The Rebels

Iranian Pop band circa 1967

Members in no particular order Siavash Ghomeishi, Shahram Shabpareh, Kambiz Moeini, Eddy (?) and Homayoon (?) >>> Larger image
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Yadesh be kheir

by afsaneh (not verified) on

The photos brought back such wonderful memories. I remember the Rebels playing in Neptune club in Motel Ghoo and I was around 15 years old and in love with Shahram Shabpareh. Their Persian version of the Beatles' song I saw you standing there" was real nice (shish va hasht).


Golden Ring

by Stuart (not verified) on

Hello Majid,

I stumbled upon this post while researching a record by Golden Ring.

I would be very interested in corresponding with you about what it was like during that time in Iran and the bands that were playing then: Flowers, Golden Ring, Littles, Maha Jamin, Ojoobeha (Remarkables), The Rainbow, The Rebels, Shabah. Any information you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

You can reach me at:

Also, you can hear a songs by most of these bands at: //

Thank you for your time.




by Hasfarr on

I didn't recall emailing it to you.



by ME (not verified) on

Mersi TEEP!!!!


so "cute"

by Farinaz (not verified) on

This picture is so "cute", it made me smile!
They must have been so innocent at the time!?
They don't look rebellious at all... in fact the opposite!



by Majid on

It was the band called " Golden Ring" and I have story about that band's drummer that I'll leave it for another time .

Jahanshah Javid

3 years in waiting

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hi HasFarr,

You emailed this photo in 2005 :o)

I found it in my old emails and posted it today.

Thanks again for the memories.


There is a little bit of confusion

by Hasfarr on

I have seen this on the old site, but there is NO way I posted that. Let's stop all this confusion.


Thanks Majid jan

by farrad02 on

Thanks so much Majid jan.

Also, do you remember the song "Ey Yare Bala". Which one of these bands sang that song?  (Ey yare bala, to ro be khoda.....) I remember when I was around 9-10 years old I wore out a 45 record of this song!


Farrad 02

by Majid on

They were great performers for their time, I remember a festival held in "Amjadieh" where they came to the center stage in a black Cadillac convertibl and another band "O'joobe ha" showed up each band member riding a camel, the event took place in Tir 1347 if I'm not wrong. 

Festival was arranged by Javaanaan magazin, I won two tickets to the event and also a guitar signed by Jamshid Alimorad ,the lead guitar player and singer for the band O'joobe ha .

I hope I can find a link as well and when I do for sure I'll send it to you. 


Does anyone have a link to their music?

by farrad02 on

I'd like to hear what they sounded like!



The Beetles Iranian style!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

The Beetles Iranian style! :)