Lili Dehghani

Participating in Canadian Idol, singing Amazing Grace


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Azadeh Azmoudeh

Amazing Courage!

by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

I applaud for her to be brave enough to put herself in the eyes of others' judgement. However, as a musician, I need to suggest her to take voice class, and also make sure she follows the lyrics correctly. One thing that is importand to cosider when applying for Singing Idol is originality. Good Luck to our young Canadian Lilie:)



by Annie-jan on

Beautiful voice!


Thank you

by yinzer (not verified) on

I'm honored by Lini Dehghani's singing of Amazing Grace. It's a beautiful song with a lot of meaning behind it, and she performed it wonderfully.

Party Girl

Song Choice

by Party Girl on

Apparently (from the information on the clip on YouTube), people who audition for these talent shows are given a limited list of a few songs from which to choose and cannot pick their own songs at this stage.  This song is a "standard" on the list. I give this beautiful young woman an excellent grade for effort.  She obviously loves to sing and I wish her luck and success. 



simon says no

by simon wana be (not verified) on

simon for sure would have said no, the song she chose to sing did not match her voice, i had to mute my speaker. but then i give her credit to have the guts and go through with it. maybe with alittle voice lesson she'll be better good luck.


Potential and Courage

by Music Fan (not verified) on

I think she is a brave young woman whose voice has good potential. I think many Iranian last names have had to be pronounced differently to make it easier for non-Iranians to pronounce. Listen to the other Iranian of the day, Majid Baradar, introduce himself.

Come on, be nice you guys.


I'm not an artist of any

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

I'm not an artist of any sort but I didn't think she sounded too bad.


The lady chosen as the

by Anonymous3 (not verified) on

The lady chosen as the "Iranian of the Day" refuses to pronounce her surname in the "Iranian way"! Why insist on choosing people who are happier being something else? Or is this a form of advertisement for others of the kind to start voting for her? Anyway good luck to her because it looks as if she needs a very big portion of it to reach anywhere.


If you truly love music, a

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

If you truly love music, a TV show such as "Canadian/American idol" is not the place to cultivate your talents. Such shows might give you the opportunity to use your looks and voice to become "famous" for a while, but they will certainly not help you become a real singer and musician.


F to canada

by hajiagha on


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