Short film by Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv


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Jewish prople are suffering

by ghalam-doon on

I agree with Sepideh. Jewish people suffered so much throughout history. But this film depicts the wrong enemy. The enemy IS NOT the racist skinheads who are marginalized in every society and everybody ridicules them, as this film did. The enemy is the Zionist regime which in the name of the same Jewish people is committing so much atrocities. And apart form the Western governments and corporations, the absolute majority of  Jewish people are supporting the Israeli apartheid regime. Because they have been brainwashed by the Zionist entity to see the whole world against them. And guess what? They're right. As long as they support Israel, all the conscientious people of the world ARE against them. So they are still suffering and we have to save them from themselves!


So untimely

by Justice1 (not verified) on

I agree with Sepideh;

I love th emessage of the movie but it is so euphoric. The posting of this clip is sooooo untimely and insulting to the babies died under tons of rubble in Gaza.

Here is something more real:


Real Jewish folks are those who feel the suffering of Palestinian these days. The rest are no different than any criminal - They are the ones who made a sheep fugurine out of Gold and worshiped in the absence of Moses. The silent arab states are even more criminal than the attackers. I believe if the arab states stood behind Palestinians, there would have been a balance of power and none of this would have happened. History repeats but will we learn.

Peace and justice for all;


Shemim's comment

by shabnam (not verified) on

Dear Shemim,
I am puzzled what is the relationship between your comment and this film and other comments regarding the film? Do you see this film as a commentary on religion?


RE: Shemim

by LostIdentity. (not verified) on

The life as we know it IS:
A belief and striving for it;

Religion has been given a negative connotation these days.

....and many think that in this day and age, religions are being isolated from societies Which is a fallacy. Religions have become a very reliable self haven to quench the thirst of human soul in the age of Reason and technology.

Without a belief, human societies are doomed to be annhilated.


Beautiful film!

by Sepideh e berkeley (not verified) on

I watched this film while Israel is dropping bombs on poor people in Gaza and killing civilians and children and even denying the right of these people to defend themselves in the most primitive way. The people in Gaza have no right to fight for their lives and everyone all over the world is silent. Gaza has been under one of the most brutal siege in human history for 14 months. At the same time, It hurts me when people equate the Israeli government with Jewish people. Jewish people suffered so much throughout history and probably understand Palestinians better than any other groups. This film cultivates love and understanding between people who have a lot in common. Palestinians and Jewish people have been murdered, tortured, separated from their families and discriminated against, so they have so much in common and should join their voices to fight against injustice. Israel does not represent Jewish people it represents another big military power that is committing genocide in the name of those innocent people who lost their lives in one of the most tragic chapter of human history! This film cultivates solidarity and love and joining forces to fight injustice! "Love is the only engine of survival." Sepideh


The legacy of the three religions of abraham

by shimim (not verified) on

In 500 yrs religion will be doubt people will still find reasons to hate eachother alebit without religion I believe the world WILL be a better place to live in.... peace.



by Ajam (not verified) on

It's a well made short-film structurally. Otherwise, it's written cheese all over it! I now, it's not a feel-good comment, and it may not even make it through! But in case it does...

Films like this, no doubt, make good material for European short-film festivals, or even symbolic material for anti-racism groups. But they fail to address the core issue at the heart of the ME conflict by focusing on the differences on a micro level! Such a view ignores the realities and consequences of the colonial legacies of the ME conflict.

The racial and religious differences are merely exuces to justify the drive for hegemonistic designs in the region such as the American concept of the Greater Middle East. Once the "evil" Hizbollah and Hamas are out of the way, the trouble-makers such as Syria would have no choice but to join the ranks of the "moderae" and "democratic" states (i.e. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan...) and Iran can be dealt with in much easier ways without its proxies, whether through bombings, a velvet revolution or even an outright occupation!


Thanks for the post

by Abarmard on

Very enjoyable. DK I felt the same when I watched the Iranian movie called "Niyaz", where the poor kids who were fighting among each other united once a rich came to the picture.

I don't believe the Mislim world is divided and hateful towards any Jewish people but the issue of Palestine and Israel. Hope the one state solution becomes the ultimate accepted principle in the peace process.

Thanks and Happy New Year 

Masoud Kazemzadeh

excellent film

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dariush jaan,


Thank you for the film.  Excellent film.


The enemies are not other ethnic groups. The enemies are not Jews, or Arabs, or Europeans, Muslims, or Christians or ...

We need to find just and fair solutions that recognize the dreams and fears of others. Each group contains good decent individuals as well as violent extremists.


The enemies of coexistence and peace are those extremist violent totalitarian groups such as Nazi party, KKK, Kahane Chai, Kach, al Qaeda, fundamentalist regime ruling Iran, Hamas, PIJ, Lebanese Hezbollah...

If each community produced moderate peaceful decent groups and leaders, then peace and democracy would have a very good likelihood to put an end to all the bloodshed and intolerance.

With hope for peace, justice, and tolerance




by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

excellent choice... great story, performance and off course it was shot mostly handheld which is plus...



by Tahirih on

 ""Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch. Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship. So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth. ""

Thank you Mr Kadivar, very nice choice .

Happy New Year to all, with the hope of unity and peace on Earth.



Whatever most violent crimes in history have been committed

by rosie again (not verified) on

against humanity have been committed by people of many different religions, races and ethnicities and so have these same people made some of the greatest humanitarian contributions to the world


what ever

by Nader gholly (not verified) on

in history most violent crimes against humanity are done by Christians, like Nazis and skin heads are good samples of it they are and were Catholic, it is a good short move any way.


just remembering / z.

by rosie remembering (not verified) on

Just popped in my mind. In Paris 1983 at 24 while Eurrailing through Europe I hooked up briefly with a Moroccan Berber Muslim. I am Ashkenaz Jew. He warned me to be very carel not to mention our ethnicities outdoors because some French were very anti-Semitic.

And he was really afraid.

ps z, i never saw it! could you re-send it to if this is easy for you to do from your sent mail or just send me the general gist of it??? pls. & thx.

Iranian Reader

The opposite

by Iranian Reader on

I think what we will see in the future, as we have seen in the past, is that people from the Middle East will save Jewish people from (neo)Nazis.


Along comes the skinhead…

by ghalam-doon on

To save the day and show the Jew and the Arab that despite their hatred, despite more than 60 years of conflict, they're in fact brothers in arms! What a concept! So they need the racist skinhead to remind them of what the great philosopher Rodney King uttered in his now famous declaration: "Can’t we all get along?” Can’t we forget about the bombs and missiles and all the misery and humiliation that “we" endured and get along? Can't we forget about our houses being demolished, our people living in refugee camps and get along? Can't we forget about the occupation?

I guess there are different levels of hatred. Hatred that has been perpetuated by the governments and corporations to advance their own agenda, and the hatred of the skinhead which is pure and simple.


Cute film

by Ali-Reza on

As is common with this type of film/article/book/speech/etc., the sources of the conflict are not even mentioned, let alone resolved.  The real problem is neither the supposed hatred between Muslims and Jews, nor the hooliganism of racist skinheads.  What needs to be analyzed is: Who benefits from the perpetuation of all this hatred and conflict?  The average Muslims and Jews are not among the beneficiaries.  Neither are the racist hooligans.  The real beneficiaries are the governments and corporations, on all sides, that derive their own longevity and profits from it all, and who do everything in their power to perpetuate the conflicts.

Darius Kadivar

May Peace and Wisdom Prevail

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you all for your warm comments. The Directors of this short film are truly the ones to be thanked not me.

May the coming year be one of Peace and Wisdom in this troubled world where all destinies are linked by a common bondage of ancient history and culture and that has given birth to the Greatest World Religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam not to say Zoroastrianism.

One GOD but So many fights over which Religion is better or Superior seems absurd in the light of the Message of Peace and Tolerance they are supposed to carry.

This absurd cycle of Violence and mutual provocations must come to an end otherwise our common destiny's will be doomed for several generations once again.

Happy New Year 2009 Nevertheless to all. DK


Great directors

by Saman on

Great short film. Tolerance, Tolerance and Tolerance!


Thank you!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you! Powerful film.


Unintended consequences

by Fred on

This is the natural state between cousins, delayed till now but manifest destiny. Believe it or not the Islamist republic’s full backing and instigation of the Islamist HAMAS is facilitating this eventuality.




by Princess on

So very deep and meaningful. Thank you, Mr. Kadivar.

Happy New Year to you from London! 


Hi Robin

by Zion on

Nice to hear from you again by this new year! Can you believe it is already a full year? I got your comments on my blog by the way, quite late but I did answer them once I saw them. Thank you for all the good will.

Anyways, most people would say I am already way too loud over here, you want me to be louder still? ;-)


Observer/ DK Nazy Zion

by rosie (not verified) on

Observer, not necessarily and not always, the color line. There are very fair Arabs (Muslim AND Christian) and very dark Jews. Also many fair Jews have markedly pronounced Jewish features.
--Ashkenaz Jew

DK, thx from Debra Kerr and me
Zion, I loved it too. Could you please say it a louder all over the site? Clear as a bell?
Nazy, Zion, you know how I know both of you are Nazis? Because your names both have a Z. ESPECIALLY yours, Naz. It's...clear as a bell.

Not strangers.


I loved it

by Zion on

Thanks Darius. It was very beautiful and very timely.


Thank you (DK) for posting the clip

by Anonymous765 (not verified) on

Nice and meaningful video clip.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on


What a timely and important interjection! Do you think people would get it? I'm so fed up with the jargon and innuendos of hate on this planet and on this site. Reading so many of the comments, I don't think I will ever be able to look at some of the site members the way I used to until last week. It has been a painful growth experience for me, personally, to see that even such a small forum as ours can burn nonstop in the fires of hate and blind prejudice. I can only imagine what real life must be like for people who are haunted and bullied in real life, out of their homes or into their homes.

On these last few hours of 2008, I pray for peace on earth and an end to prejudice of any kind and a brighter future for humanity.

As usual, you remain one of my most favorite people in the world, full of wisdom an goodwill towards others. Happy New Year!


Couple of observations

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

See how the whiter color of the jewish man makes him a lesser target than the dark arab?

See how to the white thug, they are mostly the same? Same mentality prevails when they talk among themselve, about the middle east being full of crazies, who have no problems that can't be solved by a dozen H-bombs.

With the Iraq war turning sour and the economy in deep trouble, look for more jewish conspiracy theories in 2009.

Remember, in the Evangelical's end-of-time daydreams, they fight both the jews and the muslims!