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Democratizing global governance
A letter from Athens
March 15, 2006

Human security
Violence seems to be the language of the new era
December 22, 2005

What happened
... in the Iranian presidential election
June 30, 2005

Farewell Hawaii pono
This microcosm of the Asia-Pacific world should focus on peace studies as its major mission
May 17, 2005

A love letter to Iran
Fasten your seat belts. You are going to meet the most notable Iranology scholars of the 20th century
April 13, 2005

January 1, 2005
Blessing in disguise
Media pluralization in the digitial age

April 27, 2004
A pioneer of a new age
Doris Duke's Shangri-La

April 7, 2004
Mapping love
Human rationality is no match for Divine Madness

March 31, 2004
Choose dialogue
Hafiz in free verse

March 17, 2004
Between education and catastrophe
Educating for global citizenship

May 3, 2003
Conspicuous absence
America and Iran desperately in need of Lincolns and Mossadeghs

May 3, 2003
Democracy is not like making an omelet

April 7, 2003
The fairly obvious
U.S. may win the war but lose the peace

March 12, 2003
Axis of rational alternatives
Thinking more creatively about global security

October 24, 2002
Universal voice
Countering jingoist voices

September 18, 2002
The seventh oil war
Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world

August 13, 2002
The ideal scenario
For Middle East peace

July 18, 2002
Good idea
Why global civilization?

June 11, 2002
Come together

April 11, 2002
The center cannot hold
An alternative voice

March 12, 2002
Axis of excess
Are we at the edge of a global civil war among civilizations?

January 14, 2002
Vision 2020
Historical forces at work

September 20, 2001
Jihad vs. McWorld
Terrorism: Search for measured responses

July 10, 2001
From Russia, with glitter
Letter from Moscow

May 15, 2001
Irreverence for life
Whither the world?

April 18, 2001
Diverse ownership, diverse media
You own it, you control it

February 15, 2001
Ten commandments
For dialogue & conflict resolution

January 31, 2001
Pacific Islam
Pragmatic and human reasons for respecting religious values

January 30, 2001
Etehaamaat-e Kayhan
Reply to Kayhan newspaper's accusations
Kayhan's reactrion to Tehranian's open letter
Kayhan's accusations

January 23, 2001
Raah-e sevom
Open letter follwong trip to Tehran

November 3, 2000
Japan can say yes
... to the rest of the world

October 25, 2000
More powerful force
Open letter to Palestinians and Israelis

September 13, 2000
New world order
Globalization and its narratives

July 12, 2000
Walls of woes
Divided Cyprus has a become a world center for dialogue

May 16, 2000
Active peace
Instead of an interlude between wars

April 12, 2000
Troubled waters
Tripple track diplomacy in the Persian Gulf

February 9, 2000
First city
Honolulu is home now - among other homes

December 14, 1999
Letter from Amman
U.S. is perceived to be playing the old imperial game

September 28, 1999
Heading where?
Four scenarios for Iran's future direction

June 14, 1999
War no more
Lessons of Kosovo

May 20, 1999
UNdoing NATO
Bypassing the UN in the name of humanitarian intervention

May 4, 1999
Turkish coffee is good. But not that good
Cheated in Istanbul, snubbed by Visa

April 6, 1999
Why Kosovo?
Possibility of peaceful resolution tragically being lost

November 18, 1998
Agonizing reappraisal
A way for the U.S. to end its isolationist policies in the Persian Gulf

May 12, 1998
United People's Assembly
A much-needed addition to the United Nations

October 1997
Tractors, not Landmines
How many more thousands should die to get a comprehensive ban on landmines?

Nov 4, 1997
Hostage to history
Looking back at 444 days of high, and costly, drama in Tehran

December 1996
Stop playing Cowboys and Indians
U. S. policies in the Persian Gulf


Majid Tehranian is Professor, School of Communications, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Director of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research in Honolulu, Hawaii.  His latest book is Bridging a Gulf: Peace in West Asia (London, I. B. Tauris, 2003). He is also the author of Technologies of Power: Information Machines and Democratic Prospects (1990), Restructuring for World Peace: At the Threshold of the 21st Century (1992), and Global Communication and World Politics: Domination, Development, and Discourse (1999). Top

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