Javad Abadani

My tribute to Abadan provoked by early passing of my cousin Javad

Merry Christmas, happy new year.



To AMM (a typical useless Iranian)

by Afsoos-e az in tafakkor-e batel (not verified) on

You wrote:
" I will not go back --not yet, not before the wounds have healed and not before the city has been brought back to life again...I have too many good memories to blur."

Here is your answer:

It is YOUR responsibility as a citizen of that area to built your land back to where it was, or even better. It is YOUR Job. you "bi geirat" useless human waist.

If my city, Tabriz, was destoryed, i would never think like you, i would fix it with my fingers and nails. that is what love means, and you represent selfishness. you deserve not to have a city.



by SALTY on

Thank you for the clip and also for the advice. The last time I was in Abadan was in 1980 just before the war started. After that I was in the subarbs and surronding areas during the war, but never the city itself. I would go out of my way not to go through Abadan. It was sad because We were fighting the Iraqis around same places that my cousins and I used to play Cowboys and Indians only 5 years earlier. My only consolation is that we made them pay dearly for what they did to our city. I've never gone back and never will. The Abadan of that era will always live in my heart for the rest of my days!


wow....who gave u your "m.d."???!!

by ali12 (not verified) on

man I would hate to be your patient!....with all due respect that hogwash that you wrote doesn't make any sense....
how the heck do you think how everyone was "miserable????" we lived in khuzestan, and my parents and everyone else loved every minute of it....with all his problems, the shah protected iran so that that dirty dog saddam didn't dare even look at us the wrong way, much less attack us!
see what the british mullahs brought to our beautiful country- death, destruction, despair, oppression, and embarrasment....
so speak for yourself!


good ol' times

by maziar 058 (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing and refreshing our common hometown memories;
I 'll never want to go back either,I'm having a blast with my memories of Ahvaz and all....
P.S Mullahs took our homeland by the help of their masters (the west) and the will of the masses in Iran.


my question is: who brought the Mullahs?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

just nobody. The Mullahs were at place. Since many hundred of years. They counted 30 millions at those days. Actual count gives a number over 7ty million.
The small children of those days miss now the nice times before 1978. Those times were for iranian Adults a hard and misrable time. specially for those who were NIOC workers. The child of those days misses now Her/His TAPP in the backyard in Staff Houses in the AREA. It does not now that Iranians worked for and lived as slaves of strangers in the AREA. Those creatures possesed everything. The sphere and the earth of the AREA. Iranians were their odd-job men. their dogsbody and were alloud only to do the donky dirty work for them.
However when a Being gets older beginns to miss the earlier days of Her/His life, as "everything was much better". I feel the sarrow and i understand their sadness. But please let me explain a point regarding Iranian Youth who left iran before they were 15 years old and after 1978/79. In those days and since then who ever wants to leave Iran he will not be prevented. Nobody was forced to leave either. I think it was a good Idea having left Iran. It was an Action to Selfprotection. If they had not left they would have been sent to war. Nobody knowes where they would have been today in this case. So i think these people can be happy beeing somewhere in the world where they CAN enjoy a quiet and easy life and having their daydreams remembering the good old times. Greeting


I will not go back --not

by AMM (not verified) on

I will not go back --not yet, not before the wounds have healed and not before the city has been brought back to life again...
I have too many good memories to blur.
My grand dad was an elementary school teacher in Ahvaz many years ago, with little money a wife and 3 kids.
His son, my dad, always wanted to become a doctor and he was bright and intelligent.
He wanted to work for the Nat. Oil Company and work in Abadan.
He became a doctor, finally got a job with the NIOC and finally got a house in Braim, Abadan, the area he had seen as a young boy and had dreamed of one day living there with his family --what you have described is my childhood also. My dad worked very hard to get there.
My grand dad was always proud of Dad.
May they both rest in peace.
My Abadan will always remain the Abadan of my mind, my childhood, where my beautiful memories reside.
Thank you for this wonderful clip.


The clip brought back good memories!

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

I was not fortunate enough to see Abadan before the revolution but I remember it used to be called Paris of middle east.After the war was over I went to see Abadan,there was nothing there except one street and the rest of city was gone.There were holes in the oil refinery buildings that was once pride of all Khozestanis and Iranians,There were AC units hanging from the houses,sinking ships and ferries in the port.The port was not usable because of all the mines that were still in the water.The city was all empty except for the police station and few stores.Some People think Mullahs brought us this war that caused Iran so much damage,but my question is who brought the Mullahs.



by Happy Boy (not verified) on



Elham khanoom...

by ahvazi on

Thank you for this lovley presentation. May javad rest in peace and may ahvaz, abadan, khoramshahr and all of khuzestan shine once again.



thank you for sharing

by shirazie (not verified) on

I lived in Abdan on Iranian Oil company Annex in 1950's. I was too small to remember these wonderful locations.

thanks for sharing and may your Cousin Javad Rest in Peace

best wishes


the good things

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Time changes everything. And at last: HAGH BEH HAGHDAR MIRRESSE. Greeting


god bless khuzestan....

by ali12 (not verified) on

I grew up in ahvaz and those 10 years are still the best years of my life....these pictures bring back great memories....and it's funny that we had the same exact back yard as yours with the same "taab" in the I'm guessing that your dad worked for the oil company....
so sad to see the peace, security and happiness ruined at the hands of the mullahs



by Abarmard on

Time changes everything, unfortunately the good things too.



Thank you for your memories

by Afsaneh K (not verified) on

Unfortunately, I don’t know who you are, but I share every single word with you, even my memories about my dear nanny (Khorshid Khanoom) who gave me warm baked bread from her tanoor in our backyard is almost the same as yours................



by IRANdokht on

What a beautiful memoire Elham. The end part of your photo essay was heartbreaking.

I visited Abadan once it was so bright at night and so clean and beautiful. It's a shame how it was destroyed and not quite rebuilt like the rest of the south...

I am sorry about your cousin, may he rest in peace.



thank you

by ely (not verified) on

Dear Jahanshah
Thank you for this nice gesture, unfortunately i could not find a single picture of my cousin from those days, i will make a page for him along my dad on citizen e.

Iranian Reader

Now we've all forgotten our names

by Iranian Reader on

Maybe we'll remember them maybe not.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Your choice of words, images and music was beautiful. Very touching -- and I don't think it's just because we Abadanis are obsessed with our homwetown. May Javad rest in peace. He is watching and thanking you.