Wise old man

81-year-old mechanic in Isfahan talks about life

Dirt poor, he is so wise and so interesting. I don't know why this made me cry. Something about those sad eyes and that sharp mind, I guess:


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So much for religious welfare and charity and theocracy

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

typically, those who pass will say, "che konam, khoda ghesmat dade" or some such gibberish, or at best will give these people some money to eliviate their own egocentric superstitious mania by saying:" savab dare".

Too sad.


Cut the music

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Your music s u c k s. Let me here the old man, go somewhere else and promote that bad noise (which u call music)



by Anonymous564 (not verified) on

what's with the annoying music? I can't hear the guy talking!


Not a wise man at all

by AnonymousS (not verified) on

A wise man is some one who does not end up sleeping on the ground, from my experience dealing with Esfahanies 8-10 are full of shit and they think they can get away with their funny accent.


thank you

by darouse54 on

what a great video, but what is up with the music back ground?

Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

Old men, are they really more wise or is it that they become more risk averse that makes them wise?  Perhaps they are less idealistic, more in touch with how finite this life is.


why the hell

by The nuisance music and sounds (not verified) on

all videos produced by Iranians are loaded with so much noise pollution and in particular stupid music that has nothing to do with the subject? Sick and tired of all these noise pollutions....

Aa Metti


by Aa Metti on

Man I miss Esfahan,

Cool old man but historicaly inaccurate. Alexander and Ebne Sina lived centuries apart....




He is not old ...but somewhat confused

by Abol Danesh, Bored (not verified) on

...just look at his eyebrows...had he gone before the mirror to see the black line of hairs above each of his eyes he would have not allowed anyone to call him an old man unless he sees it for himself the last line of his eyelasheshes has turned white...


The old man is intresting, the sound track is distracting

by observer (not verified) on

The message is: "With old age comes wisdom and then we die".