Life of Hafiz

Played and danced by American children

Beautiful! Filmed by American directors Andre Reyes and Cynthia Drayer: "The life of the Persian mystical poet, Hafiz. 'The Subject Tonight is Love', by Living Wisdom School, Palo Alto, 2004."

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:


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Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified)

I know poeple who read Hafez under Shamad with with their Landlady together. Again others read Hafez also under SHAMAD but with their Landlord. Stil others read Hafez in their private sphere. All modalities are possible. BUT: Bringing porn in the public and going BAD HEJAB, that is when females throw their breast over their shoulders and go on the street, that is alla
prococating the sexualfeelings of other poeple specially if the victims are young and in their puberty. The interferring in the sexuallife is a fundamental damaging action of their human rights. I think better i take into account that the Hafez was rehabilitated first after 1978/79 as one of countless and a most pleasanta Blessing of the Islamic Revolution and Founding the Islamic Republic of Iran by the honorable Iranian Nation. The revolution was possible and they could. They can stil today and today is even more possible and they can and will do a lot more than what they have achieved in the last 30 years. However it costs Blood and Life. The honorable Nation of Iran sacrifices even more if it should be required, for sure. that is why the barking and grunting enemies have not yet dared to behave respectless against that Nation. Stand only arround and bark and grunt.
Now please excuse me whoever has read till hier, i must make an end because i wish now a prophessy from Hafez, a make a FAL E HAFEZ. I hope my wish will come true. A further fact is that the mauseleum of Hafez with big garden arround it, the HAFEZIEH is one of the most visited attractions. All these nice thing are built after 1978/79. And the strangers have learned to enjoy hafez after 1978/79. Greeting


"When I Want To Kiss God...

by Khar on

...I Just Lift My Own Hand To My Mouth"

Thanks PartyGirl!



امیر کبیر دست بر زیر چانه (not verified)

آنوقت خود ما ایرانیها هنوز باید حافظ را زیر چادر و حجاب بخوانیم که مبادا مردانمان شهوتشان بجنبد و دنیائی را بهم بریزند


Thank you

by Souri on

Thank you so much Party girl, you made my day.