Naked man walking

Walking with no clothes in Tehran



I am really curios to know

by Anonymous_fedup (not verified) on

I am really curios to know if this is for real or edited?
I would assume that there would be plenty of men to stop/ beat up this guy for offending the women? No?! I just can't imagine no one trying to stop him, or take him into a shop to protect him from the "moral police"... Don't you agree? The only other scenario I can think of is that he is a mentally ill person, that has done this plenty of times before, so people in his neighborhood are aware of it... but again, back to my argument of: How is it that no one stops him/pulls him aside/etc?


Hasteh Khorma

by Rodney Dangerfield (not verified) on

Ali reza Khan, you are not giving enough credit to Iranian women. They don't faint for
this kind of Hasteh Khorma. Even if you assume that every girl in Iran is totally insulated from the taboo, surely you must know that Garichi passes through people's neighborhoods and the donkey usually has a good set of equipment under it.


not real

by ali reza (not verified) on

I you would look at he women,there was no reactions from them.If this was real these women would have fainted when they saw a naked man walking on the street:)


2 Nuts up...

by Saman on

He would have been more appealing to the female audience if he’d lose a few pounds on the Subway diet. However, this was a pretty damn democratic thing to do if you ask me. I’ll give him 2 nuts up.


I agree...

by American Wife (not verified) on

it's not for real.  Little things amuse little minds.


I don't believe this

by Abarmard on

I don't believe this. The way that I see it, there would be a crowd of men who would at least talk to him. I can't believe that this clip is real. Many people don't even look at him, that's a shock. If this happened in my city here in the US, the man would've gotten more reaction than this. Something doesn't add up.


Cy of Persia is right

by Zan Amrikai (not verified) on

It's an incredibly interesting site to see a fellow human being strolling naked down a busy street, that's true. And to me, it's sad that people make fun of him like it's something to ridicule. However, Cy of Persia's point is extremely astute--that a man can do this and what's the big deal, he's crazy, whatever...but let the morality police find a woman with her bangs showing and all hell breaks loose. It will be a good day when we can live without fear of persecution because we are human beings trying to live our lives.


Let us not forget this man's female partner

by Luigi Milano (not verified) on

Let us not forget the clip of this guys wife in tehran.



This man is a hard core Islamicist

by Ali Reza Sa'atchi (not verified) on

He has a beard and he looks funny.

He is a hard core Islamicist.

this is funny.

Why are people upset about his health.

It is the same people complaining that say that their should be an ease in the dress code.

This guy has eased the dress code.

Maybe 70 million should follow suit.


This man certainly has a

by Azad99 (not verified) on

This man certainly has a psychological disorder and it is our moral duty to protect his integrity. Why would the editor of publish this clip (which clearly shows the face of this man) in this public forum?!! I don't get it...


Does anyone even wonder if

by KT (not verified) on

Does anyone even wonder if this person is suffering from a mental disorder???
And if he is...


Doodool Ghomboly

by Hahaha (not verified) on

Can someone say major SHRINKAGE? "Doodool ghomboly" LOL!



by Anonymous200 (not verified) on

You Tube has another one with a naked woman walking in Tehran. Lokht dar Tehran2 (zan) is the title of it.


بی خیال



The guy has been aware of the californian emancipation

Cy of Persia

This is what I call discrimination.

by Cy of Persia on

A man gingerly walks butt naked in Tehran and nobody stops him. But if a woman shows a little hair through her scarf, the whole hell breaks loose. You would think that this guy would at least work out a little to get rid of his pot belly, if he was planning to display his unmentionables in downtown Tehran.  This sort of out of shape look is not good for the image of Iranian men. Furthermore as Iranian men, we should demand equal rights for some naked women to be allowed to walk through streets of Tehran.   We don't even care if they are hookers.  As long as they are young, well endowed and thin.  Do you think Mullahs would go for that? PS: Ladies please don't attack me.  I am just kidding. It is a funny clip.    



Its a fake

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The thing is that Iranians will get involved. I remember when our house was at safa and Shahnaz, when ever
there was an accident people would get into a fight, some times not the drivers either.


Multiple choice:

by Hadaram (not verified) on

Which group made this editing?

1. Leftists (Remember the Berlin conference?)

2. Zionists

3. Shahparasts

I know for sure Mojahedeen are not into this nonsense;


Come on!!

by Anonymouszzzzz (not verified) on

You see the same mental disorder in any country.

Why do you automatically blame everything on people you dislike?


In jomhory eslami hama ro

by mmm (not verified) on

In jomhory eslami hama ro divoone karde!