Jeanne D'Arc school

Tehran French school, 1975

Here's another picture I found of Madame Helene's First Grade Class at Jeanne D'Arc school, 1975. The picture was taken outside of our classroom with Madame Helene in the picture >>> LARGER IMAGE
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by Nazila Biroudian (not verified) on

Sur la photos numéro 8 :qui sont ces fillettes?leurs noms?
il me semble y figurer mais je n en suis pas sure
est ce bien moi,la quatrième tout en bas en partant de la droite???
qui pourrait me répondre?



by Jamaleto (not verified) on

Sorry, that was a bad joke.


To Jamaleto

by Daw-sham (not verified) on

Do you know anything about Jeanne D'Arc? Do you know that she was executed by the corrupt France Church establishment when she was only 19 years old as she stood against such "regime" at the time? What is the concept of the "time" anyway?
What are your definitions of Villagers, Backward, & Uneducated? Your fake name is still being used by every uneducated "LOT" type person inside & outside of Iran. What changes have you noticed after 29 years? Are they for better or worse?
History is a "recycling" process Jamaleto! if your education! allows to understand that "Daw-Sham!!!


Al haraaaameee

by mullah alcoholi (not verified) on

I protest that the editor of Iranien.com allowa pictures of girls withou al wotawollah hejab!!! Al makhh malaaakhh!! Stoning is needed here!!


Look how backward we were

by Jamaleto (not verified) on

Thank God that now we are civilized and not like little villagers. We were so backward and uneducated. What 29 years can do is amazing.