Baradar Bar Dar

14-Jun-2010 (5 comments)

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روح فرزاد و تمامی‌ جان باختگان شاد باد.


به امید روزی که تمامی‌ عاملان این کشتار‌ها در دادگاهی‌ محکوم
و به سزای اعمال شون برسند.


چه باید کرد


اگر دیدن این تصاویر تو را ناراحت میکند. اگر با دیدن این تصاویر آرزوی نابودی عاملان این کشتارها را میکنی. اگر از اینکه گروهی اراذل و اوباش با اتکاه به مثلث زر و زور و تزویر بر ایران آریایی ما حکومت کرده و این همه جنایت روا میدارند خشمگین میشوی- پس هر اندازه که در توان داری به جنبش رها بخشی مردم ایران کمک کن.  کمک تو میتواند در حد فرستادن این ویدیوها از طریق ایمیل به 10 دوست و آشنا باشد. تو خود بهتر دانی چگونه میتوانی در آزاد کردن ایران سهیم باشی


Yaadash Geraami!

by Khar on

Farzad Kamangar: Baba Aab Daad, a letter to his students from jail, before his excecution....



So sad :-(

by sag koochooloo on

What really gets me every time is the photos with his class and children. I feel so sorry for his family, I hope they will find a way to cope. 



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting this cool video! I have added this video to my you-tube collection! Kamangar is a role model for all the teachers in the world. He has a lot of love for his students! My heart goes out to his wife & his mom!


In a letter to his students from prison two years ago, Kamangar wrote, "I miss you all. From behind these tall walls, I wake up with you, laugh with you, and go to sleep with you.... I wish I could play soccer with the first graders, and you, with the dream of becoming another Ronaldo, could score past your teacher, the goalie, and then celebrate it." 



I am not sure which "Ronaldo" Kamangar was referring to? The Brazilian Ronaldo or Portugese Cristiano Ronaldo?

Well, World Cup is here, but Kamangar is not around any more! It is very sad! 

Thank you again for posting the video!