wedding,
and the woman thinks it's OK for him to beat her because he's the man.
Only proves how far behind our culture is and how far we have to go to reach the 21st century.
That man should get punched in the nose and beaten to purple right after he hit the bride, then put in prison for 5 years.


To: Anonypishi (for The

by Suzan Abrams (not verified) on

To: Anonypishi (for The List)

I agree with you. That horrible man who slapped his bride is a monkey all right.


Anon. slapping vs spanking

by Rouhakhtar (not verified) on

Of course I go to Iran. What is special about spanking? same thing. Some people go overboard but it is the same.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

This pacifist thing you are such a big proponent of only goes so far. It is not 100% effective. It is in fact, naive.

There comes a time and a place where a good old-fashioned ass-kicking is called for. And this is it.

You're stating that many of us perceive a violent act to be the answer. Well, what do you propose? Chai and cookies?

No, sir. Someone like this needs to get his ass kicked so that he never raises his hand like that to a woman again.


The list

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

This is the list of people who should be taken care of really good:

• The father who burned his daughter because she dared to ask for higher education.
• This monkey for slapping his bride.
• Guys in Congo for rape and mutilating body parts of women from 4 years old up to 80 years old.
• Muslim men who raise their daughters in western countries and at the age of puberty send them back to motherland in forced marriages.
• Those who microwave oven babies and animals.
• NASCAR guys who parade their beat up wives in public.

And the list continues with animals like these. Feel free to call me emotionally retard; it doesn’t bother me.
And for the fun part watch this video:


Rouhakhtar, You said; "This

by Anon. (not verified) on

You said; "This an Iranian custom like slapping/padding a woman's behind is a western custom."

Where do you get your information from? Have you every been to Iran? Are you high or something?


Ebi, It is great that you

by Anonymos (not verified) on


It is great that you are man enough to stand up for what is right.

Anonymous Observer

She Should Have Punched Him!!

by Anonymous Observer on

She should have punched this "olagh" and broken his teeth.  Where were her brothers / counsins / father for that matter to beat this jerk to a pulp? 

Persia is Eternal.

ebi amirhosseini

American Wife Aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

Actually this is the second time I said it on this site(I don't remember in which comment  I used it before,but Irandokht might remember it).A man who slaps his wife ( aka his better half) on their wedding day or a man who sets his daughter on fire, they donot deserve to be called a man,they arenot human.They are the devil's incarnation.A real man sacrifices himself for the sake of his family(wife & kids),not sacrificing them.

best wishes

American Wife


by American Wife on

I'm impressed!  I've never heard a man call another man a chauvinistic pig before.  You truly ARE evolved!  :-)

ebi amirhosseini

Male shauvenist pig !

by ebi amirhosseini on


 It is not an ethnic issue,it is more of a social one,I'm speechless !.How can this guy call himself a father?!




by Dana (not verified) on

عجب آدم الدنگ بي شعوري .. من اگه به جاي عروسه بودم كيك رو مي كوبيدم تو صورت زشتش.. حقشه شب عروسي جوجوش رو ببره بذاره كف دستش .. الاغ


This an Iranian custom

by Rouhakhtar (not verified) on

This an Iranian custom like slapping/padding a woman's behind is a western custom.


She should have slapped him back...

by Sahari (not verified) on

I'm appalled by this behavior. On what planet is it acceptable to slap anyone, especially a bride on her wedding day? He should have had his testicles removed for that display of stupidity and violence against this woman. There were children there too on top of it. Those little girls are learning that this kind of behavior is acceptable and that is a crime against humanity. No child should have to wonder if their husband someday will act in the same manner. Shame on you. And to those who condone this man's actions you are as guilty as he is.


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month...

by agahi (not verified) on


من به عنوان يك

زن ايراني (not verified)

من به عنوان يك خانم اگر بجاي اون عروس بدبخت بودم شب زفاف يعني شب اون عروسي فكر ميكردم داره بهم تجاوز ميشه . يعني همش تجاوز فيزيكي . و شروع ميكردم لج و لج بازي كردن و دنيا رو براش تيره و تار ميكردم كه تا عمر داره يادش باشه كه دست خر كوتاه . فكر كنم عاقبت همين ميشه ديگه .


Havoo has been common among Lors

by Jaleho on

Taking a hovoo over a wife has been common among many Lors and other villagers during Shah's time and still going on, let alone a disgusting violence like "gorbeh ra dam hejleh koshtan".


Yet, you see people like our self-proclaimed Lors like Samsam as if their own aba ajdad Lors were  from  Neauphle-le-chateau rather than Iran's Lorestan where women have been  treated  like a princess during Shah's time!!


Sure sure, these Lors are imported from somewhere backward  to our traditionally modern Lorestan in which no man would raise a hand over a woman! Also, this reality is too offensive for Iroonman to watch, let's hide our heads in the sand, remove the video and pretend we don't even have ugliness like this in our culture. Besides, Americans are vilonet too, not to mention that the woman might have initiated being hit on her wedding night in front of all, why bother?!! 

nauseating indeed.


Mentally ill

by parham B. (not verified) on

It is not culture, creeds or has to do with his mental conditions. If he has grown up with beating and insulting then what do you expect!? There are plenty of people like him/them around the world even here but with different nasty behaviors.


... AND what I don't get

by Princess on

is why there is a smiley face on the cover page? What is there to smile about?


I still don't get it

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

A number of people on this post claim that this is a tradition and try to justify and explain this disgusting act by the groom. I am rather amused by some of the explanations but let's make no mistake that no human being deserved to be treated like the way this girl has been treated. I agree that spousal abused is not particular to Iran but at least in the west there is a law against it but in IRI regime this is an accepted norm.


my 2 cents + couple of questions

by tazeh damad (not verified) on

What I assume has happened in this video is that the bride bites the finger of the groom and the groom responds with slapping her.
In traditional marriages, I have seen that bride and groom, specially if both opinionated, want to show who has got the last word in any conflict. Have you heard of "gorbe ra dame hejleh koshtan". I guess that was an attempt by the bride by biting his finger but the groom got the last word since that is an acceptable gesture by a man and not by a woman.
Also you may need to know that the process of feeding each other honey or sweets is after both groom and bride has agreed to the marriage, they both have said "Baleh". And I guess that is why we do not see a reaction from families since they are already man and wife. Boy, I hope there is a reaction after this clip ends.
Now I have some questions and I would need your input:
1-Is this kind of brutality toward women happening now? Or could and actually did actions like this happened 40 years ago at shah's time?

2-What if the lady challenged him in a way that the man felt insecure or disappointed or ? before this scene. Would any action on her side justify the slap?

3- If, as by the comments below shows, this is politicized, removing IRI solves the problem? Or men and women in Iran need to go through a major cultural revolution? And can we start working on our own behavior before the revolution since that may take another 30 years?
I would really like to see your answers.
Tazeh Damad


I can't get over it

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I watched the video over ten times and I can't get over the fact how brutal one can be. Imagine what the girl must have felt like in front of her friends and parents on her wedding day. There is absolutely no justification for this action. This is absolute barbarism that is sanctioned in IRI unfortunately.


Americans are worse! Domestic Violence is common in US!

by goldust (not verified) on

That's why they provide classes to prevent them! Welcome to the real daahaati'eh Khar world! I think, she beat his hand! I have seen too much of it here and there! Lor, Tork, Kord, everywhere! I beat the crap out of my brother in law when he he tried it many years ago! That stopped immediately!


There is a slight

by TheMrs on

There is a slight possibility that she said something like "khabareh marget" or "madar ghahveh" or something equally sweet. And of course, being a tough macho macho man forced him to react. He's compensating for a very very very microscopic sized penis by acting violent. What a retard.  Sibilesho!

What's bizarre is that, if this indeed happened in lurestan iran, one would expect her family to gang up on him and beat the crap out of him. You know, irooni estyle, namoos and all that jazz.

Whenever we get emotional, let's just all hit each other like animals. How pitiful.

Vaghean ke khabareh margesh



Well she obviously had it

by nice persian husband (not verified) on

Well she obviously had it coming...

No ust kidding. Can someone please tell me, WHY he slapped her?


a common practice

by antiabuse (not verified) on

Unfortunately, this shows how women are perceived in Iran--most of Iran.

Iran is a misogynist society, no doubt.