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Typical immigrant story
I wrote this to Evan the night before his transplant
May 23, 2006

That November day
About losing a good man who cared about public service
November 25, 2003

Beat this
Bride from Iran
September 19, 2003

God! What is wrong with me, why do I feel like an outsider everywhere I go?
August 14, 2003

Looking at Lady Liberty
I arrived in New York City with two pistachios in my pocket
May 8, 2003

Relative visa
I should have the right to refuse entry to any relative
January 8, 2002

Travel warning
U.S. State Department needs to expand its advisory
December 6, 2001

Just don't do it
If Agassi embraces his Iranian background
February 7, 2001

Weekend millionaires
Suddenly they become the most significant people in the world
January, 2001


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