Reza Motori

1970 movie starring Behrouz Vossoughi and Fariba Khatami


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You don't have to be young to enjoy the old iranian films

by filmfan (not verified) on

I was born in 76 outside Iran and when I was a teen-ager, I started getting into the old Iranian films starting with Hamsafar. I think I have watched hundreds of them and loved most of them. Because while they may not have very high production values, or be "cool" like Hollywood action movies whatever that means, they were so authentic, "khaaki", and hilarious. (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not...:-)

Behind all the laughs however was some serious pain about inequality of the social and economic classes, city versus countryside, rich versus poor, gharbzadeh versus native etc. that was told in a humorous manner so all could relate to them.


Old iranian movies are

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

Old iranian movies are extremely funny. Rent Mamal Amricai and watch it with at least 2 other persians. Have a couple of beers first.


love the old Movies

by movie man (not verified) on

To those who don’t like the old Iranian movies, you guys must be too young to remember the lines in front of movie theaters while there were showing Behrouz or Fardin or Forozan movies. Apparently these actors or actress had some kind of appeal to the Iranian people that after 30-40 years when one of them dies ( Fardin) 100,000 people show up in the street for his funeral.


Most important part

by Nostalgic (not verified) on

What a beautiful clip. For me the best part was not the acting, the singing, or the motorcycle ride; it was the peripheral view of the uncongested sidewalks, tree-lined streets (Pahlavi or Vanak, not sure), clean shaven men and normally dressed ladies. Yadesh bekhayr!


tapehaye gisha......

by mash on

 Yah I remember going to gisha with my 74 husquarna and scare the crap out of my mom and dad and come home with torn jeans( LEE ) and say to my friends that I am the greatest Motorcross rider and now when I see these kids these days on ESPN MOTO-X I know that I really was a chicken kaka.  I also advise all interested in motorcycles to take the class and always be aware of the morons in the cars because they don't care for little motocycle man. LIVE TO RIDE......


never saw this movie...

by IRANdokht on

and I probably never will.

Abarmard I didn't like those movies either and I still don't.

I don't know what is so special about those movies and the actors who can't act and are dubbed over even in their own language. They not only sounded fake, the "eshveh" in the female voice was actually too much and inappropriate.

I think Farhad's song was the best part of the clip...




by Motorcycle adviser (not verified) on

Nice blast from the past... Thank you...
There is a feeling and sensation on the motor bike that is not explainable to someone who hasn't experienced it before, especially when you take that special someone with you to the mountain roads and or along the coast... .... I'm 41 and started my experience since the age of 12 in Tehran (tapehaye Gisha) motor cross race tracks.
Thank GOD, I have survived a major accident... (in the city traffic)
My only advise: If you care for your life and others and have not ride on a bike before, First, You must complete a motorcycle safety classes (theory & practice on the range), before riding your bike on regular bases and carry someone with you...


I always hated Iranian movies as a kid

by Abarmard on

When I was a kid, I am not sure why my parents allowed me to see Iranian movies. Always the main character would die, mostly by knife wound, harshly. I hated Iranian movies, they use to scare me!

This is a greatest song by Farhad.

Just thought to share :)


Motorooni Hal dareh!

by Arya Pournourbakhsh on

I feel the same on my bike.  I love riding.  Except I don't ride on the middle line like Behrouz.  Did you notice how there used to be no traffic in Tehran.  What happened?!!!

A. Pournourbakhsh