Kamran and Hooman Canadian?

Are you kidding me?

The so called "talented Persian/Iranian singers/artists" (Kamran and Hooman Jafari) make me sick. So I made a video in Farsi in response to their interview, in which they claimed to be Canadian and made no reference whatsoever to being Iranian or the fact that they sing in Farsi for the Persian community.



baba cheghadr sadeid. in 2ta

by hosein (not verified) on

baba cheghadr sadeid. in 2ta ahmaghe zaheran esfoni ke maloom nist az koja omadan esfahan aberooye esfania ra mibaran kari be in nadaran ke kamran hooman goftand candaiano ina. in 2ta ino bahane gharar dadand chon az adamaye khoshtipe irani nefrat darand masalan fekr mikonan raghibeshonan. ma khodemon ba ina bozorg shodim in zerang bazia ra baladim. oon yaroo ardeshiro man mishnakhtamesh apadana bood khonashon. albatte zendegie khososie mardom be ma rabt nadare vali mikham begam ina bahanas. khandash migire adam az in zerangbaziaye ahmaghane in esfonia. fekr mikonan kheili zerangan!



by Souri on

Dear friend

To write in Persian, you can use this software : www.behnevis.com

This is very great and very easy way to write in Persian with an English keyboard. Hope you will enjoy it.


kamran Hooman

by Naaanaaaziiii (not verified) on

Bebinid, ghablaz ke gezavat bekonid...aval bebinid ke chi mian? Zane miporse az koja khanandegi toono shoro kardin? Hooman Mige mah az canada omadim! Badesh omadim los angeles alan 6 saal inja sendegi kardim. Kamranam shoki mikone mige areh dige "canadai" hastin HAHAHA.
Bale manam age boodam migoftam ke az soed omadam.
Shon man age vagan khanadegimo inja shoro kardam migam bale soediam.
Badesham kamran va hooman MIDONAM ke passeshon canadaie! Vali nemidonam age passe america daran ya nadaran. Vali age az man beporsin kareshon alan eshteba nist!
Manam az iranam, Vali age kesi peporse man az koja omadam....migam: Soediam! Shon man passe soedi daram, na passe irani!

vali migam Iranie soedi tavaram! Badesham age Kamran va hooman zede irania boodan, hitch vakht "ahoura mazda" roye astineshon nemizashtan! Vagan kejalat dare ke az dota vatan parast hamshin harfai mizanin! Baba ta benafetooneh, poz midin ke bale 2 pesare irani injoryan va onjory! Vali ta shoki mikonam yek harfi mizanan zoood migan bezaniteshon zamin va roshon rah berin.
Man taraf darie kesio nemikonam, vali motasefane mah irania injory hatsim.


Yeah they definitely should

by PSM_18 (not verified) on

Yeah they definitely should have claimed their nationality, at least given a mention to the fact that they are Iranian-Canadians, at least.
It doesn't matter where you are born, the fact of the matter is that you pick your nationality, not to say that you can pick any random one, but if your born in Canada and are of Iranian Heritage, you can either say your Iranian or Canadian or both, it doesn’t matter. I'm an Iranian born in Toronto, Canada and I don't say I'm Canadian, I say I'm Iranian. Other may disagree with me, but I say to them " I speak Farsi, my parents are Iranian, I practise the Iranian culture, what is it that doesn't qualify me as a Iranian?" Obiously its not to hide my canadian identity too, Don’t get me wrong I’m glad to be living here and I love the fact that you can be whoever you want here and your accepted. As for Kamran and Hooman, they have been in the eyes of the Persian people for so long now, they've been supported by us, yeah if they want to turn their backs on us now, it doesn't matter because when they get out into the " Us market" they'll be chewed up and spit out. If they do succeed, then good for them, hope that when they're on top of the charts they remember who they are and who put them up there. They are Iranian, they cannot hide from it, we made them, we can take them down too. I’m sure theres way moree irani albums to come from them two..


Ardeshir Ahmadi karesh

by Mohammad Panahi (not verified) on

Ardeshir Ahmadi karesh doroste.

Man avaln video sakhtam darbare in dota vatan forosh. Omidvaram ke khoshetoon biyad. Lotf konin in dota khahar ra tahrim konin. Merci.

On ozr khahishoonam be darde ameshoon mikhore.




by unknown (not verified) on

they MADE them say that so everyone needs to just let thiiis go!
its not a big deal!
and i totally agree with tthe person above me ^


They are Iranian Milli va Nillie

by Stripper (not verified) on

What is wrong with these kids being Milli va Nillie? Come on give them a break. What if god forbid one of these brothers one day ends up commiting suicide like Milli (or was it Vanillie?) based on garbage written against them here? How'd you feel then?

American Wife

much ado about nothing...

by American Wife on

I don't understand the whole concept of insisting on your heritage.  Generally speaking, you're "whatever" the country you are born in.  I was born in America with Irish parents.  That makes me AMERICAN.  Period.  I'm Irish-American if you will or American with Irish roots.  But get over it!  If they were born in Canada, they are CANADIAN with Persian roots.  I had this conversation with my husband while talking about his son (older one born in Iran) and the prospects of him having children one day.  If they are born here, they will be AMERICAN.  He wants to insist that they will be Iranian... NOT.  I don't know why this is so hard to grasp.  I know you're proud... I know you honor your homeland, etc.  It has nothing to do with denying their heritage or being ashamed.  It's simply fact. 


Why all this ta'asob?

by TheMrs on

Hala masalan farghesh chieh????

Does it really matter to this world if Micheal Jackson look alike calls himself Canadian? Maybe that advances his career or makes him look cooler.

Did it occur to anyone that it may be a good thing that he says he is Canadian? Do you REALLY want him to go around telling everyone he is from the same place as you?!?!?!? :)

Most of you commenting aren't their target audience to begin with!!!!

What's more important is why the heck they pluck their eyeborws, straighten their hair, leave the top button of their shirts unbuttoned while they wax their chests, and perk their lips up like zoolander???

My career advice is for them to move into the English language scene if the can. If that's what they connect to, if they feel Canadian and don't "haal" with Namjoo, then they should be free to live what they feel.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/Monika Jalili could give them lessons in Persian

by Darius Kadivar on

Monika is not Iranian ( except through marriage ) but she certainly can teach these two clowns their native language and tell them how to sound and look Authentic:


Doris Lessing

by Souri on

When Doris Lessing won the Nobel prize of 2007 in literature, all Iranian communities congratulate themselves, assuming proudly that "another daughter of Iran " had won the Nobel prize.

She was ONLY born in Kermanshah in 1919 from British parents and she lived only a few years (12 years?) in Iran. What the heck to declare her as an Iranian ?
She got her Iranian nationality by law of citizenship just because she was
born in Iran, but most of her works are about Africa where she lived the
longest time of her life.

So, Kamran and Hooman are not less Canadian than Doris Lessing is Iranian. Agree ?


you born in "Iran", who are you kidding ?

by gold fish (not verified) on

Kamran Jafari (born November 25, 1978 Tehran,Iran) and Hooman Jafari ( born November 23, 1980 Tehran,Iran)

if you want to be known as Canadian that's cool.fine with me.

But pleeeeeeeeeeease don't claim you are the international Canadian singers known around the world!

you know what go and sing for the non-Iranian audience, if there is any!


What about JJ?

by Hey hawt (not verified) on

Interesting debate. Ardeshir posted this on youtube where there are millions of worse stuff.

What about JJ who is "promoting" this piece on this Iranian website? I guess what about him? Nothing really. He is just doing something or nothing.


Iran Iranam - Payande bashi!

by Son Of Iran (not verified) on

Let me remind you of a lyric one of these hypocrite brothers once sang:

Mano to az male donya chi darim gheire ye khoone, khoonamoon koochike amma looneye eshghe mimoone,
Roo daro divare khoone minevisam ke bedooni to baram aziz tarini, to omide akharini,
Mano to az male donya chi darim gheire ye roya, che ghashange shere moondan, che ghashange fekre farda,
Mano to ey hamvatan ma asheghoone bayad inja bekhoonim tanhao tanha vaseye Irane farda, vaseye Irane farda,
Iran Iranam, Iranam, ke az to daram in janam, janam fadayat mikhanam payande badi Iranam,
Iran Iranam, Iranam, ke az to daram in janam, janam fadayat mikhanam payande badi Iranam,
Che sadeo che bi riya, Iran Iranam Iranam,
Neshaste mehresh too sineha,
Too sineye mano shoma, ke door berizim kineha,
Ke asheghoone faryad bezanim Irane sarzamine ma,
Vatan vatan, baraye man, baraye to vase yeki shodan, shekaste sad bar amma del baste be eshghet hamvatan,
Del baste in khake vatan, be eshghe to, be eshghe man,
Be eshghe ma ke harkoja hastim mikhoonim yek seda,
Iran Iranam, Iranam, ke az to daram in janam, janam fadayat mikhanam payande badi Iranam,
Iran Iranam, Iranam, ke az to daram in janam, janam fadayat mikhanam payande badi Iranam.


Ardeshir..You have the right to be disappointed!

by Son of Iran (not verified) on

There is no substance in the posts from those who have critisied you Ardeshir. The bottom line is that it would not have killed them to be upfront about their origins and the fact that they´ve been artist singing for persians in persian for quite some time.
It was very obvious that they did everything to hide any connection to whatever is Iranian. That is NOT ok. Those who back up their act are just as oghdeyi and bigheyrat as the two clownes!


Chicago Dad

by Souri on

I share your dolour. My two son can't have their Iranian citizenship neither because their father is French and the Iranian Government don't give them an Iranian passport.

It's a while we want to go to Iran and we have same problem. We should ask a visa for my kids !
About Kamran and Hooman, they are the real Canadian, from Iranian parents.
I asked my son (who is a friend of their friends) he affirmed that they were
born in Canada but sing in Persian.

They are very well known here in Canada and people like them a lot. If you look at their clips, they just sing in Persian, but have not the Iranian style, neither they dance is Iranian style. Why should we impose all our belief to others ? We are proud Iranian, we should be happy that two young Canadian-Iranian do sing in Persian and for the Iranian community.
There's nothing wrong with this.


Give them a break

by irannostalgia.com on

I don't like that group at all. I watched the video half ways and stopped.

Look, give them a break.  They are probably recording an English language album and it is extremely difficult for them to get into the English language market, particularly TV and radio. They probably figured out that the bimbo blond interviewing them wouldn't be able to process the information on their iranian background.  Like what she and the bimbo girly, english language, audience they want to conquer in the future, care about them having sung in the past in Persian?  You have to think about the audience.

 As for claiming they are Canadian... well maybe they are canadian citizens too. Is that so wierd?  They've lived longer in Canada-US than in Eye-ran!

I bet these CDs you were breaking, you never bought them legally. They looked like illegal pirate copies. So go break them.




(Eye-RAN nostalgia) 




by IRANdokht on

I am so embarrassed to hear you talk like that! what's with the cowboy hat and the preaching at the end? I hope you never admit to being Iranian if you ever get interviewed by anyone. 

Stop being jealous and try to accomplish something yourself. Blow up a microwave or something, leave people be and learn to control your language. 

If you read Ben and Party girl's comments already, do yourself a favor and read them again.

what a shame


Party Girl


by Party Girl on

I would let this go if this were one of the millions of YouTube clips floating around, where it's not clear who made the clip.  I can't let this one go, because your annoying clip asked me at the end of this rude clip to subscribe to your channel!  I feel I have to share my thoughts on this with you.

I am very disappointed.  Kamran and Hooman are great young artists who have given innumerable hours of joy and fun to the young (and old) people of Iran, especially the ones inside Iran who love and adore these two.  While many people might not like their music, nobody has ever doubted that they are Iranians.  In the centerpiece of your slanderous and very insulting clip, they are being interviewed by a Canadian reporter and it is only natural that they would refer to their Canadian identity which is a part of their immigrant identity.  Most of us do refer to our US citizenship with pride without forgetting that we are Iranians, too. 

Why the use of profanities young man?

Why the hostile approach?

Why the slander?  You could get sued for that, you know?!!

How would your rude and inappropriate clip help anything? 

So, am I right to think that you have decided to leave the business of parodies and to assume the business of social preacher as a savior of Iranian identity?  Are we to love a young man who wears a cowboy hat (!) and imitates an American/Canadian accent and throws English profanities around like there is no tomorrow as the embodiment of Iranian culture and heritage?!

I think you are stepping all over yourself to create a niche for yourself in the Iranian entertainment recycle business.  You are one of the few young Iranians I know in North America who has actually purchased Iranian satellite services and watches this stuff routinely, per your own admission.  You watch the stuff and then you trash it to make yourself a name? 

Let me give you a bit of advice Mr. Bahal, NOT!  Don't mess with good Iranians.  Go after the not so good ones if you must make other people your business.  These two young men have worked too hard to be tarnished by you.  Look at it this way.  They have worked hard enough to actually have CD's.  What do you have?  A YouTube Channel?  Many people might find it hard to break their $16 CD's  based on your advice; CD's which, after all, might come in handy at a mehmooni.  It would be infinitely easier for them to ignore your YouTube channel and skip right over your new posts, something that poses increasing probability in view of "productions" such as this.   It won't hurt you to learn some manners, too, as this "bacheh zerang-o-bahal" trip you are on could be a double-edged sword Mister! 

P.S.  I think the silly dramatic piano music over your soap box presentation was the icing on your arrogance's cake.

P.P.S.  "Ba Hal" means someone who gives "Hal."  Did you fit in that category in this post?


Why not try walking in their shoes!

by sadchicagodad on

I am disgusted at how the "pack mentality" seems to guide the comments of many regarding these two young men.  What in the name of God have they done that was so terrible?  They were not givng an interview directed at a Persian speaking audience; the intended audience of their interview were English speakers.  It's only natural that they would want to connect with that audience.  They are trying to cross over into the world of English pop.  This doesn't diminish their love of their Iran, Iranians or Iranian pop music.  If they are successful, they will be in a position to be goodwill ambassadors on behalf of all Iranians to the non-Iranian world. 

Some amongst you condemn them for turning their back on their heritage, but they haven't done that at all.  Nowhere in the interview did they deny being Iranians.  Listen again!  They were simply trying to stress their Canadian connection to English speaking pop music listeners.  If they are not successful in crossing over into the realm of English pop, they will never have a chance to promote the wonderful aspects of their Iranian heritage to non-Iranians. 

Is what they've done for business reasons any different from what so many other Iranians have done in the West when asked about their nationality of origen, and they reply "Persian" instead of saying "Iranian?"  There's no difference at all.  Both are deceptive to an extent, but at least Kamran and Hooman did it for strictly business reasons while many others have done it to avoid embarrassment or shame.  You tell me which is worse!  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

Finally, to all those who wish to cut these two young men to shreds. It is just a bit hypocritical that you would condemn these two young men for not mentioning their Iranian connection when not a one of you has done anything for people like my son who in his lifetime wanted nothing more than to call himself a real Iranian while the government of Iran told him that he was a foreigner.  It didn't matter that his mother was Iranian as were a hundred generations of his ancestors buried in Iran; he was a foreigner because of me.  Where were those of you who condemn Kamran and Hooman when my son needed your voices?  Where are you now when all the children of Iranian mothers and non-Iranian fathers need your voices to support their rightful claim to their Iranian nationality that the government denies them? 

Those of you who throw stones at these two proud Iranian-Canadian boys are disgusting.  You scream like mad dogs when attacking them for only trying to become more successful entertainers, so that they have a chance to make all Iranians proud while your whimpering voices fall silent when they are needed to defend the millions of children whose right to call themselves Iranian has been ripped away by the IRI.  Shame, shame, shame!!!


Dear Souri,

by Killjoy (not verified) on

You are VERY welcome. I appreciate your kind reaction to my comments.

I'm a strong believer in the motto: "Live and Let Live!"




Even better!

by Ajam (not verified) on

It actually is a good thing that these guys try to pass themselves as non-Iranians so to spare us a major embarrasment -- for they have no originality in their act! As for their claim to be well known in Canada, I've been to Canada and outsisde the Iranian community, no one even knows who these clowns are.
However, there are Iranian singers such as Arash, whose tunes are widely played in non-Iranian clubs there.


Killjoy, great !

by Souri on

I read also your longer post in ebi's blog. This is a very great, informative and rational explanation. I am so grateful to you for having stated all those info and your wise opinion to enlighten all of us.

Although I intuitionally feel exactly the same way (re: my post in Redwine's blog about Buddhism), but couldn't express my real feeling with the words as you explain so wisely. Thank you so much


You guys need to look at the

by skatermom (not verified) on

You guys need to look at the glass half full. Shouldn't we be happy that these two goofballs aren't claiming Iranian.


Not So Funny!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

"Generally, nationality is established at birth by a child's place of birth (jus soli) and/or bloodline (jus sanguinis). Nationality may also be acquired later in life through naturalization." Wikipedia

These two brothers are(naturalized?)citizens of Canada and they prefer to be known as Canadian. I, personally,can't see any harm in that.

The logic some have used to argue their cases against them is similar to the logic used by Iranian Ayattolahs who say, people cannot convert from Islam to another religion merely because they were born Muslims. Unfortunately, some individuals have lost their lives over this issue.



by Milan (not verified) on

Mr. Ardeshir,
I've never liked these guys very much, and now I don't like you either. Your video says more about you than about them.

ebi amirhosseini

Ardeshir jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Good Job !



Another example of being Ashamed to be Irani . . .

by Hakim (not verified) on

I have seen many Iranians that are ashamed to be known as an Iranian. One of my friends was claiming to be an Arab rather than being an Irani. It is a shame. Iran is a wonderful country with good people and has served humanity a great deal. Regarding Kamran and Hooman that they claim to be Canadians, and not even Iranian Canadian, it is a bigger shame. Fist of all, only Iranains listen to them and pay for their albums and Secondly nobody in US believes that they are Canadians. Just by looking at them, their names and their Middle Eastern feautures, people know with whom they are dealing with. Be a proud Irani.


Ardeshir jan, you are right!

by Midwesty on

We should never forget where we are coming from, especially some of us who have benefited in wealth and fame directly from the Iranian communities.  You are young and they are also young (the singers). However you think older than yourself so it means you are pretty smart. I have always enjoyed your comedies. Remember, making people laugh is much harder than making them cry. Stay bold and keep up the good work.

Big Boy

Lead by example or shut-up!!

by Big Boy on

Once again, another jealous Iranian picking on other successful Iranians, rather than trying to accomplish something himself.

HOWEVER, I enjoyed the comedic part of it, not so much the second part where in typical Iranian fashion, you lecture others without having accomplished anything yourself.

So, lead by example (become successful and promote your Iranian heritage), or Shut-up