Ay Ay (18 Tir)

Pro-Democracy Rally in Washington, DC, July 9. www.bamahang-productions.com

12-Jul-2009 (5 comments)

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Loved it

by johna on

As one of the hard fans of the KIOSK, I would like to ask everyone to hear the original Ay Ay song from KIOSK latest album , KIOSK is one  the best Iranian band with integrity and principal. Some may not like their music style but we all should admire their messages and their uniqueness.  Their Lyric are meaningful  and their music is sensational. Just NOT for a typical 6/8 (i.e.  I love you and you love me) ever shouting and dancing Iranian with no respect to the meaning of the song....  John A

architecture and poetry

he sucks bur i support him

by architecture and poetry on

he sucks bur i support him


Dameshoon garm

by Bavafa on

Very nice and their support is greatly appreciate it.




by Yana on

ghormeh, merci


Loved the line about hapless

by Suomynona on

Loved the line about hapless Tarzan having fled, and Cheetah left to run the jungle !!!