Road to World Cup '78

Football games that qualified Iran to first World Cup

Brief highlights from some of the matches Iran played to qualify as the lone Asian team at World Cup 1978 in Argentina. Also includes interviews with players like Ali Parvin and Hassan Roshan. The poor quality is because of the condition of the film, not any encoding problem. From Navad TV program.



Thanks for the great info

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Thanks for the great info that you are giving on this world cup.
Hope to hear more from you.

Thanks again!


Boooooooogh Boooooogh

by Majid on

And this is my story of those years,

We used to live in "Varzandeh" st. very close to " Amjadieh stadium". 

When Iran beat Israel in final game to win Asia cup, may be several hundred people turned the celebration into a political demonstrations (now I know it was political) !!

They started marching south in "roosevelt", east in "Shaah Reza" and south in "Ferdowsi st. while yelling ....

"dorood bar Yaaser Arafaat " ! ..................

Not knowing who the hell Y. Arafaat is, and as dumb as dirt as we were at 12 or 13, me and some "bacheh mahals"  followed them and repeating the slogan,"dorood bar....... 

We "knew" Yaaser Arafaat was NOT a player in our team! but what the heck ! he could have been a fair referee or head coach or something !!

Right before "Church hill" st. several "shahrbaani" trucks full of commandos blocked the crowd and attacked demonstrators with baton! and I have no idea how I got the hell out of that mess! 

And that was my VERY FIRST political activity!!!!....LOL


Boooogh Booooogh, Sheer-e Samavaaaaar ...

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I was a teenager back then and attended all qualification matches in Tehran. The night before Iran-Australia and after Iran-S.Korea, I was so emotional that my body couldn't cope with it, so both nights I ended up in 39c fever which pissed my parents off; "This boy is crazy, why he doesn't get fever for his homeworks?". I attended the Australia game in Aryamehr Stadium, burning in a 38 fever. My friend's mum prepared us snacks; Goosht-Koobeede extracted from the Abgoosht(not Kabab) and Noon-e Sangack with Super-Cola to wash it down! Anyone remember super-cola?
We took the bus from Shahyad sq. to stadium and the highway looked like a race track for the red double-deckers.
Do you remeber Mammad Booghi? or this shouting;
Sheer-e Samavaar Too Koon-e Davaar( once not agree with referee's decision!!

Man, I sound like my grandfather!!

Darius Kadivar

Khar: No Photoshop in those days ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Well Yes I have to agree with you that its not the best or most photogenic portrait of the Late Shah. But We did not benefit from Photoshop and digital technology in those days ...




Mr. Kadivar

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Sorry dude, but in the picture you provided in your post (click below) Shah's cut-out head looks like a Jester (Dalghak) as if he’s the Jack just popped out of the Box. The stamp picture of Ghilich-Khani, Hejazi & Parvin together is awesome. Thanks.



Iran's soccer would have been far more advanced

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if it was not for the revolution we would high up there along with other giant soccer teams in the world.

Darius Kadivar

pictory: Soccer Team Iran Vs Oman 1971/1972

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pictory: Soccer Team Iran Vs Oman 1971/1972




 Soccer Team Iran Vs Oman 1971/1972

Soccer Team Iran Vs Oman 1971/1972 : Postcard with Photos of Players and Shah.