Delam Khaast

26-Feb-2012 (7 comments)

Anahid Hojjati

Beautiful song

by Anahid Hojjati on

Lovely. As far as similarity to "man amadeam", it is probably intentional. At the time of that song, she was a young singer and now in this one she reflects on some aspects of her career and life.

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Lovely song

by Naz on

Beautiful performance by the one and only googoosh as always!


I truly love this song

by Souri on

I love the lyrics (by Ardalan Sarfaraz) and also Googoosh performance is unique and wonderful.

Where did you find the ressemblance with "man amadeh am"?

Maybe the Afghan rhytm which is specific to all the Zoland's work.

Still, this performance is above many other Googoosh's works.

I love Ardalan Sarfaraz and read lots of his work and also his whole biography and his love story with his ex wife "Assal" whom I had met once, back in Iran.

I believe if you know Ardalan's story, you will understand better what he is talking about (like many other of his works)

He is really unique!

Do Not Shoot Me

She Still Rocks

by Do Not Shoot Me on


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

May god bless peoples like googoosh and the poet for that song.

BTW  I did all that     but delam nakhast !

Thank you Red wine jaan too.




by bambi on

This is the recycled "man aamade'am"...... nothing new, and not that good.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بازگشتن به خویشتَن ... به آنکه مُعتبر شده و به خاطرَش ملکهٔ ماهیانْ نام گرفتی‌ ...

بقیهٔ گِلایه‌ها بماند برایِ بعد ،ایّامِ خانه تکانی نزدیک است و بهار به زودی به مهمانیِ ما می‌‌آید.