Miss South Carolina

With Persian sub-titles :o)



Response to American Wife

by GA girl now in NJ (not verified) on

No, I'm not married to an Iranian. I've just been reading Iranian.com for years - sometime in the late 90s I came across the website and knew immediately that I had found "cultural cousins".

The design and format has changed over the years and Jahanshah Javid's "presence" used to be was more apparent, but I always visit the site for the poetry, the humor, the photos, the art. I'm an "armchair" linguist and love the sound of Farsi/Persian and the history of Persia and surrounding environs/Central Asia. Also, I've always enjoyed the political cartoons - it has always been fascinating to me how cartoonists/artists can convey so much in one frame - especially those in societies where your life is at risk depending on how well you are able to mask the meaning. Many times the work is more powerful and artistic (subtly heartbreaking or frighteningly raw).

All the best to you and your family for the holidays - Melissa

American Wife

Georgia girl

by American Wife on

Don't you just hate seeing stuff like this?  I'm born and raised in the South as well... GO TIGERS.

It's bad enough carrying around the redneck Southerner tag, and then this hits the news.  I personally think teenage girls should be seen and not heard...lol

Are you married to an Iranian... or just visiting iranian.com?


Say what?

by GA girl now in NJ (not verified) on

I'm a born and raised American from Georgia (Southerner with Euro-ancestry, aka white girl from the south) and I have no idea what the heck Miss South Carolina is talking about! Being "coached" to use "buzz-words" is one thing, but making absolutely no sense is something else. Yes, maybe she was nervous, but it is a contest after all! And assuming that all contestants in a beauty contest would be "beautiful", other personal characteristics would be included to select "the winner". This girl is obviously lacking “normal beauty queen basics” – to start with, just being intelligible!!

American Wife

unfortunately, yes

by American Wife on

it was real.  It seems to be the teenage "speak" these days.  I was talking to my niece who's in high school and she used the term "and the such".  I was horrified!  

Kaveh Nouraee

I have one question

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Was that real?



Majid -

by Dana (not verified) on

thanks (the third link) was the funniest video I'v ever seen :-D
بابا اسم بعضي از مردم آمريكا بد در رفته ..
(همه كساني كه مدت هاست نخنديدند) لطفا اين لينك سوم كه مجيد داده رو ببينيد..
صد رحمت به اين دختر آمريكايي .. اقلا ادعايي نداره !!


Future President?

by ghalam-doon on

Dubya lowered the bar for everybody.

Is Sarah Palin smarter than her? (she didn't know that Africa is a continent)

Or this one:


I personally believe that this girl should be a future president, such as.

Can you imagine looking at her on TV every day instead of Dubya or even Obama? She definitely has my vote.

After all, evey American can grow up to become the president of the United States, even dumb blondes, or in case of Dubya, just dumb.


Give this girl a break

by MT (not verified) on

Come on people, this is a teenager who got totally confused and messed up big time the catch phrases which she had been coached to use.
Sometime later I saw her on a morning program and although she didn't quite sound like a Pulitzer Prize winner yet she was alright and answered the questions put to her quite well, albeit rehearsed beforehand.
Give this girl a break.

American Wife


by American Wife on

This is a 16 year old TEENAGER competing in a BEAUTY contest.  I've not one time defended this video on the merits of her intelligence.  But comparing this completely irrelevent individual who is no where near involved in any political arena to a public position of power and influence is ridiculous.  She no more represents South Carolina than the guy who was running to be mayor of Ghazvin.

Roshanbeen?  Not hardly.


You are missing the point

by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

Majid & aaminian;

You guys either ignoring or missing the point that villager or Dude from Ardebil are not representing their state/province officially. Miss from South Carolina does.


Thanks Majid

by aaminian on

Thanks for your post, brother!  I believe we need to have an honest voice to keep (misinformed/dishonest) people in check.  Anyone should have a shot of running for office/ first place in a tournament etc.. 

There are a lot of smart people on this planet as well as a lot of average people and not-so-smart people!  Regardless of which category you fall under, you should have your voice heard.  It is up to the public (and judges) to decide whether you qualify for a seat.





Is she the only dumb A** ?

by Majid on

She's only sixteen and DUMB! But at the very least she's not running to be the president of a country. 






No Way!

by aaminian on

There is no way on God's green Earth that anyone can be that dum and be on TV!  But since this was being broadcast live, maybe (and just maybe) they had no control over it.

Regardless though, it is even a LOWer blow to post a video like this on Iranian.com and add a NASTY Iranian verbiage at the end considering the fact that you can find a lot DUMMER Iranians in most remote villages in Iran.

Quite a disappointing post. 


Mardoom na...

by AvestA (not verified) on

Mardoome nadan faravan hastand [1}mill yard mosalman [1]mill yard ceristian bar sare in zamene bichare[miri..] raah miravando saar be asmaan darand..

American Wife

I can't tell you

by American Wife on

how embarrassing that clip is.  I think it should be destroyed for ever and ever.  Can I make even the teeney tiniest excuse that apparently those weren't the questions expected and that the girl was just flustered and nervous? 

No?  Didn't think so.  It sounds pretty pathetic, doesn't it.  But please don't think the entire south is this dumb!!




by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

these are the sort of people who vote for an idiot like Palin or HAVE voted for the village idiot GP, with a past history of granpapa financing the Nazis. Completely oblivious.

The villagers out in Iran isn't that much informed either, but never that stupid.Why is that?
Is stupidity THAT attractive?


Ali.P and K**R

by Majid on

Here is the full clip of the grumpy old man...LOL


Ali P.

LOL...(and ouch!)

by Ali P. on


Cute! (And as long as you are cute, no brains necessary)

Ali P.

P.S. Grumpy Old Man huh? Was HE talking about US???? :-)


Too funny....

by Khar on

It makes the same amount of sense in Farsi as it does in English. BTW a nice touch at the end! :-)