Omar Khayyam

Théatre de l'Atelier, Festival d'Ile de France, Occ 2010. Ali Reza Ghorbani (Vocals), Dorsaf Hamdani (Vocals) Ali Ghamsary (Composition & Tar), Sofiane Negra (Oud), Sohrab Pournazeri (Kamantche), Keyvan Chemirani (Percussions), Hussein Zahawy (Percussions)

01-Nov-2010 (6 comments)

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Dirty Angel

You're kidding me!

by Dirty Angel on

Khayyam was a bit upset?


But did he tell you to whine and whale forever in self-....?


" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."

Artificial Intelligence

Excellent Fusion of Persian and Arabic singing

by Artificial Intelligence on

Very nice.


This video was good - Here's Khayyam Poems w/ a Bandari flavor

by MM on

Gholamreza Vazzan performing Bandari music of Southern Iran with Persian poems from Khayyam.  As one comment on Facebook says, the only thing missing from this video is:

خیلی محشر بود! فقط حیف که پریرویان خوبروی اشعار خیام جایشان در این بزم خالی است! ماندانا



Great music and vocals!

by Khar on


Immortal Guard

I enjoyed it very much as well!

by Immortal Guard on

Hey guys the link to the other clip is missing:



Very nice, I really enjoyed it

by Bavafa on

Best wishes Mehrdad