Asarate Janebi

One of the strongest Persian/English R&B produced in Tehran by A2. Did you see the Quiz about "Seh Rah e Tagh Tagh" -- a slang reference to vagina? You'll hear it in the lyrics to this song at 2:46 minutes. There are many more interesting words in this song that are only used by urban youth.

19-Feb-2009 (10 comments)

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noddle merry


by noddle merry on

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by maxer on

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خیلی آهنگ قشنگی

حسن زکی (not verified)

خیلی آهنگ قشنگی بود مرسی دارم به شما ایرانیان دوت
کمیها واقعا علاقمند میشم!

خوب شد فهمیدیم آقایون اهل این چیزام هستن بابا بیان تو دم در بده: )



by Daryush on

Low class rap. Sounds like the bad European rap trying to sing rap without knowing the important notes that makes Rap, Rap. Still very behind in music compare to what Iran has to offer. With all the tech available and freedom that exists in the west, Iranians inside do a much better job.


Very original; very well done!

by farrad02 on

I liked this line:

اینجا سگ دونیه ولی سگها شیک پوشند


با اینکه عجیب بود ولی من خوشم اومد


این موسیقی ایرونی ایرونی نبود ولی خیلی باحال بود :دی من که حال کردم مرسی



Chill out

by mirzakhan (not verified) on

It is a nice song. Chill out you guys. I think these guys are very talented. Stop these Marxist/hezbollahi comments. LOL


این مزخرفات چیه !

Peenedooz (not verified)

این تهرانجلسیها میخواند با این برنامه‌ها بیاند فرهنگ پارسی رو تو وطن راه بندازن؟


Del-e nanat khosh!

by Salmooni (not verified) on

Yo, Khodaya, can't stand it; make me black!


Asarate AJNABI

by ah meti (not verified) on

... is what should be the title to another wannabe rap song.

As a result of both some Iranians attitude both pre and post IRI to cling on to everything Western and the somewhat 'khafegan' inside the country by regime these young adults are ending up copying many things that is wrong with American / hip hop culture.

Next thing we will see is that young Iranian men will start referring to all girls in a general hip hop traditions of bitches or jendeh!!