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Duet with Nancy Ajram

05-Feb-2009 (14 comments)

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by Davids (not verified) on

That was the best singers I have ever met . Perfect music , I loved it . Keyvan Motavas is the best persian singer , Nancy Ajram is good


Don't call her hot.

by Hassanagha (not verified) on

I watched this video but, she looks so fake and, her face and lips are so tight that she looks like a milk jar. She looks worst than Shoher Solati. But, because I like Arabic music and I like Kayvan's voice I watched this video. Please don't call this people hot. If she is hot I guess Mrs. Obama is fire.


proof that evolution is a myth

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

billions of years to produce 2 hidious people whining to a lot of banging thumps. god!
there can't be a god either to inflict this.
she looks like cheap plastic



by Conerned Iranian in San Diego (not verified) on

Sorry guys!!!! You call this hot? I don't have anything against her good voice, talent and even good energy (good on her artistically), but the way women like her do all those plastic surgery on themselves!!! especially on their faces makes them really look abnormal,fake, deformed and unattractive and is a massive turn off to me personally! I am an Iranian man who loves natural beauty of course and even prefers natural women who are not (so called) "Hot" compare to all those fake ones... That is the honest truth... At the end of the day, real & secure men would not be happy and comfortable with fake and plastic faces and body parts!!! Most importantly,it's degrading to themselves as the ultimate sign of being superficial, shallow and fake too. Not to mention the embarrasment in front of their families, friends and in public....

PS. To Iranian ladies especially in Iran and U.S.A.

For the sake of our tarnished national image globally, please don't advocate fakeness to our poor new female generation and instead please promote beauty through, being healthy, having self esteem, class, sophistication and naturalness. That is the real beauty...



Good music

by Sialashgar on

Beautiful people.


have to agree with jj....

by sarshar45 on

i am a woman and even i have to agree with jj.....she is hot ;)

she is a good looking woman before AND after her plastic surgery.

thanks .... i enjoyed the video!


she was cute,..

by 2009 (not verified) on

even before surgey.

alot of lebanese are like her, they do have beatiful feauture.


If those 'before' pics are

by Suomynona on

If those 'before' pics are real, ghorbooneh plastic surgeon e'sham beram!  Of course she is hot, bar monkeresh laanat !


btw, from your profile foto Zohreh khanoom, seems like you are hot too.....so no worries, there is enough room for everyone here :-) 


is she really hot ..? not ...

by zohreh (not verified) on

well ..thanks to her plastic surgeons... you can see her previouse pix before the Plastic surgery in here


cheerz .


Yes She is HOT!

by Khar on

Jahanshah Habibi, here's another video of her....


She makes me believe in God too.

by Duet (not verified) on


I have to hand it to you. Without her in the video, no way you could have made me listen, and yes even enjoy your music. Not only she is gorgeous; she has a beautiful voice, too. But, you messed up with the IRI flag (30 year old flag which is a corruption of 2500 year old Persian and 700 year old Muslim symbols).


JJ, it is time to go out

by Fatollah (not verified) on

JJ, it is time to go out man! Iranian.com will survive for a day or two without you!


God she's hot! jj.... I

by ^o^ (not verified) on

God she's hot!

jj.... I thought you said you didn't believe in God! ;)

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I don't know if it's a remix or not but it's a lot of fun. (God she's hot!)