You don't scare her!

Iranian girl chases after rude guy


American Wife

deflecting the blame

by American Wife on

by accusing the West of similar crimes is hardly a good defense.  Do you think those army scum bags got away with it?  NO.  They will be punished for their crimes.  Who gets punished in Iran?  There are predators everywhere.  Will the brothers or fathers in Iran seek revenge on their women's molestation?  I know for damn sure that if someone were to attack me, my dad and brothers would inflict great punishment on the SOB.  That is, if I didn't do it myself.  How long ago was Simpson killed?  That's the best you can do?  God.  That whole "western racist" malarky is getting old.  Seek to find a solution man!  Not shift blame around until the mantle of hyprocrisy chokes you!


Well Said Anonymous7777

by Khar on

"In Iran our women get raped and killed by our own people"


to kurush

by Anonymous777 (not verified) on

Please don't do the maghlateh. I don't understand why people like you always try to change the subject. This video clip is about the treatment of our women in Iran and not about the american women. I think you have been living for a long time in other countries, in a good place, maybe in America. My friend, if the American women don't dare to walk the streets of any American city after daylight as you claimed, then you should know that Iranian women even in daylight don't feel safe to walk the streets of any iranian city. Do yourself a favor and make a trip to Iran and see that with your own eyes. Why we should care about Iraqi woman who was raped and killed by American soldier when we have the same problem in Iran? In Iran our women get raped and killed by our own people( Pasdaran, Basseejies etc). It does not bother you at all that it happens every single day in your own country, haaaa? The most important thing for you is that they wear chadoor and have hejab. You care more about Iraqi women, right? Are you Iranian? Or one of those who is brainwahsed by Islamic thugs. I hope your real name is not Kurush/Koorosh.


Its just stereo types

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Don't be redneck. Iranian girls make the roosari stylish. Back in 1972, I brought my American girl friend to Iran, these guys had just designer jeans. The Iranian girls, wore the Christian Dior and YSL dresses. My girl friend would not go to the clubs because the Iranian girls were too stylish. As they say styles change but style stays forever. Only rednecks don't get it, they used talk like that about Jews, Zoroastrians, Bahais ...
Just do not be a redneck.


Iranian girl chases

by Kurush (not verified) on

It is amazing, even if one knows better about the power of propaganda, how the Iranians have fallen for the brainwashing that goes on in the West with regards to the treatment of women in the ME and in Iran specifically. This one-sided propaganda and its victims, who should know better or try to think a little more deeply, are then used to denigrate the whole Islamic/Iranian culture and history, and inevitably to justify aggressions against moslems we have been witnessing in the past few years of heightened racist aggression against moslems from the occupations to the Guantanamos. Are you saying that the treatment this woman received is worse than what happed to the Iraqi girl who was raped by bunch of redneck thugs from Texas in the uniform of the American military? I am referring to the crime of private Green who with his fellow thugs gang raped a teenage Iraqi girl and then killed her and her whole family and then burned the family altogether. Was this a demonstration of the West's deep respect for women!!!? A study has has shown that every year about 150000 American women are assaulted and raped. Times magazine puts the figure at 15 million American women raped in the past 20 years. After the tragic death of Nicole Simpson, during the Simpson Trial, the Time magazine ran a whole issue on the epidemic but little-understood phenomenon of battered women in America. Does any woman in her right mind dare to walk the streets of an American city after daylight? So why do Iraninas rush to condemn their culture in cases such as this? one word: propaganda. The Iranians, like it or not, identify with their racist Western oppressors, rather than questioning the received 'wisdom'. While we must be vigilant about the status of women in Iran, let us turn the table on the Western racists who are trying to inferiorize our culture. These is abuse of women in Iran, but that should not blind us to the deep misogyny in the West. To be fair, one should say that both cultures are patriarchal in nature and hence abusive not just of women as such buth of the weak in general. You can not change this world while pointing fingers at one culture while sparing the other whcih is equally complicit. Noble Deeds. Noble Thoughts. Noble Speech.


Arab/Turk culture

by Anonymous7777 (not verified) on

Our culture turned away from Persian Culture which is based on good thoughts, good words and good deeds and took the path of wild and uncivilized turkish/turkic and Arabic behavior.


Its Our Culture & Yes It's Us!!!!!

by Khar on

Our culture (We) see woman as 2nd, 3rd, 4th class citizens. Our culture permit this, our culture is turning the blind eyes to it! Don’t fool yourselves your, mine and our culture is the culture of disrespect!


no class and sick

by shirazie (not verified) on

a young Iranian women told me that she actual liked the segregation in the buses. The men would not harass them anymore

Harassing women is a sickness through out Mideast.

shame on us man who stand by let it happen


Run Forest...

by Saman on




by Killjoy (not verified) on

"Why women don't get fingered here? Or they don't have to be on the lookout?"

Because there are laws that protect people.


Amaleh & Mini-Joopi

by ghalam-doon on

Remember the story of Amaleh & Mini-Joopi?

It's been the same all along and might even have gotten worse. They can change the regime, but they cannot change the mentality. Why we don't see the same scenes in this so-called permissive society. Why women don't get fingered here? Or they don't have to be on the lookout?

Disgusting yes. But part of our mard-saalaar culture.



That is shamefull and embarassing

by Amir nasiri (not verified) on

I hope someone does that to his mother or sister so he knows the feeling.

I always wonder in Iran about the bystanders they are like camels watching.

No one came to the aide of this poor women.

We have many sheeps in our society.


the reality of everyday life in iran. very sad

by sheyda (not verified) on

i totally feel her anger. as a woman when u are alone in public (in iran) u are at constant risk of being harassed .i use to get anxiety before leaving the house .man really feel they are entitled to sexually harass u as if u are a an object ,what puzzles me is the fact that the same men claim to have ghairat.imagine being insulted by so many strangers in one day and all u are trying to do is buying a news paper ,this is my personal experience and one of the reasons i could not live in tehran any longer .this experience is totally demoralizing and degrading . the present situation in iran definitely gives the man more audacity to be hateful towards woman as if woman are just a herd of sheep and deserve to be pushed around .
god help the woman in iran.


Harassing poor women

by iranian 123 (not verified) on

Once I went to Iran for a visit,I noticed that when women walk on the streets they look back.I did not know why.I asked a friend and she told me men harass poor females by fingering them from behind and that is why the females always have to be on a look out for men who may harass them.What a shame.Talking about taking it on a weak sex.IRI is harassing the females enough.Regular citizens should not add to their miseries.



by Killjoy (not verified) on

Iranian guys harassing women is an old tradition which has gotten worse under the watchful eyes of the "men of God."

In the old days, though, people would have come to her rescue and, sometimes, beat the hell out of the guy(s) harassing her.