Iran and Iraq: The correct Pronunciation

American man explains why it's correct to say "Eye-ran" and "Eye-raq."


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the funny thing is even G.W

by ignorant80 (not verified) on

the funny thing is even G.W Bush got it right at the end!



by Iva (not verified) on

dis video vaz very entersting. eye remember day teach me in eskool two say tings encorectlee.


Just because it was

by ignorant80 (not verified) on

Just because it was pronounced incorrectly from the the get-go doesn't mean it's a right way to do it!
check out the below link and make your own judgment;

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Good point

by Homayun on

I think this gentleman has a point.

But what is exactly the significance and importance of this? How can pruouncing IRan as EERAN or Eyran would make any difference to my normal daily life!

And he is right. When we say Amercia, we say it our way, don't we?? Emrika, or Amrika. He is absolutly right.. 

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Okay Enough!

by ghalam-doon on

Keep saying Eye-ran and Eye-raq.

But keep in mind that you're pronouncing the name of the two countries incorrectly anyway. The countries' names are not Iran and Iraq. They are Eraan and Aragh, if you really want to pronounce them correctly.

Jahanshah Javid

No offense

by Jahanshah Javid on

Local pronunciation of names is a very natural thing. No Iranian pronounces foreign names and words exactly, and there is nothing wrong with that. "um-ree-ka" is the wrong pronunciation but it's perfectly acceptable according to the way we speak. To us Iranians Washington is "vaa-shang-ton", and that's fine too. We call Arkansas (ar-ken-saw), "ar-kon-zas" and nobody is about to correct that. Etc, etc.

Every country has its own way of pronouncing foreign names. No offense is intended and we should not hold it against them.



by varjavand on



Iran is a Farsi, not an English word, and you need to pronounce it the way native speakers do. As one Iranian author says in her book humorously, I ran is a sentence, Iran is a name.





by sz (not verified) on

Isn’t he contradicting himself by using “Farsi” instead of Persian as the name of the language of "Eyranians"?