Beh In Migan Duff

Ali Hyper & Peyman FC, arrangement by: Amir Masou, directed by: Barobax

17-Jan-2011 (16 comments)

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May god help us!

by maverick on

This is absolutely disgusting! I hope not that these f.. represent the majority of our youth. Because if they do, the rapist regime has nothing to worry about!   


These guys

by statira on

 cant be serious artists and singers. Hameshoon mesle eenke tazeh az tokhm dar omadand! Cheghadam shirtashoon tango, kucheeke. Jeeneshoonam modele zanoonast.

 Hatmanam peeshe khodeshoon fekr mikonand, kheili shikand!

Jonny Dollar

Now U you see why people like Red Wine are precious to have here

by Jonny Dollar on

People like Red wine, Ari, White wine and some others(?) indeed bring valuable knowledge here.

Red wine, by your deep writings, I didn't know you were this young to know these things! No wonder you are not white wine! Merci!

regarding the tape - if it is in iran, i feel sorry for the lost generation. I only thank mollas for turning off the new generation from their own rich and beautiful persian culture!


"God is love!"


@Red Wine

by KingReza on

thank you for the in depth explanation. I kinda figured that's what it meant. I was more interested in how that word made its way in to our language.
Either way, thank you :)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

استغفر الله ... این همه نظر می‌دهید که فلان چیز چیست و صد من یک غاز میبافید !

دافی به معنای دختری است که در برخورد اول که به ایشان نگاه کنی‌،ظاهرش (تیپ،چهره) جلب توجه کند.

داف و دافی کلماتی است که چند سالیست در ایران مروج شده و استفاده میشود .

داف در مورد دخترکانی گفته میشود که حواس پرتند،فقط به فکر خویشند و ظاهر پرستند،به کافی‌ شاپ زیاد میروند، کیلو کیلو دوست پسر عوض کرده و دائم به فکر رخت و لباس و جواهرند و تا خرخره به طرز زشتی طلا آویزان خود میکنند.

با پدر و مادر رابطه خوبی‌ ندارند،هفته یی ۳-۴ بار به پارتی رفته و در وقت تلف کنی‌ شماره یک و همیشه در آرایشگاه‌ها پلاسند . بینی‌ خود را چند بار عمل میکنند،دائم به دوبی و آنتالیا رفته و همیشه با صدای بلند میخندند.

قر و قمیش زیاد دارد و استاد در سر کار گذاشتن پسرکان تشنه و الله عالم بقیه آن !

تصور می‌کنیم که تا حدی این جریان را توضیح داده ایم .

خوش باشید و بیشتر مطالعه کنید محض رضای خدا ! :)


Jonny Dollar

Now U see why people like Ari are indeed precious to have! Ari!

by Jonny Dollar on

He does his homework instead of just guessing. That's how he maintains his credibility. I am glad we have him here!

"God is love!"


Iranian Man

by KingReza on

Has become an oxymoron. I personally think these boys spend too much time with their mothers and not enough time out in the world getting their asses kicked.

Ari Siletz

Duff = D esignated U gly F at F riend

by Ari Siletz on


In American slang anyway. Don't know where these boys are from, but their use of Duff is not American.

Here's a book on Amazon by  a self declared DUFF. Published 2010. 

Some men use it as "Doing the Ugly Fat Friend."

In contemporay high school "romance" this is the girl that boys use to get to the girl they really want. Sometimes when girls use the word, they mean the "friend" they hang out with in public so as to look good by comparison. 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Three decades of suppression has made Iranian youth

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

so creatively to resort to encryption techniques to express their sexual frustration! Duff is about 1 vajab zeer'e Nuff!?

My 1/2 Cent!

shaayad keh

Hillary Duff....

by shaayad keh on

I heard this from many blogger back home that since Hillary Duff was popular couple of years ago, they call cute girls "Duff". 

Shaayad Keh


What we need now

by ali_aaa on


I would love to see a comment from SARGOD.


Kojaee  baba bodo bia....

Chocolate Puma

Holy Monkey!

by Chocolate Puma on

They look like somehting out of the planet of the apes!!!!!

When did we get so F*&king ass ugly????????



by KingReza on

Thanks, I still don't see how Duff = Dove and Dove = Chick. Still that's more of an explaination I got since the first time I heard the word two years ago. No one really seems to know where it comes from or what it means. 


P.S why so serious all of a sudden. I miss your happy, laughing avatar pictures. 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Duff = Dove = Chick = Girl ...



by KingReza on

I like how these guys sit down and write a song on what it takes for a woman to be attractive. Someone should tell them to go easy on the chelo kabab and hit the gym.



by KingReza on

I hate that word. Where does it come from? The Simpsons?