Geryeh Konam Yaa Nakonam

Lyrics by Zoya Zakarian. Music and arrangement by Babak Amini. Album: Asheghaneh.

17-Feb-2009 (23 comments)

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thank you

by soraya (not verified) on

that was the best soung so far my dear googoosh you are the best and will be in years to come pleas carry on doing the best thing you do and dont go back to this jerke MEHRDAD , yoy are much better than him ..... far more better than him i love you for ever .......


Nice job. A beautiful love

by Artoush (not verified) on

Nice job. A beautiful love song and an elegant video.
This is the GOOGOOSH.


love it

by Anahita sasan (not verified) on

aye aye be khoda she`s the best
من عاشق گوگوش هستم


Unplugged and seated

by Majid on



It would be awesom if she did an acoustic live performance, unplugged and seated!

Now, THAT would be a killer GOGOOSH!


Gryeh konam yaa nakonam

by Helen (not verified) on

This was one of the best Video music I ever See.
Their misic and perfprmance was perfect. Her voice has a butiful harmony with the music.
I think she is one of best singer and actor in the world.


من عاشق گوگوش

هنگامه (not verified)

من عاشق گوگوش هستم. پاینده باد گوگوش،آزاده زن ایران!


Geryeh nakon joonam Khatami dareh miyaad!

by bOKHOR bOKHOR (not verified) on

Seyyid khandan miyad poshtesh ham Rafsanjani


Great Iranian Diva

by Nader Khan (not verified) on

Iranian Diva
Thanks a million Googoosh !!



by Khar on

Still a Great Voice, Great music, Great production......


by shirinm (not verified) on

این شد گوگوش. خوشحالم که میشنوم با آدم های حرفه ای و درست و حسابی کار میکنه و چقدر این ترانه زیبا و دلنشین بود. ای دلبر ما الهی هزار ساله شوی


Feeling Of Hafez

by Bache BeeDean (not verified) on

This feels like the same goo_she meykhoneh the way Hafez felt and said it 1000 years ago. The meaning of the lyrics nums the mind.


Simply beautiful. She still

by A Fan (not verified) on

Simply beautiful. She still has it and this proves that if quality material is given to her, she can easily perform them just like she did 30 years ago.

Job Well Done.

p.s. Mr. Amini once again shines with his superb musical talent.



by Tahirih on

just loved it.


Nice job. A beautiful love

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Nice job. A beautiful love song and an elegant video. Another great performance by Googoosh who can reach everyone's heart by her unique voice and singing qualities.


A life-long affection!

by Milan (not verified) on

Maybe it's my age (pushing 50) that so endears her to me. I'll leave the analytical critique of the music,lyrics, and videography to the experts; meanwhile, my proof of her magic is in the goose bumps and the tingling sensations I feel each time I listen to her:)


I agree with Majid

by farrad02 on

This is vintage Googoosh! Please don't go back to some of the other nonsense!


این درسته!




این گوگوشیه که شایستگی اسم «گوگوش» رو داره، امیدوارم دوباره بر نگرده به «گریه کباب»!!

«بزرگی» مثل گوگوش باید با «بزرگانی» مثل زویا زاکاریان، بابک امینی، اردشیر فرح، شهیار قنبری و.......کار کنه و جلف های تهرانجلسی مثل «مهرداد» رو همون پشت صحنه  نگهداره.



An excellent musical acrobat on the triple parallel...

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

This is the first time I see how splendidly someone synthesizes and combines the mystic suffism of the east with the western Hegelian Dialectic of the unity of opposite on the alter of modern guitar in vibration so soothing to the ears and to the souls--

Good job Atashin! Good job!

Indeed: H2 + O = ?

Pleasant ...

by on

The song is nicely and expensively arranged. The arrangement is appropriate as it doesn't get in the way of her voice, which obviously is not what it was back in the 70's.  Love the guitar work and the acoustic bass. Also it is very well mixed.

Both musically and lyrically the song is simply OK. It provides nothing surprising neither in melody nor lyrics. Never takes off for me. Nice to listen to, but a bit too normal.  Do the writers have anything really original and urgent to say, musically or lyrically? No


So, she has an album called "Aasheghaneh"?  Does anyone have more info on the full album? 




Nazy Kaviani

Very romantic

by Nazy Kaviani on

This is a beautiful song, reminiscent of some of the earlier love songs Googoosh has done. Babak Amini is a genius. This video clip is very nicely produced.



by religulous (not verified) on

very jazzy
how beautiful


New Googoosh video

by Kourosh74 (not verified) on

Her best work in years. Love it. Excellent song and lyrics and a worthy video.


LOVE HER!!! She is still the

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

LOVE HER!!! She is still the best!