Marg Bar Dictator

Concert in Armenia, August 2009

15-Dec-2009 (8 comments)

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God bless Iran

by F.yekta on

There is not a more special word than Vatan.


I share their tears! No love greater than love of Iran!

by obama on

Have had heartachaces for Iran for over 30 years! Life in America is good, but it is not my home! My home is where my ancestors came from over 10,000 years ago! We have allowed bunch of anti Iran, pro-religion force us into being homeless!

Video was in August. Why did it take so long? Is it repeat?

To the day that we all can live close to our family in our beloved Iran! Zandeh Baad Iran!


It doesn't get much better than Dariush!

by farrad02 on

He is still the genuine article!

I wish he had taken better care of himself!



by rtayebi1 on

is there tears in everybodys eyes? Thank u GS 


Raghaas & Motreb

by ghalam-doon on

In his latest speech, Khamenei refered to this crowd as raghaas & motreb. For 30 years, they tired to ignore millions of Iranians who do not subscribe to their rigid metality as "faraari" and anti-revolutionary. In the mean time, this crowd got bigger and bigger. Now they have a real problem on their hands no matter how much they try to ignore millions of Iranians and deny their existence. As the slogan went at the beginning of the green movement. "... maa melate Iran hastim."

Fouzul Bashi

Thank you Ghormeh Sabzi

by Fouzul Bashi on

Very moving .. Didn't know there were so many Iranians in Armenia.



by Abarmard on

And many other singers from the 70's are our linkage of generations. Dariush is truly in another level.



by iroooni on

this video will make your hair stand.