Muscle man

Iranian guy shows off his goods with Arash song in background



Inghadr khodetro namaal ashegh mishi haaa

by Mordani (not verified) on

Hahahaha, cheghadr khodesho mimaaleh, shorte golgoli ham keh dareh. Noke pestunasho ham keh migireh engaari dareh ba khodesh eshghbazi mikoneh. Fekr nakonam digeh beh zano man ehtiaji dashteh basheh. :)))


To WtF: JJ is being fair here to both sexes.

by Anonymouse on

He posted Anar Anar for men's pleasure and to be fair he posted this one for women's pleasure. Fair is fair.

I should stop my complaining of JJ during this norooz holiday period. Come on Estop it! no more complaining, eid-e babba.


J- Javid, You must be Gay

by WtF (not verified) on

J- Javid, You must be Gay posting this..Khoshet omad ha?


Very nice !

by Farhad36 (not verified) on

The guy is HOT, he is SEXY !!! A very nice video, wish I knew the guy ;-)

Maybe such video should not be shown at webpage like but anyway, whats the problem ? In a world with killings, suicide bombers, war etc. THIS video seems to be a big problem for iranians ! With the mentality of iranians I am no longer surprised that the hardliners once again won the election in Iran and for sure will win again the next 100 years. This guy is hot and sexy and enjoy it. Am sure he has a better life than all of you who wanna stay behind 1400 years from the rest of the world coverd in your chadors etc. chanting "Death to the rest of the world " !!


Going back? Not very likely!

by Kameron (not verified) on

With his face & the rest of him plastered here and all over the net, I doubt that he'll be visiting Iran anytime soon. Or should I say ever?


he must be Gay or crazy for women ?

by hajiagha on

بابا کجابودید تا بدن حاجی رو ببینی وقتی امدم به کانادا . ای بابا حالا داره حال می کنه با خودش . بهتره بره تو کلوپ های زنانه لخت بشه هم حال کنه هم چندتا ک....بزنه  زمین.هم پول دراه .. یا بره کنار دریا تو لوس انجلس یا اگر هم ببخشید کونیه بیاد کانادا .ما نصف مردهامون وعضشون واقعا خرابه خرابه تو کنادا . شما هم زیاد حزب الهی بازی در نیارید



by sara- (not verified) on

I have no problems with this video. He is very sexy. vaay delam ab shod! bah bah!


I agree with Irandokht's

by Anonymous10! (not verified) on

I agree with Irandokht's points!
Another point: It didn't look like he had an erection with all those biting, etc...!


en aghahe ghiyafash khyli

by ye bandeh khoda (not verified) on

en aghahe ghiyafash khyli jedi bood aslan behesh nemiamad ahle eenjoor ada atfara bashe . man ageh too khiyaboon midiam ye hamchin kasio aslan be zehnam khotoor nemikard adami basheh az een kara kone. man ke aslan khosham envane ye female i like aghayoon e najib o pooshideh.vali khob har kas ye nazari dareh.halla man hamash negaran boodam hamechisho dar biyareh khoda shokr nayavord.. shayadam dasht khodesho varesi mikard eybo eradi nadahsteh basheh.


he is hot! and yes I AM gay!

by nima (not verified) on

he is hot! and yes I AM gay!


This dude is in love with himself

by demode (not verified) on

...which is a good thing. I can't see any woman being able to compete with his ego. I hope he'll have a long and happy life....with himself.


He is a gay for sure..

by dodol tala (not verified) on

He is a gay for sure..


I do not think the question

by sb (not verified) on

I do not think the question here is about tolerance, bad/good taste, etc. In my view the question is - is this web site for these kinds of video? It is already on youtube - why does JJ feels it is the "freedom of speech" and add it in his web site. Maybe he is very board with his job, maybe he lost his common sense after his trip from Holland. I am sure we all know someone who always forwards all the e-mail he/she gets and thinks that they are doing you a favor by sharing. JJ I am sure you thought it was funny when you saw it but my comment to you is you do not have to always share everything. Use your common sense – to me in this case is to have a line for your private and public life (at least in this case) .



by Anonymouseee (not verified) on


I have an idea

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

This guy and the Anar Anar girl should date, their kids would be sexy, not even a german genetic scientist would have done it better.

Khob baba Anar Anar mirakse, inam badan neshonmideh.. enghadr talkh nabashin..

PS: Why cant the Anar Anar girl play with her nipples like this guy??


How low?

by Anonymouseee (not verified) on

A lonely loony guy with confusion regarding his sexuality. The question is for JJ that how low he is going to bring!!

Ali P.

To: Kaveh Nouraee & Irandokht

by Ali P. on

Good comments! :-)


Dear ZZtop

by IRANdokht on

I am glad you are so open-minded that you are going to help your dahati cousin find porn on the internet!

but I suggest you go to porn sites for that and not waste time on there aren't any here




To IranDokht

by ZZTop (not verified) on

I have no intolerance toward this guy. He can even hold a lubricated object in his hand for all i care. I am just wodering if I should turn to if my cousin from a remote village in Iran arrives here tomorrow and I want to show him/her porn on the internet!!


what's the big deal

by IRANdokht on

so many people are all bent out of shape about this video

what's the big deal? it's sad, it's funny, it's not very sexy and it shows the guy is absolutely in love with his own body and wanted to show it off, just didn't know how...

the whole time I was thinking:

1- does this poor soul know that most of this type of videos out there are aimed at homosexuals?

2- has he used Steroid

3- the wax job must have hurt

4- the music is nice

Tolerance is the first thing our people need to learn... I guess it has not been part of our culture for so long that we don't even know how to live and let live





by Majid on

Well, if you find him "cute", be careful not to get "Electrocuted".

I bet you he sends himself a "happy birthday to ME" and "thank ME" and "Elaahi ghorboon-e khodam beram" card every other week!

Kaveh Nouraee

Ali P.

by Kaveh Nouraee on

LA Iranian Rap Music?

Just seeing those words together in the same sentence gives me a splitting headache.

Good comment.



by Yesssssss (not verified) on

omg, that is the cutest iranian guy i have ever seen...

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Brother, I'm wondering if you may have a little too much free time on your hands!!!

Hey people, lighten up. This video is indeed funny. Very funny. I don't see this as porn at all, whether soft or hard (pardon the unintended pun).

What I see is some guy making a complete fool of himself by tweaking his own nipples and thinking he's cool and sexy. I'll bet you that he spends a disproprtionate number of Friday and Saturday nights doing exactly what you see in the video.

All by himself.

Ali P.

To Dariush

by Ali P. on

My friend:

 In a democracy, the majority rules, but it is also safe to be in the minority.

I may like, dislike, or even be disgusted, by the following:



Shiite Islam

Too much make up

Rude people


LA Iranian rap music

Some of these comments people leave on

but I am willing to defend anyone's right to practise, or use, or be, or believe in, any of the above.

 Democracy is tolerating what you despise, when it is not enfringing upon anyone's right to exist. Another words, live and let live.



There is nothing sickening

by n.zanincanadai on

There is nothing sickening about the human body, woman or man. This peice is eye candy and I am not offended by it. But it's upsetting to see it here because I was told yesterday that vulgar material does not belong here. I don't like that but I can accept it. But to post pieces that most readers would consider vulager (even if they giggle at it), is a bit hypocritical. Also, women's rights were brought up yesterday. The anar anar poiece with (please pay attention to what she is wearing under her skirt) is using a woman's anatomy for entertainment. Again, nothing wrong with it except that it is against what was announced yesterday. That's upsetting. But sex sells. What better way to prove that people still comment than to put this.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I laughed my head off when I found it on YouTube. Just had to share it with you... :o)))



by Dariush (not verified) on

Why are you all so upset? Is this not the democracy the west will bring to Iran? Is this not what you see on western TV every day and you praise God for so much freedom and people ran home to watch everyday? Is this not what gays do in western cities like san francisco, paris and etc in public? Is this not the freedom you want for gays in Iran? Is this not what shah and his father were trying to have in Iran? If you are against this, then you are against western life style. So, .......

Ali P.

I wonder...

by Ali P. on

I wonder what the response would have been, had it been an attractive (Iranian or otherwise) girl, taking her cloths off, and touching herself in a suggestive way.

I bet you, most of us, men , would still have said:


"vaa eslaamaa"

"khejaalat bekesh!"

"VERY lesbian"

"Don't allow this to turn into a porn site"

"This is disgusting"


Meegee nah?

JJ, I dare you! Post a spicy video of a sexy woman, and see how we respond!

 I dare you.(One from your private collection would do!)

Deh yaalaah! ;-)



What the hell is this all

by Anonymous11111 (not verified) on

What the hell is this all about? Why do you post such cheap videos here?