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Embassy magazine
In 1960s the tools were an IBM typewriter, lots of glue and a ruler for the galleys
July 7, 2005

Fresh look back
Mahmoud Foroughi's paper on Iran-U.S. relations in 1977
February 19, 2005

Beaming in Senegal
One of many attempts by Iran to be on the world scene during the oil boom, and why not?
October 11, 2003

Retrieving 1931
A family and Prime Minister Foroughi on film
July 1, 2003

Cats & dogs
The Shah's visit to France, with a few untold accounts
May 22, 2003

Will anyone miss us?
Accompanying the Shah on a visit to communist Russia
April 25, 2003

That was in 1975
August 29, 2002

Ski away
Old sportsmen never die
March 28, 2002

From empress to net surfer
Farah Pahlavi goes online
March 17, 1998

Concord deal
Memorable photo
June 1997

For letters section
To Farhad Sepahbody


Book of the day

Three volume box set of the Persian Book of Kings
Translated by Dick Davis