Khomeini's Christmas gift

A gesture to neighbors near Paris, 1978


Safa Ali


by Safa Ali on

If Iran has improved so much since the Revolution than why don't you go live there???

Kaveh Nouraee

Next Performance

by Kaveh Nouraee on

will be at Katz's Delicatessen on Houston Street in NYC.

He also performs at Bar Mitzvahs, Circumcisions (Bris) and Quinceanearas.

He also validates parking.


Mr. Jamshid Niavarani

by MiNeum71 on

Thanks for your New Year´s stand-up comedy.

I´m still rolling on the floor laughing, "Iranians are wealthier", "Iran has improved a lot", "Imam Khomeini was a great inspiration to the advancement of Women's Rights in Iran", "The Iranian Revolution helped change Iran. In many ways for the better" ... that was comedy at it´s best.

Where and when is your next performance?


Kaveh Nouraee

Internet Coffee Shops in Iran?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Oh my God, that's amazing!

TWO Airports? Vow, dat eez vonderful neeyouz. Mohammad Reza Shah originally planned the airport now named after your beloved Indian in the 1970s, using Love Field in Dallas as a template.

Carpenter.......Dubai was only incorporated as an emirate in 1971, therefore the majority of the economic growth and development in Dubai would occur in the 30 years after the revolution, including Iranians who own property or launder money there.

While we're on the subject of Dubai, doesn't it starch your underwear to know that Dubai's government is a constitutional MONARCHY?

Iranians are wealthier now? You obviously flunked arithmetic.

I'll give you this...that Indian may have indeed been an inspiration for the advancement of women's rights.

They all looked at him and said, "who the hell is this gedah-e-Hendi to tell me what my rights are?


check you glasses......

by ali123 (not verified) on

you must be joking, right???!!
iran is better off? wow, you must have done very well for yourself after the fiasco of 79 to be saying those things!
millions have been murdered, tortured, displaced and iran is the laughing stock of the world and you're saying we're better off?!
let's see- first of all, how the heck is khomeini and "emam??" as far as I remember, there are only 12 emams in eslam, so were the heck does his get his title from?
do you also believe that the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent officers, soldiers, and civilians without trials is legit?? what about the trillions stolen by rafsanjani, and bache akhoonds from iran's vast oil wealth or the unknown sums given to dirty arab terrorists around the world???
if women are so much better off, why is it that any cry for freedom is promptly crushed by the tah-rishee pasdars, or why was it that the first ever women minister was promptly executed after the fiasco of 79???
you don't have any response to these, and that is because, the dirty akhoonds are lapdogs of the british who were simply brought in to keep iran from becoming a powerhouse nation- as long as there is oil and individuals like you you always, for whatever personal reason, blindly try to defend the indefensible, iran is doomed
I know a good eye doctor though.....LOL


jamshid khan

by IRANdokht on

would you please sign the petition to protest Dr Ebadi's office closure and her possible arrest for standing up for human rights?

that would mean a lot in support of the Iranian women you so highly speak of and would prove that you are supporting the GOOD that is being done in this Utopia called Iran thanks to your Imam

Thank you



It has been 30 years since the Iranian Revolution

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

The Iranian revolution abolished the Iranian monarchy forever. After the Iran-Iraq war, Iran has changed a lot. Iranians are wealthier. Their are internet coffee shops in Tehran. Tehran has a subway system. The Imam Khomeini Airport has opened. Tehran now has 2 airports a domestic one and an international one. Iran has imporoved a lot. Women are graduating from Medical schools in massive numbers obtaining working in Iran for several years, then they are hired by hospitals in the United States and Western Europe. There are many Iranians who own property in Dubai. This was unheard of before the Revolution. Today, Iranian professionals from Iran are respected a lot. Even Iranian Cinema improved a lot after the Revolution. Iranian Movies won alot of awards internationally after the Iranian Revolution. Hediyeh Tehrani, Niki Karimi, Golshifteh Farahani, Shireen Ebadi are all Iranian Women who have changed the world. Imam Khomeini, believe it or not was a great inspiration to the advancement of Women's Rights in Iran. After the Revolution only women could become Gynocologists.
The Iranian Revolution helped change Iran. In many ways for the better. Let us hope the change keeps on coming.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

would be so much better if that Indian bastard was never born.

So would every other day of the year.



by MiNeum71 on



Re: Khomeini Was a Great man. . .

by Persian Pishi (not verified) on

The bast*** was as great as Alexander the great for iranians. Both greatnesses brought nothing but destruction and occupation to iran.

May the SOB rot in hell the same way that he brought pain to so many families - some half a million families.

Anyone praising this bitch does not deserve to be called iranian.


Dear Mr. Rashidian

by Zion on

We are on the same side on this issue. "Your intellectual and activists" was short for "Intellectuals and activists of your country that you mentioned in your comment". That is all. I am not associating you with them. Despite the fact that the usual suspects have managed to turn the comment sections of this site into battle zones, the main function of this section is to engage in exchange of ideas. I put forward my observation and wanted to see if you agree with it or not? What do you think of the present stance of those "intellectual and activists"? Am I correct in what I derive from sites like this?


Khomeini's love

by Black Chador (not verified) on

This uneducated, bloodthirsty fool hated Iran, Iranians and especially Iranian women.
I remember when he died; I got a call from my sister in England at about 4:00AM US time telling me Khomeini had died. I asked her to hold on, I went to my fridge and grabbed the bottle of Champaign that I was keeping there for the last few years and opened it. I didn't even bother getting a glass.
If you read Khomeini's childhood story you will realized his deep hatred for "Women". If you read his reason for his opposition to Shah, you again will realize that it was all about Women Rights "Hagheh Zan".


Khomeini Was a Great man. May He Rest in Peace

by Peyman Pazhouhesh (not verified) on

Khomeini was human and he made several serious mistakes. But he was a great man. May God bless him, forgive him, and have him rest in peace.

Peyman Pazhouhesh

Stanford, California


Right on Zion

by Anonymousone (not verified) on

Right On. Some times I wonder what's the difference between these "activists and intellectuals" and Ahmadinejad. Maybe just a beard? I guess hypocrisy has no boundary....

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

There are confusion and dishonest nuances in your reaction to my comment. If you really referred to my comment on this thread, I did not classify myself as these activists and intellectuals of the revolution time. At that time I was far from their generation and ideological polarisation. I was a witness of these events as a new comer in France. So, your use of possessive pronoun “your activists and intellectuals” and your understanding for my “frustration” seem labels that you impertinently shoved in your purposeful comment.

Mr. Zion, those who read my comment have not logically apperceived the same conclusion unless you might have jumped on the bandwagon to oppose some of my previous writings which do not fit your ideological priorities.


Mr. Rashidian

by Zion on

I completely understand you frustration. However, with all due respect, I seriously doubt there has been any real change of heart among your "activists and intellectuals". I would say ordinary Iranians have really got it right after 30 years of Islamo-fascist hell, but your "intellectuals and activists" evidently need more lessons if they are going to ever get their heads of their butts. You need look no further than this website for the evidence.


So, was he the 13th imam or Santa???

by T.h.e.P.o.p.e. (not verified) on

Well, he surely does look like a 'dark' Santa Claus....

"...and they wanted to know DAJJAL's opinion on who IS _ _ _ _ _...."!!!!!! lol

-What a bunch of f#*ktards!


The push/pull factors!

by Ajam (not verified) on

As the existantialist philosophy explores the state of being via the search though nought, One can not explain our people's enchantment for Khomeini withouth considering the causes of their disenchantment with Shah! In other words, Shah himself was the cause of the revolution and Khomeini's rise to power!

No matter how many times or by whom it's said, I do not believe that our people suddenly fell head over heel in love with an uneducated mullah for his manners or intellect (at least not the intellectuals)! What made Khomeini presentable was Shah's refusal to share the political powers with representatives of people. He saw himself as the highest moral authority of the land and the legal guardian of its people while Khomeini was the only one seen as challengin that notion. Shah alienated the people, created a political vaccum where religion became the only alternative, and eventually pushed people into Khomeini' arms!

We may keep blaming the British, Carter, democrats, Khomeini's "evil charm" or our people's "ignorance" for it, but so long as we refuse to address the main causes of dissent at the time in our society, we're doomed to fall for the lowest common denominators at our disposal for a long time to come!


Anon 0071

by Anonymous I. (not verified) on

You are right, he was not an ordinary man; he told us, when you want to sit on the toilet first the left foot then the right foot. His advice changed my life.


I think of him often

by iva (not verified) on

I think of Khomeini quiet often, at least twice a day and more if I drink milk and/or eat an apple!

Unfortunately, in today Iran, a lot of people have been brain washed to think that they need these evil and blood sucking clergy to "guide" them. I for one do not foresee that Iranians turn away from hoccus poccus of islam anytime soon ... Iranians have turned into a weak nation and I don't mean in terms of number of guns or missiles.



امیر کبیر پس از صرف شام و مسواک دندانها (not verified)

برخی متحیرند که چطور شد فرانسه خمینی را به آن کشور راه داد. حقیقت آنستکه انگلستان میدانست اگر آن دیو دست پرورده خود را در انگلستان پناه دهد آنگاه دیگر تمام ایرانیان شکی نخواهند کرد که خمینی یک نوکر دست نشانده انگلیس است، مخصوصا که جدش هم یک هندی جاسوس انگلیس بود که به ایران فرستاده شده بود.

نقش فرانسه درماجرای خمینی چیزی بیش از انجام وظیفه یک جاکش برای فاحشه خود نبود. یعنی فرانسه فقط نقش یک دلال را برای مشتری خود انگلستان بازی نمود.

این دلالی و جاکشی در مورد بقتل رساندن دایانا زن بیگناه پرنس چارلز نیز انجام گرفت. چون انگلیس مایل بود آن جنایت در خارج از خاک انگلستان صورت گیرد و فرانسه که نقش جاکشی را بارها بخوبی بازی کرده است، اینبار نیز رو سفید از آب در آمد.

در مقابل چنین خدمتی انگلستان بعد از انقلاب اسلامی به فرانسه اجازه داد تا قراردادهای کلانی با دولت فاسد جمهوری اسلامی ببندد.


In Paris, by Jahanshah Rashidian

by Anonymous0071 (not verified) on

What a pitty. Mr Rashidian reminds me of someone who tried to read a page out of Hamlet and found it full of English mistakes. When I told him that Hamlet was one of Shakespear's plays, he responded; Really?.

For all those who think Khomain was intelectually an ordinary man, I suggest they re-think.


Deserving of any vulgar word...

by Anonymous Patriot (not verified) on

Who is this bast***? Who are those stupid traitor inhumane immoral bast***-lovers around him.

Oh, the pain just came back to me... the wound opened up again and is bleeding with sadness and anger...

This beast destroyed MY country. This monster stole my peaceful and livable and lovely country and totally destroyed it.

What happened to us? Why did we do that to ourselves? Why didn't we see what was coming.

May ALL who brought us here burn in hell. Jesus Christ, I beg of you on this Xmas to burn all these vicious animals in hell, the same way that they burned the hearts of so many for the past 30 years.

May all islamists and all their supporters who ever existed and who will ever exist burn in hell until all their bloody hands are off MY country forever.

Iran if ONLY for Iranians.


disgusting Khomeini again

by cyclicforward on

The man was a notorious disgusting pig. It is unbelievable that this misery happened to Iranians. I hope he burns in hell if there is one.

Ali P.

Who was the lady in this clip?

by Ali P. on

Anyone know?



by Anoyed (not verified) on



la'nat ...

by IRANdokht on

His mediocre rhetoric and obscur thoughts were rebuiltd, translated, and reinterpreted by his campanions in paris.

those were the ones who fooled so many and helped hijack the people's cry for freedom and independance...



Jahanshah Rashidian...

by ahvazi on

That was one of the best description of Khomeini and his early companions. Yek mosht Laashkor va Mofkhor.... 


Khomeini in Christmas?

by dhhcfo (not verified) on

Bravo Nader Khan! This was a bad timing for showing his ugly face. I think we had enough of him and his cronies is last several years. May God NOT bless him in eternity!

Jahanshah Rashidian

In Paris

by Jahanshah Rashidian on


At the beginning of fall 1978, Khomeni landed in Paris. He was homed by abolhassan Bani Sadr then tranferred to Neuphle-le-Chateau when all his clique arrived. Bani Sadr was son of a wealthy Mullah. He had a big appartment in Paris and lived in comfort without any political or acadimic background in France.

Another companion of Khomeini was Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, a gigolo of Quartier Latin de Paris.

Soon, Iranian activists and intellectuals from four corners of the World rushed  to Paris to kiss his hand. Khomeini was a typical Mullah, notorious for his misogyny and backwardness. His low level of intellect reached to the point that could not properly articulate Farsi words or forming sentences without grammatical mistakes. His mediocre rhetoric and obscur thoughts were rebuiltd, translated, and reinterpreted by his companions in paris.

There was no doubt that the then Iranian mesmerised intelligentsia amazingly contributed to promote this uneducated Mullah into a spiritual legend and finally one of the bloodthirstiest tyrans of the recent world.