Reza Baik Imanverdi: In America

Rare video of a super star

>>> WATCH: Reza Baik Imanverdi starred in more than 150 films in his career. After the 1979 revolution, he and many other popular actors were accused of promoting decadence and moral corruption during the Shah era.
Imanverdi emigrated to the U.S. and slowly slipped into obscurity by shunning publicity and staying away from the Tehrangeles expatriate celebrity scene. This video is a rare glimpse into his life and thoughts after some two decades of virtual silence. It was made in 2002, a couple of years before his death. Thanks to Sohrab Akhavan >>> WATCH


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Beyk Imanverdi

by American Miss (not verified) on

I became acquainted with Mr. Imanverdi shortly after he came to California. I was a young woman dating a friend of one of his sons and we both came to spend time with him and even have an occasional Persian meal cooked for us by him. I thought he was a true gentleman, always kind and thoughtful. I remember feeling sorry for the man's losses, even though he never bemoaned anything and tried to be happy and upbeat about his new life. Recently, I was curious as to what ever became of him. Was glad to find this poignant film, but sad to learn that he had died of lung cancer at a still somewhat young age.



by Osian (not verified) on

Shad-ravan Amin-e Amini baad az filme Ali Baba, yekbare digar ba filme Bahrame Shir-Del, dar sale 1347, Beyk-Imanverdi ra baraye hamisheh khatereh-angiz kard. Ba arezouye yaftane in film!!!

Rouhetan shaad



by Osian (not verified) on

Beyke aziz!

Nemidanam dishab baraye chandomin bar filme ALI BABA...ra be yade khaterate 1346 didam. Ba gozashte har sal lezzate didane filmhayat bishtar va bishtar mishavad.



Beyk dar kenare digar Bozorgan

by Osian (not verified) on

Nasser Malekmotiei: Pahlevan Mofrad
Fardin: Charkhe Falak
Behrouz Vosoughi: Yek mard va Yek Shahr
Boutimar: Marde Sargardan
Iraj Ghaderi: Daghe Nang
Manoucher vosough: Pa Berahneha
Saeid Raad: Hamrahan
Va Nazanin Miri: Agha Rezaye Gol...

Ba Yaade Hamehe Shoma, salatine cinema-ye IRAN


Reza Beyk-Imanverdi: One of

by Osian (not verified) on

Reza Beyk-Imanverdi:
One of Iran´s pre-eminent male atars of all time.
13-sep-2008/ 5 years


1345 Sale Khaterat shirin

by Osian (not verified) on

I LOVE 1345
Osian-Agha Dozdeh-Gedayane Tehran-Sharlatan-Marde Sargardan-and...
You make them touching and unforgettable!

Hamisheh Yadat Hastam



by Osian (not verified) on

One of Beyk Imanverdi´s most memorable roles came in 1344, "Velgarde Ghahreman" by Khosrow Parvizi. This successful movie spawned sequels over the next 15 years.

Roohat Shad...


Reza Beyk Imanverdi

by Osian (not verified) on


...Velgarde Ghahreman...MISS YOU


Marde Hezar Chehreh

by Zarbat (not verified) on

Faryade nimehshab-Baba naan dad-Sarnevesht sazan...

Now the world will know the story of the most defiant man alive. MISS YOU.
God bless his great soul.


It was great ot see Baik at

by homesick (not verified) on

It was great ot see Baik at a time that he was enjoying life to the fullest, and was optimistic about life. Lesson to learn for all. It's all good! God bless his soul.


You can go fuck yourself. We

by Anonymously (not verified) on

You can go fuck yourself. We know who you are you motherfucker. Just another asshole on


Roohat Sha'ad...

by Badri (not verified) on

Beik Roohat Sha'ad. He was a great man. I met him in the summer of 1980 at a house where my dad was working as a servant. He was so kind to so called little people with no voice. I recall, while Beik was there, the owner of the house, a film producer, was yelling at my dad for some stupid reason. Beik came over to my dad and gave him a hug and conforted him and offered my dad his apology for Arbob’s behavior. He was humble and despite his fame as an actor was so ordinary fellow and simple style. He had a great heart. God bless his sole.


The Real Nader Vanaki Speaks Out

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

To All:

If you are familiar with my postings you would know that I have never called for execution of anyone. And I have never posted obscenities.

This is the work of Kouroush Sassanian who claims to be my alter ego.

This is only the work of a psychotic loser like K.S. who one day writes demented poetry and next claims to be someone else.

So enjoy this lunatics work.


Nader Vanaki

by Sleeps2 (not verified) on

Your a fucking retard for saying what you did.

How you Islamists live with yourselves is beyond me... keep looking down your well (chaa) for emam zaman koskhol


Nader Vanaki You son of the

by Anonymous-now (not verified) on

Nader Vanaki

You son of the bitch, your damned government should be hanged for crimes against its own people.
Don't mention the name of our beloved actor with your dirty mouth ..


He should have been executed . . .

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

He should have been executed for his crimes and immorality. Iran has no room for the likes of this man or others like him.


You were the man!

by Milan (not verified) on

We'll miss you!


Way to go Beik

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Do you see the one handed push ups? Forget about Jack Palance, we've got the Beik man.


Beik Imanvardi

by M (not verified) on

Anyone knows what type of cancer killed him? must have been an agressive son of a bitch to have killed him in one year

Malekmoteee has a pastry shop in Tehran


Baik Imanverdi

by Ali Ghanbari (not verified) on

I would to like to send thanks to Sohrab Akhavn who prouduced the piece & Bahram who share it with us...I seen a few of his film back home ,but mostly remember him mid 70's when he was shooting scene in my home town of Abadan (car accident)I had to help push the jeep few time to roll in scene for better angle..He was such nice guy & happy to talk to few us who was there...
p.s. I'm wondering where is Nasser Malekmoti'ee


I wonder if Islamists have hearts

by Puzzled (not verified) on

Do they see beauty in life of others?


agha bic imanverdi

by bamesheer (not verified) on

he was known as bic eemaanverdee in my hometown of abadan. i was attending at ebn-e-sina. kelas-e-sevum.
he was one the best...ever!
roohet shaad agha bic imanverdi, wherever you are.
and thanks for the memories.
oh, thanks bahram.

Darius Kadivar

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by Darius Kadivar on



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