The most loyal lover in the world

... is an Iranian donkey!

Akheyyyy! It was sad for me to watch the poor mother chase after her baby.


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Man Keh Faghat 4 ta Khar Mibinam

by Hesam (not verified) on

3 tashun sawarare motor, yekishun piadeh.
Ensaani dar in video nist.



by david_bay (not verified) on

how these youngs can snatch a baby animal and walk away. for their enjoyment or money...
another day they would snatch a kid....
its good to see these things too. I think showing this video is good. people would realize what kind of world we are in.



by maziar 058 (not verified) on

khoda khoda bood; ke nist.
merci agha majid just exactly was on my mind.


How Symbolic

by RZ (not verified) on

Badbakhtie yek mellati summarized in this clip. It just sums it all; dont know where to start: from our disregard for life, animal cruelty, javanane irani biAyande, dangerous iranian roads and driving, and laughters akin to the hearse driver in Boofe Koor, all on cheap persian pop music. Great job for posting it and please keep it there longer for more people to see. We should all watch and weep.



by sib (not verified) on

Be nazare man masoline site Iranian nabayad be hamchin filme kasifi ejazeye pakhsh bedahand.


you guys are so sensitive.

by Get Some Perspective (not verified) on

you guys are so sensitive. You have no idea what the story behind the clip is and you have turned it into a political tool for your anti-iranian views. The revolution is over, It was 30 years ago, stop living in the past. These are people trying to live there lives as best as they know how. Your all a bunch of Hippocrits living in the West, hating life and feel it necessary to belittle people. Iranians in Iran have social problems, you lot have psychiatric problems. Peace to all those that are trying to make the world better........


mosalman = khood azar va digar azar

by jaram (not verified) on

in mosalmanha khaare [na mosalman] ra adabe aslami kardand.


میدونین چی‌ جالب میشد؟


کاشکی‌  بابای اون کره خر بی‌ گناه جلو تر وایستاده بود و این دو تا الاغ موتور سوار رو با هم به "سیخ" می‌کشید !

عجب ویدیو یی میشد اون !

اگه خدا خدا بود............



It was a revers situation,

by av (not verified) on

It was a revers situation, motorcycle riders were donkey


here and Iranian

by hajiagha on

you see how some Iranian are wild and tell me what kind regime can better as Mulahs to control this stupid wild  nation?I left Iran because every days I saw this people on street or in job, not all Iranian like this  but perhaps Iran have must stupid nation , and need to be educated



by enayat katouli (not verified) on

hemaghat ham andaazeh daareh.
stupid kids


I am ashamed.....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Seeing this clipping, I am ashamed to be Iranian, I am ashamed to be called a "Human being". I hope these stupid kids let the poor animal get back to her mother.



by Nareh Khar (not verified) on

That was EPIC! Great video!


خریت نه تنها علف خوردن است


خریت نه تنها علف خوردن است

شرط میبندم بعد از این ویدیو اینا نشستن به تخم هم دیگه سوزن زدن، غش کردن از خنده  و ویدیو گرفتن ! میگی‌ نه ؟ صبر کن.



Not Surprised!

by aaminian on

In a country that human life doesn't have much value, what makes anyone think a donkey's does?!


‫خوب متوجه نشدم،

Mokhlesse (not verified)

من دو تا حیون اینجا میبینم که سوار متورسیکلتی هستند! و یک مادر خر بدنباله کرّه اش میدود. بعبارتی دیگر خرامون ام آن دارن و حیونامون ام دو پان و متورسیکلت سواری بلدن.


Striken by hunger, destitute, and lack of sex,...

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

the grand children of the 1979 Islamic Revolution riding a motor bike, they come across a mother khar and her bacheh khar ...

After banging the mother khar, they steel the bacheh and run away...

The mother khar finally drops dead from exhaustion after running after the bike for several miles...

Out of pithiness, the locals bury the mother khar in the near by cemetery and erect a shrine...

The next generations will remember the shrine as the one's of Imam 27th...

The cycle of khar whorshiping and worshiping will continue throughout that land...


Who is the real animal here

by Naderrrrrrrr (not verified) on

I hope these guys never have kids but if they did, hopefully some body do the same thing to them or worse then be I happy to see that clip and laugh out loud


Zolme Mozaaf!

by Khar on

Sadism at its worst.


wrong title

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

The title should be:

Two Iranian donkeys on a bike. Bunch of morons...


did they??

by IRANdokht on

Did these guys steal the poor donkey's baby? That's so sad! 


Ali A Parsa


by Ali A Parsa on

Sodistic, immature, childish. Unbecoming two seemingly adult guys. If JJ decides on censoring anything this idiotic clip more than qualifies.



Ver bad clip and bad Choice

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

sorry this was a bad clip

Doing that to that animal is just not right and awful act carried by two idiots on the bike.