Parthian School

1974 clip from an international school in Tehran

YouTube info: Very short (and blurry) clip from over 30 years ago. Low on quality, very high on nostalgia! Original video taken by Clas Mellegard.


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It is from the lie that is the IRI that we know what truth is

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

Reasons given for why this strange counter-revolution occurred can be summed up as follows (in to particular order):

1.) the Shah modernized too fast and alienated masses of people;
2.) the growing middle class wanted to have some say in their governance but the autocratic Shah prevented it;
3.) the public resented the Americanization of the culture and wanted to reassert Persian traditional values;
4.) the oil boom spurred a revolution of rising expectations, and when the boom collapsed, resentment exploded;
5.) population explosion sent rural populations into cities, which could not rapidly accommodate them or deal with their culture shock;
6.) intellectuals, infiltrated by Marxist plants, took national discontent international;
7.) the best traditionally-organized sector, the Shiite clergy, were joined by Marxist-trained plants, to unseat what seemed to be an invulnerable monarchy;
8.) the Shah was fighting a secret battle with cancer which left him vulnerable at the exact same time that the US, under Jimmy Carter, was clueless and divided in its policy toward Iran; and of course
9) the British instigated it with the help of ignorant American under Jimmy Carter.


JJ what kind of question is that???

by Javaher laal-e nehroo (not verified) on

"Can't we watch anything from the pre-1979 era without linking it to the Pahlavis one way or the other?"

Hmmmmm let me think ........ No! no! NO!

Let me rephrase your question using the logic you've used in the past:

Can't we watch anything from the "post"-1979 era without linking it to "Islam" or "IRI" one way or the other?


Let Rich People Have Some Fun Too!

by ghalam-doon on

I don't want to politicize the whole idea of some people
having nostalgic memories about this trendy school. This clip should have been
very nostalgic for that segment of the society who could afford to go to this trendy school. But for people like me who went to an ordinary school, it did
not have any nostalgic value. Actually it did nothing. Watching an old episode
of Star Trek or Mission Impossible could have had more nostalgic values for me.
Why should I get excited to see some rich kids mingling and feeling
uncomfortable in their nice and tidy clothes? I have nothing against rich
people having some fun. After all their whole lives rotate around the idea of
having fun and ignoring the idea that perhaps there is problem in a society where there are poor and disfranchised people who cannot even dream of sending their kid to such schools.


That was very nostalgic.

by skatermom (not verified) on

That was very nostalgic. Thanks Party Girl. I wish we had home movies from my elementary school in Tehran. Perhaps John Carpenter has something archived next to his cinematic blockbusters such as Escape from New York, The Thing or the great slasher classic Halloween.



جمال عبدالقاطر (not verified)

با خواندن عکس العمل دوستان در ذبل، به این نتیجه میرسیم که تمام بدبختی ما زیر سر همین مدرسه پارتیان است!

سر انجام مسئله روشن شد.


Long live Pahlavis if you

by naderrrrrrrrrr (not verified) on

Long live Pahlavis
if you don't like Pahlavis why aren't you back in iran with Mullas, they wouldn't even let you see this short film or if you saw it, they just torture you in the name of GOD ha ha ha, may be you need check you eyes, I see many happy people , good film, good memory.


Re:World of Hapaloot

by t (not verified) on

Iran chose its destiny. It didn't want to be modernized. It chose to become IRI and deserves all the "badbakhti" because so long as it has people like the writer of World of Hapallot and John Carpenter it will remain to be a 3rd world country.


Parthian School

by Cameron D. (not verified) on

Hey there fellow Parthian Alumni!

If you want to see much more photos and testimonials about the good old days at Parthian School go to // and sign up. You can also get the latest news about reunions and other alumni who may live in your area.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Couldn't imagine a 34-year-old home movie from a school could trigger such strong political views. Can't we watch anything from the pre-1979 era without linking it to the Pahlavis one way or the other?


Pahlavi's lived in world of "hapaloot"

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

They should have let Iran and Iranians choose their destiny but instead they were almost forcing westernization to people as the result a huge gap was created between people which led to revolution.


to: John

by Grandson of Imam Khomeini, now a British Honorary Citizen (not verified) on

The reason Pahlavi fell apart was not because of mark of torture on the face of many, it fell because it created a huge division among the Iranians, it created a class society that the privileged class did not have any true accomplishment over the underclass.

The success of the Islamic regime was that it forced the entire nation into poverty, so it created a ONE CLASS system! Islamic regime theoretically could have been very successful if it followed Mao's doctrine and would have made the nation to work it butts off for progress, but it failed "royally" because it created its own class society from the ashes of poverty.

A nation under monarchy or presidency has no guarantee of success, the people of a nation should be forced to understand that one is not better than the others because of the size of his or her wallet, yet one is more accomplished based on productivity, service and sharing of knowledge.

Shah and Khomeini were two sides of the same coin. Just because women could walk on the street with no cover, did not make Iran a progressive nation, but the fact that Shah invited the educated people abroad to come back to Iran was one of his great accomplishments. But we have so many thieves among our people that no matter what they continue to steal and sell the country.

we need a moral revolution.



by John Carpenter IIII (not verified) on

All this was going on when PAHLAVIS were torturing people!
If you look closely, you can see the torture marks on people's faces!
Down with PAHLAVIS!