Raghaseye Shahr

Foroozan plays a dancer who angers Nasser Malekmotiei :o)


American Wife

oh brother is right

by American Wife on

way too much in-depth analysis of a silly video which really doesn't say anything at all.


To Mademoiselle Tabatabai

by whatdoiknow (not verified) on


You basically agree with my post except for the part about sex and prostitution before and after the revolution. Read my post again, I said: "Before the revolution, sex and prostitution was in every pore of our society, from schools, government, movies and entertainment industry, etc. Look at it now, although is is still there but not as obvious and not as spread out."

Of course corruption in every shape or form is still there, no one is denying that.


Where is Foroozan?

by Iva (not verified) on

Is she still in Iran? what has she been doing since second invasion of arabs?


To 'What Do I Know'

by Mademoiselle Tabatabai (not verified) on

If you had any sense of balance in your analysis of the previous regime and the current one, you would have recognized that there is absolutely much more sex and prostitution in the core of the Iranian society in the Islamic Republic. If movies have changed for the better, that's only a minimal change. Although, when I spoke with a well known non-Iranian Film Director who is close friends with several of the famous Iranian Movie Directors, he said that the majority of the famous Iranian female movie actors (not the ones in the television series) have slept with the directors at some point in time to get certain roles. So, don't be so sure of the purity of their environment. Definitely the content of the movies have changed for the better. But the balance is totally missing from the whole society.



by whatdoiknow (not verified) on

A balanced society is the type that you will find the good and the bad and the ugly. The problem with us Iranians is that we always go to one extreme or another! Before the revolution, sex and prostitution was in every pore of our society, from schools, government, movies and entertainment industry, etc. Look at it now, although is is still there but not as obvious and not as spread out.

One thing that I give credit to the Islamic Republic is that the country has been producing far better quality of movies than it ever did before the revolution.


I don't see things this way

by Souri on

I was touched by the depth of the misery a woman can face, even nowadays in Europe or in some small town in US. I was impressed to see the problem of poor women brought up to a miserable condition, have been evocated in our cinema industry long times ago.

The time of teaching and learning trough movies is revolved now for our age at this stage. Those movies of series were not as bad as you see, at least
in my opinion. They portrayed the real social problem of a very poor
layer of our society, which were a mixture of economical, social and
cultural poverty.

We had good writers who wrote stories like "Khater khaah" unfortunately I forgot the name of the author. Later that story become a movie of course with too much of dancing and gher kamar which were not originally included in the real story, but has been made due to the business needs of the time. It was a great success.

Those movies were very educative at that time and were not so bad subjects. At least they were true and sincere pictures of the reality of our beloved country.
There were people there , living a life exactly as you see in that

Party Girl


by Party Girl on

A. Foroozan couldn't dance to save her life! A beautiful woman with a good body, willing to shake it for the camera in a super short skirt, is all you had there. Her acting was not good, either, until much later in her career when she started working with more serious directors.

B. What exactly is nostalgic about this? Sex-available-on-the-screen? The Lat-e-Kolah-Makhmali element? If nostalgia is to remember something fondly, well, at least in my case the target was missed by a few miles!

C. These movies portrayed the worst of us as a nation and the Iranian film industry, teaching young Iranian men to use violence to show love and to drag women by their hair to show them respect! Don't be mistaken for a minute that precisely these types of portrayals led to some Iranian men's embracing the Islamic Revolution, locking up women in Islamic cover and throwing away the key for decades.

Iran has suffered so much in the hands of religious extremists. However, we tend to forget there were also non-religious extremists present who facilitated the Islamic cause in Iran, whether they intended to do so or not.

I remember seeing women in bikinis walking alongside the main road in Mazandaran during the Shah's era, returning from the beach. Was it really necessary to walk in a bikini alongside a road which after all, ran through Iranian villages? Even in European and American resorts these days people who are walking home from the beach wear towels or sarongs over their swimming gear. With the emergence of the Islamic rule, the same Mazandaran villages treated visitors much more harshly and violently than anywhere else in Iran, forcing Hejab on visitors even before the central government made it mandatory for all.

Sorry for breaking into something a lot more serious than this post intended.



امیر کبیر در فین در بند نوکران انگلیس (not verified)

تمام آنها که رل داش آکل و لوطی و گردن کلفت و چهلوون بازی میکردند، به میدان آزادی رفتند و امامشان را روی دست بلند کردند، بعد همه بساز و بفروش شدند و سه واحد را خودشان برداشتند و دو واحدش را هم فروختند، و بعد از طریق این و آن گرین کارت گرفتند و آمدند آمریکا که بما بگویند ایران وضع خیلی خوبه برگردین!

اینجوریه دنیا


oh brother...

by IRANdokht on

Is she crying because the drunken bum just pulled her by the hair and threw her off the stairs or because he won't be marrying her now?

pathetic display of all the wrong messages and lack of values.




by x (not verified) on

perhaps I am too serious, but for me the message is violence and mistreating a woman is acceptable if he is jealous.


خدا عمرش بده

ُسید ضیاائدین طبا طبائی (not verified)

فروزان با آن پاهای قشنگش انقلاب اسلامی ساخت انگلستان را سه سال جلو انداخت......