Doost Dokhtar

16-Mar-2009 (18 comments)

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Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Great Abjeez clip! Thanks you.


Another piece of fine Persian art!

by DC SHIRZAN (not verified) on

Dear Lord, what is this piece $%^&! Pure junk!


These are dancers? Song? These are children of Rumi?

by gol-dust on

Why is it that all Iranian video use so much light to over-expose their performers? You cannot even see the guys face, so supposedly he'll look more good looking? He is more like a RUH! What a waste!

And they sell these stuff to poor Iranians who don't have any other choice!


take it for what it is....

by sarshar45 on

i am so surprised at the negative comments regarding this video... simply take it for what it is. another "persian light" song that doesnt need to be analyzed... you just need to get up and dance! plain and simple.



این خواننده ما خله، آهنگش مثل بده تنبونش چه شل

A1 (not verified)

این خواننده ما خله، آهنگش مثل بده تنبونش چه شل


Ah the Humanity!

by SALTY on

Maybe he is needy and misses his mom too!



by capt_ayhab on

Who would even listen to these crap. The dancers are exempt ;-)

If this is called music then what is this one called? The two of the most talented young Iranian Reggie singers.



shalang takhteh! this song

by Anonymous on

shalang takhteh!
this song is discsting and imbarasing, to see a middle aged man dancing with young girls who look very cheap.


trop ... c'est trop

by PersiangirlinParis (not verified) on

In ruz-ha tedad-e khanandegan guya bishtar az tedad-e shenavandegan shodeh :-)))
nemidunand digeh chi-kar konand !


oh lala .....

by DokhtarEuropai (not verified) on

oh lala .. che vazheh-haye por-bari
be critique academique e Sorbonne migeh "Zereshk"
in vaght- ha hast ke khosh-halam dar Europe hastam va na dar Los Angeles !


Badbakht New York!

by Saman on

This song/video would be laughable if it weren’t sad.




Live and let be!

by I wonder (not verified) on

Well Americans and Europeans and other countries also have a lot of bandetombooni music with badnetomabooni singers and bandetombooni lyrics, but I don't see them making such a big fuss over them. They just ignore them if they do not like the and move on.

Why do we so called Iranians always act as if we were a head and shoulder above all the other cultures and nations yet always hit the gutter as we did with our government system in Iran?!! what is so wrong with us?



by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Oh, my God, after two seconds, I fast forwarded to a couple of seconds before the end! Give me my four seconds back please! That was CRAP!


Who Cares

by MiNeum71 on

This is not music at its best, but who cares? Nobody has to buy this release. And if he likes 20 years old models, why not? Who doesn´t dream of ... another day and another cup of coffee  ;)

Btw: Are similarities to living persons purely coincidental?




by IRANdokht on

taking "band tombooni" all the way to a whole new level...



Az a Javoon I have to say...

by Kiana (not verified) on

Che Maskhareh! Love Iranian music valli in yeki dige kheylee maskhareh hast! Jedi hame fekr meekonan khanandeh hastand what a waste of time!


Mehrdad,a self made millionaire?

by eye rain knee (not verified) on

I watched his interview with an Iranian channel.He was saying that everybody can become a millionaire and he went on to say that as a child he was selling small items like junk food and gum in trains.He said he would hitch a ride from one station sell his food and get more food and hitch another free ride home and sell more food in his return home.In his interview he said he is building hotels in Iran,but some people tried to harass him in order to extort money from him,but he said regardless of harassment he will continue to build hotels to create jobs for people.I am not sure about accuracy of everything that he said and he may be what he said he is,but obviously whoever writes he lyrics for his songs is not doing a good job.



by Aryamanesh_tehran (not verified) on

It amkes me sick to see this guy shaking his ass like a sissy. Though, music and its aesthetics are subjective, in every artistic work you can make judgemnet about its social value. Nonsense lyrics, low quality dance (shaking ass and raising hands).

There are pop musics being produced in teh west but we have music and music. Iran doesn't need artists like this guy. We need responsible artists who devote their music to people and their problems.

Doostdokhtareh man bisteh, soratesh eineh artisteh!!!