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13-Aug-2010 (14 comments)

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Dear 13th Legion

by afyoun on

And I admire your fairness.

13th Legion

Dear Afyoun…. fair is fair

by 13th Legion on

Well dear afyoun it looks like I owe you a public apology,

I apologize for calling you an Idiot and a narrow observer; I value your observations, and willingly take the part of the narrow observer this time around ;))

 As a lover of good music I don’t agree that it’s cheesy but I agree with you on your comment;

“No doubt on the song being catchy, plus, slightly heavy and politically charged. That's how they target one's subconscious”The singer has a nice voice and appears to have some potential but I’m sorry to see him in the MK camp for I am not a fan of that ideology, he may be a hired gun but now that you mentioned it those desert seens may be located in Iraq.To bad, he would have been a good independent artist.


Holoo Boro Too Galoo

by afyoun on

Dear Legio tertia decima Gemina,

I first check my facts then call someone an idiot. You had the mouse in the hand and were merely two clicks away from the; not replying to narrow minded people so hasty. However, you missed the window. So, I have no choice but wrap it up for you. I believe this is, one of my responsibilities.



Dear Anonymouse:

No doubt on the song being catchy, plus, slightly heavy and politically charged. That's how they target one's subconscious.

Having a closer look at their choice of costume, haircut and make up, reveals the source. Not to mention the heavy duty lorry; environment; links and so on.

Dear Afshin:

It's good to see that there are hamvatans, bitterly defensive against this political enterprise or as such. I say, "We Should".


I don't see any relation to MEK either

by Bavafa on

Acutally really like the music and his voice?  I don't believe I have heard him before


13th Legion

What gave you the idea that this is an MK production?????

by 13th Legion on

Where did all you get the idea that this a Mujahedeen Khalgh production???

I could not see any signs of a MK production in this video, no logos, no flags, no colors and no credits referring to those pore bastards!

Correct me if I’m wrong.

This Idiot “Afyoun” makes a narrow minded remark based on his own strange observation and everybody follows in on accepting his comments like sheep following choopan e dorougho!

What happened to independent thinking and observation before jumping to conclusions?

Learn to observe before jumping to conclusions based on an blind opinion of one single person.

Talk about the masses and what they like to follow or prefer lol


where was this filmed?


camp ashraf?


I don't think masses like cheezy "revolutionary" songs

by Anonymouse on

Cheezy 6x8 and pop like Shokolati or Nastaran and so forth yes but this no.  The whole band playing by the beach or desert when camera pans are dime a dozen. 

Everything is sacred


Not to Hollywood /Iranian.com standards.....

by yousef on

But who cares. The people who produced it are targetting the "masses", and as somebody pointed out, "masses like it cheesy".



by afshin on

Cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast, doesn't mean you would want them ruling you.  Except to compare these vermin to cockroaches, would be an insult to cockroaches.  Sooner or later there will be a reckoning with these people.  The Iraqis will toss them on their assess, and they will have to answer to god and country for their treason and siding with that other scum of the earth Saddam Hussein in the time of war.  May Rajavi and his clan burn in hell.TRAITORS!!!!!

maziar 58

good clip

by maziar 58 on

thank you for posting it and I jusst say 2 thums up for the music & the video.

nothing more to analyze.           Maziar


MKO scum!!!!

by afshin on

This is MKO propaganda, more than likely financed by the US taxpayer. All I can say is I would rather see Israeli F16s bomb Iran to a pulp than these cultist marxist islamofascist turncoats coming and ruling Iran!  That worm of a human being scum of the earth Rajavi has a very warm place in hell waiting for him. May he die a slow, painful and lonely death!!!


Is this a MK production?

by afyoun on

As Anounymouse mentioned, it looks cheesy but the fact is; the masses like it cheesy. Masses need something, they could easily relate and listen to.

Mojahedin has figured it out in Ahsraf-abad !! But not our nation.

If there is a revolution to be engineered by foreign powers, then our next ruling body will be MK. It is the only political party which has survived 30 years of harsh exile. Why? The only thing that comes to my mind is Aab-Namak.

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

Very Nice voice and original music,

Comes to show that when you have a bit of talent, with no resources and budget you can produce quality work with meaning that is million times better than the trash that comes out of Tehrangeles.


Cheezy! Like comparing going to war with going camping.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred