Haleh Abghari

The voice of the soul


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melodic cidolem

by Karl Moody (not verified) on

simply impressive!

soothing. cheerful. angry. annoying. loud. quiet. sharp. soft. scary. charming. ALL AT ONCE.

Haleh-I had no idea. Always surprising.



by sheila.dadvar on

guess i'm not the only one who goes into another realm every now and then, you know, talking about those alone moments in the car when i open my mouth and let art spews out. @ the very least the likes of me and haleh don't get executed for witchcraft. keep on expressing freely.




by Torkzadeh (not verified) on

Superb and outstanding. For some audience it might not be pleasing simply due to being out of norm. One must have the ear and vision for such fantastic performance.



by Mojgan- (not verified) on

that was annoying

for some reason I feel like I need to take a deep breath now



by eyeranian on

Have people around her considered calling in an exorcist?

Kaveh F

One man's opinion

by Kaveh F on

I think the word should be stimulating JJ jan. I know the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in this case ear of the beholder but “beautiful” really?

After listening to it I feel anger, work, desperation, that is why I say stimulating but I didn’t get beauty. Don’t get me wrong I am not one of these guys that say since I didn’t feel it is not there or you should feel like I do. But I really like to hear other work from her.

In the world of art there are people like Picasso who were fully able to paint masterfully in any genre but they evolved into cutting edge and chose to paint in cubism. Now that is cutting edge. On the other hand there are other painters who just draw a line on the canvas and people stand in front of it and admire because they don’t get it but they just want to look cool.


In the music it is the same way. Many migrate from greatness to cutting edge and it is the process of evolution. When someone starts with this type of performance, I tend to see it as means to hide the deficiencies and laziness to develop a talent.


Just one man’s opinion.   


A cappella...

by ThePope on

Weird, original, aesthetic...




How scary

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Is this what the soul is like? Mine is all sweet and birdy-like.
What software did they use by the way?


Indeed bold with incredible cutting edge

by kambizi (not verified) on

WOW, soojhe sangini dareh ke Darkesh kheili moshkeleh.



by Abol Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

Without a doubt there are germs of genuine sould in this vocalist but needs considerable adding and cutting and pasting and shortening and expanding until it becomes a fine wine drinkable --
A background solo music (e.g., violin) to compliment it after all the adjustment I say it is the must to smooth the road of sound bites all out until it becomes like the egg shell--

At this level of unedited version I must say with all due respect: No thanks but appreciated for the opportnity to hear it ...

--the brutal world of art! that is life baby! That's life!@

"gar sabr konee ze ghorreh halvaa saazam"


Cutting edge yes, but

by Miz Abdo Azim Khaneh Shavat Panah (not verified) on

just imagine marrying her and she gets in the singing mood in the shower!



by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Interesting even though not exactly "beautiful". She is obvioulsy a talented vocalist. Throw back to crazy days of modernism. I don't know if I call this cutting edge, JJ. Atonal music has been around in classical as well as Jazz. Should listen to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew one of these days and see what I mean.

Jahanshah Javid

Bold &

by Jahanshah Javid on

Beautiful! Cutting edge...