Sheida Hodge

Cross cultural training "International Business Expert provides insight and training for doing business internationally. In today's economy, expanding internationally is mandatory to keep your corporation competitive. Sheida Hodge, tailors her seminars to your business needs. Always captivating her audiences with her vast knowledge of cross cultural training and business practices in the 21st century."


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My Cousin

by The Prince (not verified) on

I am proud to say that she is my beautiful cousin. Bravo Sheida joon and good work.
By the way, her accent is real, right from the heart of Arak!! ;-)


we need this woman to educate Iranians first,maybe in one of

by Azerbaijani Turk (not verified) on

those many fantastic satelite TV programs we have from L.A ;). Aren't those guys great? hahaha

Why do we only get idiots to talk to Iranians in Persian? Why smart iranians only deliver in English or other languages. I know how to solve this probelm :)

we will make the official language of new Iran, ENGlISH,,, Da da Raaaaaaaaaaa. So Iranians will also get to hear smart Iranians :) and we, non-Persians will get rid of learning this shiii shiii naz nazi Perisan language.

Official Language of Iran= English,,, guys it is good for you Persians too. Think about it, you guys will not have this ger geri English accent. Let's be honest, persian woman speaking English is not bad but perisan men :(

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

  Learning a new language when the learning process starts early in life , is easy, and the person is less likely to have an accent.

  This lady, seems to me, started learning English seriously in her mid-20's. The strong Iranian accent is there, but you can tell, she has learned English, not by conversations with the neighbors and in the Persian store, but by putting the time to go to school, and working hard on her speaking skills.

Bravo and more power to her! 


Very Knowledgeable, Articulate....

by Khar on

And a strong speaker. We need more folks like her out there.

PS. I wonder if she exaggerates her Persian accent a little to drive a point to her audience.