Public flogging

I can't watch this

I watched the first few seconds and it's vile. My heart weeps.


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by niloufarParsi (not verified) on

Agree with you, and would put it slightly differently: our culture results in children being beaten at home and even in schools, women being abused by men and other women, drivers running over people for no reason at all other than being in a hurry, and punishment being meted out in public whether it is floggings or executions. Yes the IRI is at fault, but it is not the only cause. We should target the IRI and more. Lets face it, we practically invented despotism in world politics. Being anti-IRI does not necessarily make one democratic. Look how some people here are calling for revenge in this forum. Few are willing to discuss forgiveness.


Where Are Q, Jaleho, Shini Head, Varjavand & Mehdi?

by God Himself (not verified) on

Have you noticed that when it comes to subjects like this we never hear a peep from our resident Islamists? They just seem to vanish into thin air. Can you imagine if this was a piece about Israel, or if this was a piece criticizing the IRI? All of the above mentioned would be tearing themselves apart and spamming this site with page long comments telling the writer what kind of Zionist, blah blah blah he / she was. It just shows the weakness of their characters to remain silent when it comes to these crimes against humanity. Everyone on this site should take note and remind them about this silence the next time they brag about how good the IRI is.


Cheshmhaa raa baayad shost...Juri digar bayad deed

by Abarmard on

Sorry didn't read the comments before writing this. Never mind


چندتا سوال

مهبد (not verified)

سه سوال:

۱- جرم این آدم چی‌ بود؟

۲-چرا شللاق و شللاقچی قابل دیدن نیستند؟

۳-آیا این کلیپ با فتو شاپ دستکاری شده؟


Is it the Islamic Republic or the People?

by Abarmard on

While I was in Iran, a man passed a girl and excuse my language< "fingered"> a girl in the side walk. A few guys witnessed this and before he knew it, five or six guys jumped and began to beat him. I was young and was horribly scared to see the guy covered in blood. His face was hidden by blood and cuts...blood was also coming from his ears...

If that was taped what would you say?

No question about the fact that the Islamic Punishment is backward and horrible, but our society is not tolerable, in many areas, about simple things. We need to grow from all this, first hand by our own values and culture, then expect the system to follow us.

Our neighbor, a religious man, had once beaten his daughter so hard that even the "Hezbullahis" in the neighborhood were taking the girls' side and trying to separate his fists from his daughter.

Question is, which part of our culture/religion is traditional and normal in this horrible way and what are the ways to change it?

A government rule, even the most forward will not be functional if the people's values are not in line with it. This is the reality of Iran and Iranians. Although most of the friends and families of mine are not in the traditional part of the society, nevertheless the tradition does have a strong grip in most part of our society.

Again, this doesn't mean that a law from the government should be this backward, but just have in mind that in many cases if the government does not do these harsh actions, the people will. This is the sad point beyond this clip!

Mona 19

It's my highest hope...

by Mona 19 on

that someday my fairest land shines with wisdom as it had in earlier ages....and be a rosegarden of knowlege which belonged to our forefathers.


Sarzamine man ~ Darya Davar




Kaveh Nouraee

The Day Will Come

by Kaveh Nouraee on

When those bastards who inflict this kind of treatment will receive a taste of their own medicine....100 times worse.


Ali P.

by aaminian on

I agree with you that "Haaji" needs some intense flogging himself. These Godless bastards thrive on the humiliation and suffering of others. REALLY! That's how they've been controlling the country for the past 30 years.


To all those NIAC bashers, the following are some articles that'll definitely nullify your arguments that NIAC (seemingly) defends the policies of the IRI:


1. //

2. //

3. //

4. //

5. //

6. //

7. //

8. //

9. //

10. //

11. //


The list goes on and on. NIAC's policy is to protect (or advocate) the rights of all Iranians whether they live here in the US, Iran or other parts of the world. Just remember that NIAC's main operating budget comes from concerned Iranian-Americans and NOT the IRI.





Hey iri

by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Idiots like you needs to get education so that they can understand difference between the barbaric Shia mullahs and Iran. Attacking the IR doesn't me that you are attacking your mother land. Stop being ignorant....



by IRI (not verified) on

Hope to see you wrapped around that three and flogged as well for attacking ME.


TO iri, Listen up Our

by MITRA Khuzestani (not verified) on

TO iri, Listen up

Our Mother land has been hostage of IRI for the past 30 years! You are the enemy of our MOTHER LAND and all her children. SHAME ON YOU



to Shadi

by iri (not verified) on

Hope to see you wrapped aroundn that three and flogged so you stop attacking your own mother-land

Ali P.

We'll see then...

by Ali P. on

  In the jurisdiction I am , in the U.S., every once in a while, judges go and spend the weekend in jail. It gives them a very small taste of what they are imposing onto others.

  I want the "Haaji" ( who apparently ordered this flogging) take a few beating himself first.

He may change his mind about the whole concept.


perfect example of

by MITRA Khuzestani (not verified) on

perfect example of Satanic Regime
And some people want to reform this regime!!!!!This rotten regime!!!! What is wrong with us? God has forgotten us totaly!


Born stupid, will die stupid

by Iva (not verified) on

There are people who are ignorant, as in they do not know, simply because they don't have opportunity as others or have access to information as others do. No one can blame their ignorance on them. However, there are folks that have seen "cruel" and “unjust” actions of their own kind with their own eyes, they have access to internet, libraries, free media and so much more and yet they choose to “close” their brain, and simply compare everything to actions of few drug addicts in Canada or else where. Do such people ever ask themselves, has 30 years of hanging by crane, amputations, floggings, stoning created a dreamland or has it created a hell on earth where even themselves run away from? These people are not ignorant, they are simply stupid.


Evolve stupid!

by Saman on

This is just as bad as capital punishment no matter what the crime...


******* Maybe he deserves it. *******

by skeptic (not verified) on

What did he do? Maybe he deserves it.

Locking up somebody for a decade is not necessarily better than flogging them for fifteen minutes and letting them go.

But the modern man wants to avoid "messy" outcomes. So, execution by a gas chamber, lethal injection, or the electric chair are considered better than execution by the guillotine or decapitation by the sword, although the latter are far less painful. The difference is that beheading leaves a bloody mess, and we don't want a mess to remind us of what we are really doing to the convict.


Imprisonment is much more inhumane.

by Kooroosh (not verified) on

When I think about it, I would prefer to be flogged than to be imprisoned. I think imprisonment is much more inhumane. I also think that flogging is more of a deterrent and more rehabilitating for criminals than being granted the privilege to feed of tax payers’ Tomans.

Darius Kadivar

Price to Pay to become a Nucleare Super Power ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Of Course Human Rights are not a priority to some last minute Patriots and IRI Apologists ...

Farrokhzad Jan


Part I


Part II


Part III



I feel his pain

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

No one deserves to be punished like that,but like someone was saying we do not know his crime,but whatever crime he made he does not deserve to be punished like that.If he knew someone in higher authority or he could have spent some money he would have escaped the punishment.Money talks,poor suffers .


nice punishment I liked

by hajiagha on

I support this if this is punishment , yes  you should move in canada to see how young Canadian die on street by heroin and drugs every where, and supported by government of canada, you can buy 15 years old or younger here > you guys are crazy or stupid , we can not have such freedom in Iran because Iran close to the Afghanistan where drug is free and supported by CIA to bring in Iran , what you recommended to send crime free on street and became like canada people worry to open own door home a second open?do not go after crime to do not have punishemnt. is so easy.


Food for Thought

by Anonymous411 (not verified) on

You know, I watched this video all the way through and yes to some it does seem quite disturbing and a horrible act. I also want people to know that I do not support the IRI and think that the majority of its leaders need to be flogged this way. However, we do not know this man's crime. Maybe he was caught steeling, trying to rape someone, maybe he is a pedophile, or he simply was flirting with a girl (which is innocent in all forms and a part of being humans, and in that case he does not deserve this punishment or any at all). It made me think about how here in the US when someone kills, rapes, molests, they are treated like a celebrity and put in an environment where education, exercise, and entertainment facilities are available to them. Does that make sense that a person who murders or rapes be treated with decency? My answer is no and they should be flogged or hanged publicly. Again IRI is a ruthless regime, but I also feel that if you do a horrible crime, you deserve the worst punishment.


Welcome to Islamic Freaking

by Shadi (not verified) on

Welcome to Islamic Freaking Republic of Iran....
To those idiots who still pray, fast and practice Islam or any other religion...Hell to all of them specially, Islam, Judaism and Christianity...
I don’t know why all of a sudden this reminded me of an experience with Iranian Graduate Students Associations (IGSA) at USC mailing list who had a week back-and-forth email discussion over an invitation that was extended by another fellow students for a hosted lunch during shitty month of Ramadan....they say that, it insulted a few who fasted...(anyone in a right mind would say, if you so miss the Islamic society so much why staying here in States...go back to your heavenly Islamic Republic and the land of opportunities) Folks, as long as we have God Damn idiots like such, Islamic republic is the best option for Iran. Or else vote and elect a US President who can beat a Sh**T out of these Mullahs and dig out the religion for good out of Iran
Zendeh Baad Iran Down to Islam and Mullahs.


an old video

by God Is Sleeping (not verified) on

Actually this is an old video. It was recoded over 1300 years ago.



by candy girl (not verified) on

always to remember before being flogged take two straight shots of scotch, vodka or run or at the minimum three Tylenol. Doing the above will reduce the pain.

This man needs a drink.


Farhang-e Eslami!

by Khar on

This is the Islamic culture of our time! :-(


Farhang-e Eslami!

by Khar on

This is the Islamic culture of our time! :-(



by Hajminator on

These acts are not specially related to Mullahs, Mujahedeens or Bush or other criminals... These acts have something to do with us, human beings in the first stage. We do not have to forget that we humans are first beasts before being creatures endowed with intelligence. The painful images in this video remind how far we can go in the savagery.

The danger then is that this savagery becomes our everyday life as we are observing it all over the world now! Neitzche said: "When you stare into an abyss for a long time, The abyss also stares into you."


Sharia laws are put there to

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Sharia laws are put there to deter opponents of the regime! It is not about the poor guy in this clip, it is about placing fear in the mind and hearts of Iranian people! It is systematic way of terrorizing the Nation! Abe-roo! What abe-roo? This regime (IR) is unholy, illegitimate and un-Iranian. The mullahs and their lackies do not give a damn about Iran and Iranian identity, all their talks about Irans pre-Islamic past 2500 or 7000 years of history is only preached when it serves their interests! This regime would not last for six months if the wages, though I prefer to call it "jeer-e" basij-ies, pasdars and the support apparatus of the regime is cut short. If the West really wants these mullahs gone, they can do it! But, I guess the mullahs are not a threat to the West!
Where is the Oil money made the last three years???


Who is hitting him?

by farrad02 on

How come we can't see the beating? and where is he being hit?