Nourian and Shekalim

Iranian Jewish Israeli Swiss wedding!

Two Iranian Israelis get married in Jerusalem in January 2008; a very eleaborate and exciting wedding celebration:


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I have traveled the world -

by raised with no religion (not verified) on

I have traveled the world - I have noticed that people introduce them self as: Japanese, Swiss German, Swiss French - Spanish, Swedish, English etc. And than you meet some who say: we are Jewish, well what does that tell you???

Only Jewish population of Russia say they are Russian and won't go by religion.

S0 please don't be shy. here are some truth in what you hear. Who cares about all your links ?

Its obvious that many iranian jews became very religious when they left iran. And you know that very well. All the sudden so much fuss about kosher food and this & that! And so many became passionate about Israel as they were getting free entry. And since so many don't have any living relatives in Iran. They simply care less about a war.

And honestly don't you label Iranian for Moslems ?
And don't you introduce your self as Jewish ?

May god bless everyone and peace to all.

Enjoy the music - It is the source of life.


Afshin's comment

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

You have made a few comments that Iranian Jews left Iran and did not go to war to fight against Saddam.

1. No Jews could go to war. Your Imanm (Khoamani) at Behesht Zahra had told that Shah is insane to have none Moslems in Army. As a result ALL IRANIAN Jewish army men were dismissed a day after 22 Bahman 57.

2. IRANIAN Jews living is US, like Albert Hakim convinced Israelis to send arms to Iran. For 8 years Iranians were shooting Israeli bulets in Israeli machine guns. Do you think Shah has purchased that many arms from Israel to support 8 years war???

3. Israel in 1982 attached Iraq and hit the nuclear plant. Do you think Saddam would save the bombs for Israel only? You tell me how many chimical bombs were dropped in Iran? I am not sure whom was behind this Israel plan, but I am not surprised, if IRANIAN Jews begged Israelis to attack Iraq.

4. Tell me one single IRANIAN Jew sold any Iranian information to another country.

5. Iran has three Jewish holly places. Around middle East, Iran is the only country that holds any Jewish holly places outside of Israel current borders.

6. Your Mullas could say, I am dirty like mice. Refer to the first link that comes from Iran TV., but I am an IRANIAN Jew.

7. When I left Iran to Pakistan, I thought just none Moslems have ran away from Iran. To my suprise 99% of Iranians staying in Karachi were Shei Iranian Moslems. 20% of Iranians were not Shei Moslems back in 1980s.

8. I have more Moslem friends than any other religons. I have many co-workers that are from Middle East. I have no issues with them. They never said anything like you have said it here. I have a few employees that are from Pelstain (Israel). They are Moslem. One of them had a bad heart attack, because he was holding 2 full time jobs and I did not know about it then. He has 6 children the same as my children age. When I went to hospital to see him, he told me that if he dies I should take care of his family. That meant a lot to me. He is on his feet now. He is taking easy and his brother is running his second business for him.

What can I tell you? If you hate me, you hate your own brother and I will not surprise if I hear you have killed your own brother.

9. Every Saturday, IRANIAN Jews in Iran must to pray to God to keep the Iran leaders healty and safe!!!!! This part is added since Jews immigrated to Iran during Cyrus the Great and from there spreaded to the whole world. That is an order, but I hope the Iranian Jews has dropped this paragraph from their reading on every Saturday morning pray.
The Jews still in every countries in the whole world pray to have leaders of those countries safe and sound.

Asghar Taragheh

To the Genius Under this post

by Asghar Taragheh on


1) Assuming there was a civil war between the IRI and the general population of Iran who would you support in such conflict (the general population is sick of Mollah Rule and has decided to use armed conflict)?

2) If the general population got outside help from other nations to defeat the IRI, would you say they are traitors?


Do you see who the moron is now?


RE: The moron under this post

by ToofanZeGreat on

Comparing this regime with the occupation of Hitlers France is so bakwarded and moronic that to whoever uses such an excuse to let some high school drop out from the US bomb Iranian children into bits and pieces because of "Christian Evangelical Will" must have serious mental issues and needs help asap, be it muslim, zionist or a potato worshipper.

Other than that, happy couple, good luck with their lifes.


Dear Afshin

by AnonymousHaha on

Now that you and many others have made this wedding a political issue, please go see the links below (which is incidentaly part of another discussion thread). Then tell me honestly, if you were jewish, would you care anymore that you are an Iranian Jew after you saw them? Since we both speak Farsi, the fact that the videos are from a zionist site should be of no consequence. These are direct farsi brodcasts from IRI TV.

Perhaps the title of this blog should have been Persian Jews?

Additionally, I know many more Moslem Iranians than Jewish Iranians who would love nothing more than the west bombing the IRI. I personally don't consider them traitors. Where the French resistance during World War II traitors for fighting other French on the side of the allies to free their country from the Nazi Occupied French government? Many Iranians feel that Iran is an occupied country now as well.

On Jews and Mice

Jews Are Geneticaly Blood Thirsty & Criminal

Passover Matzah Blood Libel

Drugs and Star of David

The Protocols and Holocaust Denial

Zionist Crimes and Conspiracies

Al-Qaeda & Mossad 9/11 Conspiracy

Islamic Supremacy


Discussion Panel on "Iranian Textbooks: Preparing Iran’s Children for Global Jihad"
Hudson Institute, Washington, DC, March 10, 2008




Going through people's

by afshin on

Going through people's comments I noticed some are of the belief that Iranian Israelis are very much attached to their Iranian side.  They feel a kinship to Iran.  Well I can tell you from first hand experience, that is PATENTLY false! 

Iraq is home to some of the most sacred of Shia Islam shrines if not Islam itself.  But when war broke out between Iran and Iraq, regardless of who was at fault, Iranians of all political and religious stripes volunteered to defend Iran.  There was, is, and always will be a sanctity to Iranian soil for so many.  It doesn't matter if the adversary is Iraq or even Saudi Arabia where the Ghebleh is, if war breaks out between Iran and those countries, Iranian muslims will line up to fight and defend Iran.  What I find ironic and in fact saddening though is that many of my jewish compatriots lack that sense of loyalty to Iran.  In the fog of the recent rhetoric about a possible conflict between Iran and Israel, all my (Iranian) Jewish friends without exception, advocate a first strike by Israel to destroy Iran.  Albeit they are probably voicing their enmity with the Iranian government, but they have chosen to through the baby out with the bath water.  Call me sentimental, but any person advocating a military strike on their own country cannot possibly be labeled a patriot.  In fact I believe there is a name for that and it's called treason.  Many Americans are against the war in Iraq, including myself.  But I would never advocate a strike against this country.

Truth be told, Iranian Jews most likely have many reasons to have these sentiments.  After all it couldn't have been easy for them to live in Iran for most of history.  So there is no doubt much of their sentiments are founded on solid ground.  However having said that, at the end of the day, if war breaks out (which in all likelihood it won't), Iran is Iran and Israel is Israel.  And while I have no ill will towards Israelis at all, that will most likely not remain the case if they're dumb enough to attack my country.


Re: Jaleho

by jamshid on

I totally agree with your post. But what about some fanatic Iranians whose pledge is first and foremost to Islam and not to Iran? You know, people like Khomeini. Are they traitors too?

You can't have double standards.


Let me tell you something

by Miz Abdol Azim Khaneh Shavat Panah and his VW Beetle (not verified) on

Those who can not put up with the laws of their lands will have a choice and that is to join the MAFIA. Many of our countrymen are now peddlers for the international MAFIA whether in Iran or if they join the Zionist camp.

The question is: What have you done for Iran lately?


Best wishes and

by mehr (not verified) on

Best wishes and congrats!

Whoever they are.... I'd wish couples happiness whether they were from Ecuador, Malaysia, Croatia or...
and why NOT?
We have got to start practicing tolerance at home. Otherwise "Nothing" will change, ever!



by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

Iranian Jews like Persian culture, customs, food and music. They are just conditioned to be hostages of the current global political climate without realizing it.


The Identity of a group of people is determined by their life

by masoud22 (not verified) on

You cannot say there is not iranian-israeli. nobody can take away an identity that the other people are living with it. I met a big group of them on last "salgard Molana' in Ghoonieh turkey last year. surperized that the number of Iranian from Iran in that ceremony was so small compared to the Israeli-Iranian group.


Iranian Israeli is an oxymoron

by Jaleho on

There is not such a thing as an Iranian-Israeli. Iran does NOT RECOGNIZE Israel, and even if an Iranian goes to the Zionist state, they lose their Iranian citizenship.

Do you consider the former Iranian traitors like Moshe Katsev or Shaul Mofaz who went from Iran and became Israel's president and defense minister as Iranians?! Do you consider traitors who constantly advocate bombing Iran as Iranian? NO!

Many Jews who went from Iran to Israel, are normal imigrants and have nothing to do with DIRT like Shaul Mofaz, yet these people have pledged their alligiance to Israel and thus they have lost their PRIVILEDGE of being Iranian, BY IRAN'S LAW. There are possible double citizenship among many countries, but with no damn glue can you link Iran to Israel!

So, the videio is not that of Iranians, it is that of Israelis, and the fact that selects these people as "Iranians of the day" just tells something about the site!!


Do not Worry about Mortgage like the rest of humanity!

by Sadaia_qesa on



While you build your home on blood of innocent , as the song says, you do not have to feel sorry and/or do not have to Worry about Mortgage .


God gives YOU the right to take that which is not yours.



Give our best regards to your Palestinian sponsors.


If you have no roots and have no honor you are not persian .



Unhappy Birthday




half of a joke is not a joke

by khandeh (not verified) on


I hope that they see Iranian as mojood zendeh and I hope that the other "they" see Israelis as human as well!

Iranian of the day : Nourian and Shekalim



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Whilst I wish the couple all the best, although I don't know them, I find it really peculiar that so many people seem to have this urge to publicize their weddings on the internet.
By the way, the first song was OK but the rest added to the video were seriously stupid.


Great Wedding

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

I hope one day all Iranians from all ethnic background and religion can return back to Iran and rebuild this beautiful country oour motherland.

On behalf of all Iranians I would like to apologize to the Iranian Jewish, Iranian Bahais, Iranian Sunnis, Iranians Zaraostrians, Iranian Ismaelis and Iranians Arabs, Iranian Turks, Iranian Baluchis, Iranian Turkmen and Iranian Kurds for the barbaric act and savagery acted and exercised upon you by the fascist government of Iran.

You are Iranian and thus I love you all.

ebi amirhosseini

Dear Afshin

by ebi amirhosseini on


Do you see any relevance in safeguarding  their Iranian heritage by a lot of Iranian-jewish poeple living out of Iran; some for more than 30 years!?

links to a few of them :







by afshin on

I fail to see the relevance to this site.  By posting this video are we attempting to be tolerant of others, even though those others we're trying to be tolerant of, would not want to have anything to do with us?  I wonder if there are any jewish or Israeli sites that with this much Iranian fanfare.  More and more postings about Israel, trying to show us how kind and benevolent Israelis are and how vile and intolerant muslims are.  While I believe all men are created equal and everybody has a right to prosper, this pro-Israeli material on this website of late is going a little over the top.  It certainly appears has lost its compass and with it, its relevance.


measuring the iranian-ness

by Anonymousalso (not verified) on

um, actually, you have no idea whether there is any Farsi spoken because of the song which is dubbed over the video.

and, for your info, the first song in the dub-over, is actually an Ethopian Jewish song. so the point is not about the israeli-ness of the wedding, but the fact that at least one of the folks getting married is proud to identify as iranian.



by Anoyed (not verified) on


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

I agree.......

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

We are all part of the same race "Human race".

Now, let us refocus on what this thread is suppose to be about. The wedding of two wonderful young people.






Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)

Nadia (AKA)


mubarak basheh

by hamid tayebi (not verified) on

very nice inshallah mubarak basheh

ebi amirhosseini

Baadaa Baadaa Mobaarak Baadaa....!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Why always we mix everything with Politics,Race,Gender..... ,even for a wedding ceremony!?

To me it is just a happy moment for a couple of Humans,celeberated by some Humans.Ok,some donot consider them Iranian!?well. let's call it a:

"Human-ish" Wedding,instead of Iranian Jewish.....

Now I hope the ones who attack JJ for posting this Zionist..... are happy!!!

Cheers,Besalaamati,Lechaym,Braust to the two love birds:

Aroos Va Daamaad


If any body can add Cheers in other languages, please do, in honor of them.


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Lovely bride and groom.......

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I wish them all the best in life as they walk together,  hand in hand towards a bright future.

Party Girl Sepaas!

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)

Nadia (AKA)


The groom....

by nanaz (not verified) on

The groom isnot iranian jewish, but the bride is iranian, maybe that is why their wedding doesnto have iranianess to it, i can see it.


Bride is Persian and the

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

Bride is Persian and the groom is Swiss. And both are gorgeous. Khoshbakht bashid.


100% Persian

by manesh on

Did you see the beautiful eyes and eyebrows?  Nobody has those eyes except Persians.  beautiful! mazal tov!


Nice wedding

by Jacob Cohen (not verified) on

As a Beverly Hills born Jewish Iranian who has since converted to Shia Islam I bless this wedding. May this couple follow Aloheem and promote the Palestinian Peace Process. Current news articles suggest that the government of Israel is having back door meetings with Hamas, Lebanese Hizb'Allah, Syria's Bashar Assad, and Iran's Spiritual leader Ayat'Allah Seyed Ali Khamenei. May a permanent peace be the conclusion of such meetings.
-Yaghub (Abd'Al-Aziz) Cohen


Jamshid and Asghar

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Unfortunattly we have few of those racist characters such Gol_dust on this site. They will never change so we just have to let them be in their own little world.

Asghar Taragheh

I Noticed Something About Mr. Goldust Jamshid Joon

by Asghar Taragheh on

This goldust character (Khak talah- although I would think Khak Bar S..... would be more appropriate) always has the word "zionist" or something anti jewish in his posts. He only goes after subjects related to jews & Israel. We have a few of these khak bar ....... character here.

Nice video. They are Iranians no matter what their religion or were they live and no matter on their political beliefs.