Iran family 1960's (2)

PART 2: Watching those kids on the traveling ferris wheel brought back so many memories for me!

Aaaah, this is so nostalgic. Assyrian family visits Iran's Kermanshah, Urumieh, and Tehran in the late 1960's. They arrive one of those cities (Urumieh?) on a day when the Queen is visiting the City Hall on a tour. This is Part II which is livelier than Part I which is mostly filmed in the countryside. This could have been my family!


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Thanks Jamshid....

by KavehV (not verified) on

Thank you Jamshid,
I found several on Google. This has been a long term project for quite some time. In the early 80's we converted them to, then, state of the art; Betamax. Aside from nonexistent Betamax recorders, the magnetic tapes have degraded beyond salvage now. So, I am back to the super8 original.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I will even make it authentic:

1. I will fill the tank with Pemex gasoline....that low quality gasoline from Mexico...It will help to make the car sputter and smoke (I miss that Tehran exhaust smell).

2. All who participate will have to wear those brown rubber dampayi, the ones that have OTAFUKU IRAN embossed on them with "Made In Iran" embossed underneath in smaller letters. Underneath, the heels have these little nooks in them that always managed to capture these small pebbles and bits of gravel, so that the wearer "clicks" when they walk!!!




by jamshid on

Try googling the words "super 8 conversion" (in quotes). You'll find many useful links. Try including the name of your city (outside of the quotes of course), and you may find a local place near you that does the conversion.


Every generation has its own memory

by Anonymouse on

Don't think we had all the fun. We had our fun, our parents had their fun, our grand parents had their fun just like our children are having their fun.

It is in our head. If we keep all our experiences the same and feel how we feel now and go back in time, we won't feel as good fitting in those sag doonis. It would feel "uncomfortable" for us now, even if we were a child size but with our existing adult heads.

I remember back in the mid 80s during the war, I had a roomate who had recently come from Iran. I thought young people didn't/couldn't date and it was all bad. He told me what are you talking about, even during the war, they had birthday parties, he had girl friendS and so on and so forth.

Even if there was no revolution, these memories would have been good for us who experienced it. How much fun do we think kids in the US have? Do we consider what they do fun?

As an example, when I go to Iran I still have the same memories discussed here, but they don't feel the same. I'm not talking about IRI and stuff like that. I'm talking about nature, it just isn't the same. Our greatest generation is yet to come. WE gave birth to them.


I have several hours of super8 .....

by KavehV (not verified) on

Does anyone know where/how to convert super8 films to CD, anywhere in california ?


Thak you for the clip i

by Anonymous on

Thak you for the clip
i remember the day queen visited Urumieh i was very young we wrer waiting for her,a family friend was living nera by and she asked us to have tea with her and we went to her house . When we came back the queen has came and went and we didnt see her .We were very anary with my parents for going for tea, any way those days were happy days that i wish i go back to them
thank you


Re: Ebi

by jamshid on

You should upload it using the youtube uploader program. This is because your CD probably contains a very large file. Even then there is a size limit. Go to this link for more help on how to upload to Youtube:

However, I suggest you get a video editing software and edit your 3 hours into a smaller time frame too.

The IRI has done everything in its power to eliminate any memories of the pre-revolution era. I would certainly appreciate your uploading the entire 3 hours you have. It would be so nice to watch.

Thanks and please let me know if I can help you further.

ebi amirhosseini

I Have a lot.....

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear friends,I have about 3 hours of super 8 films( different cities of Iran,filmed by me in 70's),converted to CD,but since I'm a bit of computer illiterate!!,I donot know how to post them piece by piece on "",(or anywhere else for that matter),so I can share them with you.Please if any body can help me step by step,contact me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Partygirl ,thanks for sharing. Yes,we also called it " Sagdooni",my sister & I loved to sit there & didn't want to share it with anybody else!!!.



by IRANdokht on

Let me know when and I'll be there!

you know I'm kind of an expert :0)


Kaveh Nouraee

Of Course

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I did!!

Makes me want to go buy an old VW, go to Westwood and see how many Iranians we can squeeze into it now!!


Dear Kaveh

by IRANdokht on

I guess you didn't experience those VW bug trips

There was always room for more :0)



I think this generation was

by sad (not verified) on

I think this generation was the luckiest generation IRan has ever seen. At the time, we took it for granted not knowing that it was on a temporary gift! Everything we are today, we owe it to that era.

Party Girl

IRANdokht and Kaveh

by Party Girl on

In my father's VW bug, there was a compartment in the back, just behind the passenger seats.  My parents called it the "sag-dooni!"  At least two of us could fit in there comfortably!

Indeed, we were children of an era which had much comfort and even more ignorance.  Iran has grown and developed in certain areas and Iranians will never be that ignorant again, hopefully.  We were the generation who believed in ideals and dreams, suffering so much pain realizing that those dreams were not easily attainable.  Whoever we were and whatever those dreams were and however those times were, I know one thing--those blissful days will now forever belong only to our generation.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

4 adults and 6 kids?

What did you do, take out the seats? Everyone knows there was room for at least 3 more people....4 if they weren't "topol"  :)

Kaveh Nouraee

Party Girl....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

This could have been any of our families, don't you think?

It's safe to say that many, if not most of us, wish we could go back to those simpler, sweeter times.

If we only knew then what we know now...........




Az koja beh koja

by Abarmard on

Haalaa chaareh chiyeh?


and those kids...

by IRANdokht on

Those kids who had no care in the world grew up to turn their parents lives upside down...

I remember those traveling ferris wheels too. I also remember those VW bugs that fit 4 adults and 6 kids comfortably! :0)

Thanks Party Girl




by Anonymous4234 (not verified) on

Chera mardomeh Iran "cherk" shodan over the years, makhsosan these last 30 years?



by Daryush on

Wow we had cars back then?